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Sense Poem (an example of a trust sense poem?)

I need help with a sense poem, my topic is trust.
Can you give me an example of a trust sense poem?

Hear is the example:

Line 1 : Tell the color of the subject _____________________________
Line 2 : Tell what it looks like _____________________________
Line 3 : Tell what it tastes like ______________________________
Line 4 : Tell what it smells like ______________________________
Line 5 : Tell what it looks like ______________________________
Line 6 : Tell how it makes you feel _____________________________

* War *
War is brown.
It sounds like thunder.
It tastes like bitter grapes.
It smells like yesterday's garbage.
It looks like an ancient ruin.
It makes you feel like crying.

How is it? Although I thought of this first, but I want to do trust. Can you give me an example I can use?

This is so far what I came up with:

Trust is the color of blue.
It sounds like a dove's quiet coo.
It taste like the salt from the sea.
It smells like a fresh morning breeze.
It looks like _______________________________.
Trust makes me feel like there will always be someone there for me.
What do you think of my poem?
Here is what I came up with...

Trust is the color of the sky on a sunny day.
It sounds like a baby's laughter.
It tastes like a delicious dessert.
It smells like fresh roses.
It looks like soft feathers.
Trust makes me feel as if I will always have someone to count on.
Cool, I like both of these. They demonstrate that you understand the way to write this kind of poem. I think you should "trust" your ideas, and when you do, it will look like confidence. :-)

This kind of poem teaches us the importance of IMAGERY WORDS. Thanks, both of you, for sharing your work.
I especially like the color part in both poems. But what is the significance of sea salt or dessert as the taste?
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