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Autism Spectrum Disorder Unravel Etiology. Remember to persist communication with autistic children.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Unravel Etiology

Imagine a beautiful curly hair boy, who just turned four-years old. With a physical appearance of a seven-year old, based in the U.S, Growth Chart. "Throughout his early years he was being properly developed, in a coherent progress", according to his parent's interview. Axel's milestones and motor skills seemed to have thrive appropriately. His parents describe his toddler years as him being a fast learner; throughout his walking process, eating, playing, and learning. By the age of one he had already learned the symmetrical shapes and at age two he identified the alphabet letters. Although, the people that surround him; describe him as an extremely energetic boy, who constantly disobeys and not follows his parent's directions. Unfortunately, (he became not very welcomed were his parents would take him). Tania and Danny are usually mentally and physically exhausted, since Axel was born; they have dedicated their life to him. However, Axel usually situates himself in hazardous encounters, unclosed doors attract him to the point that he almost got run over. Axel's minimal communication skills seemed normal to his parents due to wrongful misconception. They believed their son had a reserved personality, who preferred personal space and liked to play by himself. When Axel turned three, Tania and Danny's friends from church would see how they were following all the rules in thumb regarding parenting. Fanny, who happened to be Axel's Sunday School Teacher; suggest his parents to have a developmental screening evaluation done in Axel. Luckily, Axel was approved in a center for early education learning (EIP)-school program. It was in December of 2015 when Axel turned four that he became diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Just like Axel's story, humanity is facing a yearly undergo affecting, children, parents and families including the U.S Government.

Due to the uncontrollable health outbreak of Autism Spectrum Disorder or also known as (ASD) has risen in our nation. Civilization from around the world should have a better discern of autism; the benefit of being familiarize with the disorder will help differentiate wrongful mythological concepts and rather follow proper measures if a situation is ever encounter. According to statistics from the year 2014; U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention, studies reveal that more than 3.5 million Americans live with autism. However, specified research confirms that in the years 2006-2008; 1 in 6 American Children suffer cerebral palsy, and others mild ranging developmental and intellectual disabilities. This proposal will gather source full information to derive the origin of what might cause the disorder; from youngest to elderly reader's interpretation. Since, the disorder has faced many controversies and faced many bias the answers remains undefined by the United States. In 1975 the estimate of prevalence of autism was from 1 in 5,000 children; compared to the year 2015 it changed dramatically from 1 in 50 children. Going, back to Axel's story and how the disorder continues to become substantial is the main reason why population need to become familiarized understanding autistic behavior and their mentality. Due to Axel's story. Tania states; they sometimes want to visit their friends house, but they are instead given excuses. This means people will need to become conscious when socializing with friends that might have an autistic child. Let's stop for a moment, and picture our selves surrounded by autistic adults any where go; at school, work, or possibly live with an autistic at home. Gaining a better knowledge of autistic mentality is essential, for soon to come years. Millions of dollar are spent each year, preparing society for the outrageous uncontrolled new era. The United States Government assist individuals who qualify for Medicaid providing medical coverage for them with a range yearly cost of 11.5 billion dollars or compared to 2011 expenditures of 60.9 billion from both medical and interventional therapy assistance. (U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Individualized free of charge speech therapy intervention is offered in public school, by dedicated meticulous professional. Organizations raise funds to provide support for families in need, their purpose it to collect as much possible money to pay scientist and research protocol. With the purpose to help the nation unravel -why the diagnosing number is escalating so rapidly as to find an explanation. The Organization (Speak Autism) consolidated statement of financial expenses adds a total sum of $114,553,788.00 in the year 2014.

Scientific Analysis provides; thesis, hypothesis statistics, data, observations and results. Throughout research studies, the collection of data helps unravels the significance of a disease. The analysis will need to be tested and observe, in order to provide a reasonable conclusion to humanity. This results will become modified as to seek for cure, consumer needs; such as medications, or reveal what factor are causing global epidemic. The U.S. research team have provided reasonable explanation, based in genetic inheritance that begins before the age of three, and last throughout a person's life. The United States Federal Agency: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, offer information in how the disorder has expand in the past years. It mainly describes the signs we should watch for in children since the best way to address concern is to seek for professional assistance by; Developmental Pediatricians, Child Neurologist, Psychologist and Psychiatrists. Diagnosing ASD takes two steps; Developmental Screening and Comprehensive Diagnosing Evaluation; in hearing, vision, genetic testing, and neurological testing. The Government states; their research team are seeking for explanation in the following areas:

Official's indicates symptoms may improve overtime, they have not introduced a medication that can cure or treat the core symptoms. Investigation is being conducted due to a theory in environmental factors or problems during mother's pregnancy, as well as the delivery. The government's site, provides an explanation how the mitochondrial disease is the cause of a person's dysfunction relating autism.

"mitochondrial are tiny parts of almost every cell in your body. Mitochondria are like the power house of the cells, they turn sugar and oxygen into energy that the cells need to work. This is when mitochondria can't effectively turn sugar and oxygen into energy, so the cells do not work correctly causing the result of Autism Spectrum Disorder".

Minimal U.S resourceful information on what causes autism is offered by, the nation's official internet sites. Since, The United States have (not concluded)-what really causes Autism. The organizations, and government sites that I have studied share similar knowledge. The sources are trustworthy do to being derived from professionals with clinically relevant information. Although some have provided additional bias, Half Genes; Half Environment is a U.S magazine that apparently base their investigations in worldwide studies. It is published with the purpose to provide brief, reachable, and stimulating entertainment and cover a wide range of topics in the life-science field. It persists in well-know authorities, all based in ethos, pathos, and logos. Since they are written by prominent scientist, and professional journalist and read by leading researchers in the industry. While studying the blog it identifies bias regarding European research performed in 1993-1999. It consists in hormone examination that is found in the amniotic fluid levels which determine high levels of testosterone, cortisol fluid that surrounds baby in mother's womb. According to a team of scientist it is determinable to diagnose an autistic child through the concentration of amniotic fluid. Researcher did conclude in their studies that boys produce twice as much highly levels than girls. Although, the magazine concludes their research from Swedish birth record from ASD children rather that American. A controversy unfolds when discussing environmental issues, playing an immersive role affecting child gestation. Also (Paracetamol) Acetaminophen or Tylenol leading behavioral abnormalities while mother being pregnant and in children as well. This company works publishing scientific research, also states how their organization works hard to raise awareness signs to both physicians and parents. I would describe this magazine phenomenal full of knowledgeable facts. If countries could perform test regarding this discovery child after being born, parents would empathize early cognitive skills with autistic child. Supporting this data, I went deeper and further my research. After finding a second opinion regarding previous issue both blogs are pertaining European Union information and state similar facts. The Science Nordic speaks of ("Increased hormone levels in the womb liked to autism")- the blog reveal studies performed by a European research team; results indicate that ASD can be identify. A test is conduct, for a conclusive examination; during the mother's transition in labor. Due to this discovery scientist reveal that the cause of autism is not found in factors during a child's growth development such as infections, environmental toxins; such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, cigarette smoke, bacteria, mold viruses, an other biological contaminants or vaccinations. I hope, "there is a chance possibility that countries can test and diagnose children after being born it will be beneficial for parents to know if their child will be autistic". If child receives the attention in early intervention this will become beneficial for them later when full-grown. Parents will be able to decide weather or not they might want to take the chances of having autistic children while expanding their family in the future. This is the possibilities of disorder being inherit; in one non-identical twin, if one child has autism then the other child will be affected 0-31% of the time. Studies have shown that among twins if one child has autism then the other will be affected about 36-95 of the time.

The "Natural Medicine Journal" is a site that partners thousands of health practitioners and research teams it provides valid information to readers, (Metabolic Consideration in Autism Spectrum Disorder) The blog explains, how Autism Spectrum Disorder is accompanied by metabolic and mitochondrial impairments. Three metabolic impairments associated with ASD are; methylation, transsulfuration, and mitochondrial function. The blog state; that mitochondrial dysfunction result from environment expose. Mitochondria are organelles that are the main powerhouse that converts energy of food to into molecules and powers most cell functions of the body except for red blood cells. Its function is responsible to create more than 90% of the energy needed by the body to sustain life support. ASD can be difficult since it can't be diagnosed through blood work. Studies shown that one third to half of parents of an autistic child noticed a problem before their child's first birthday and nearly 80-90% saw problems by 24 months of age. Often it is hard to tell if a child's behavior is related to be ASD or is caused by a separate health condition. However, many children do not receive a final diagnosis until much older, this means that children with an ASD might not be getting the needed help. Physicians believe it is necessary for them to have the latest information to prevent misdiagnose children that might have some characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Doctor usually see autistic patients for gastrointestinal GI disease, immune dysregulation, oxidative stress, metabolic impairment. Clinicians gain a greater awareness and deeper understanding of confidence when they face with metabolic pathways in children with ASD. Children suffer from intestinal pathologies, such as diarrhea, constipation, gastro esophageal reflux, intestinal infections, immune system, problems such as allergies or autoimmunity. Clinical signs of mitochondrial dysfunction also include low muscle tone, fatigability, constipation, regressive speech, sensitivity to environment toxins, or regression after an illness vaccine, or anesthesia and current research continues to explore.

Listed in the top three-hundred sixty U.S sites, the editorial team of the private company; Medical New Today is advertising funded. It delivers credible content around the world free of charge. Containing well-known authorities, though it does not specify if qualified professional approves published material. The (MTN) delivers all age groups interesting diverse topics. Based in accredited information, from government, medical societies, organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, professional associations, collages. The site refers gene related issues and bias in straightforward way where it talks about the different myths that are associated with (ASD) stating that people with autism experience love, happiness, sadness, and pain just are a person with out the disease. However, children with (ASD) who have high IQ have a unique talent for computer science, software testers, programmers and data qualify assurance specialists. Research states that some children with ASD are known for being fast learners, interest in math, science, computer skills. According to what I have learned, next time I see the Axel instead of me wanting to hug him, I will try to imitate his mentality. Watching for autistic children is very exhausted and requires lots of patients, the child is unconscious for his acts. In other words, he might be doing something wrong but for him, it might seem normal. It is recommended to inform child of sudden routine changes for so child can cope and become ready. Addressing these conditions can improve attention, learning, and related behaviors.

The Organization "Autism Speak" is a well-known source; Autism Speak invests hundreds of millions of dollars in research. Their main purpose is how they will engage and provide a unique high-profile of national and local level. With fastest growing developmental disability health issue of its time. The source partnerships with business's where millions of dollars are donated each year. It generates business disclosures of 20% in fund raised products. It receives major gifts, their goal is to reduce the current 80% of unemployment rate of adults with autism spectrum disorder, advancing state and federal legislation to increase employment for prosperous life's. Studies have concluded that over the next ten years five hundred thousand teens will turn eighteen and as of right now its alarming that more than two million adults with autism in the U.S face limited access to services, housing and employment. All children and adults benefit from interventions or therapies, that can reduce symptoms and increase skills and abilities. They include the possibility that some children mature out of certain form of autism and the possibility that successful treatment can, in some instance, produce outcomes that no longer meet criteria. Scientific studies have demonstrated that early intensive behavioral intervention improves learning, communications and social skills in young children with autism 25 hrs. a week. Services help children from birth to three years, then they can attend preschool. Can seek to receive Applied Behavioral Analysis which is widely accepted among Health Care Professionals, and many schools and treatment clinics. Pivotal Response Training increase child's motivation to learn and monitor own behavior. Verbal Behavior Intervention focuses on teaching verbal skills. Mostly the Treatment and Education of Autistic related communication- uses visual cues to teach skills for example cards can help teach a child how to get dressed by breaking information down into small steps. Disorder including epilepsy, occur in as many as 39 percent of those with autism-the easiest to recognize is the grand mal or tonic-clonic seizure. Other include "petit mal" seizure: when a person temporarily appears "absent". They include the possibility that some children mature out of certain form of autism and the possibility that successful treatment can, in some instance, produce outcomes that no longer meet criteria. Sensory Integration Therapy help the person deal with sensory information, like sight, sound, and smells. Sensory Integration therapy could help a child ease due to not like to be touched. All of the authors consisted in the same view point, with the main purpose to teach individuals the importance of identifying unusual children behavior; for early diagnose and therapy intervention.

My purpose in this research paper is to expand information to parents, teachers, but mostly for future family planning readers with the purpose to fulfil their benefits of being familiarized with autism disorder warning signs. Remembers to persist communication with autistic children, just as the same way we have with a child who does not suffer from autism. Even though it might seem the child is not watching, or lessoning its not true they are very fast learners, and always aware. (their best topics to talk about its them). Lots of communication skills are required in order for child to live a more enjoyable life style.
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Fanny, I am not really sure about what your topic or focus in this essay should be. There is no clear outline being developed in your first paragraph that would qualify it as a thesis statement. the lack of which, has resulted in the confusing and illogical research that you have presented. What is the focus of your research? If you are using Axel to define your thesis statement, you should clearly state the question you will be trying to answer in the research after you present him as your case study. These should all be located in the first paragraph. Regardless of its length. have you considered developing an Abstract prior to writing this paper to help guide you in its proper development? by the way, you can't present the purpose for your research at the very end of the paper. The way you have your research set up at the moment, nobody who reads it will get that far nor have the patience to try to figure out where you are supposed to be headed with these information presentations you are making. The purpose fort he research goes into the first paragraph. It shall never be located anywhere else.

The lack of proper formatting of the paper has also resulted in a page that is highly difficult to read. You need to separate your paragraphs and also focus on topics for discussion in each paragraph. You are jumping around with your information presentation. There is a lack of transition sentences that can help in the smooth transition of the paragraphs from one to another. Without it, the whole essay is confusing to read. Right now, it just seems like a jumble of related information that lacks coherence. The presentation needs to be more solid.

Do you have any guide questions that can help you in developing the research paper in a chronological and logical manner? Consider developing your topic outline before you try to revise this paper. That way you will be able to develop a series of topics that interrelate and will allow you to give the research paper a more coherent approach to the presentation of your information.

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