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how to write a poem about identity and senses?

angelica1998 1 / -  
Dec 19, 2012   #1
hi I'm Angelica. I'm in 9th grade an having trouble writing a poem about identity. My English teacher is having my hole class write three poems for my finals and I really need a good grade on it. do you have any way to start a poem or at least help me start one its due tomorrow ?

the instructions for my poetry assignment

subject matter:
one poem about Identity.
one poem must describe a scene. be descriptive and use at least three of the five senses( smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound)
one will be anything you want, so long as it is appropriate.

style: of the above three poem's
one must have a regular rhythm and rhyme scheme.
one must be in free verse.
one will be in style of your own choosing.
tutu51595 6 / 19 3  
Dec 21, 2012   #2
The poem about scene will probably be the easiest. You just need to pick a moment from your past that you remember vividly (or you can just make one up, whichever is easiest) Personally i find that i get better graded on the poems i right when they are particularly depressing. You can get a good grade on a happier poem but its easier to get a reaction from something sad

to start pick, pick the setting. the easiest way i start a poem is by using 3 single word lines

for example:
lonely $
she sat heartbroken and depressed
not knowing what to make of her life"

i just made that up on the spot
just build on the three words you started with and you'll have a beautiful poem in no time.

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