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Should children attend preschool?

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how Pre-School Education Affects Children

Parents are always asking if enrolling their child in preschool is a good option for them. I believe that it is indeed the best option for our children. A preschooler is learning how to interact socially with other children and learns to communicate and work together with peers. Also, children are introduced to academics and will most likely learn the alphabet and their numbers. During these years children will expand their vocabulary greatly. Parents can feel confident that their child is receiving the best education since the staff is highly qualified. At preschool is where children learn the foundations for a seamless transition to kindergarten. Children should attend preschool because it gives them a foundation socially and in academics.

If children are introduced to their ABC's and math in preschool, they will be more successful when they move on to kindergarten. Preschool involves teaching our children but not in the traditional way that both primary or secondary schools do, our children are though thru playing. They learn hands on, and by experiencing their surroundings. Preschool teaches children that the quantity of objects is represented by numbers. Children will be able to add and take away amounts. Also, children will be able to learn about shapes and that they may differ from others in size and color. "A child should be able to count from one to 10 by the time they enter kindergarten, both forward and backward, and be able to follow simple instructions such as, "Show me the one red square," or "Take away one blue crayon" (Ann Logsdon, "Teaching Math to Preschoolers")." As per an article by health and science children who are enrolled in a preschool are most likely to finish high school and enroll in college. This article also suggests that "kids enrolled in preschools that stress math and literacy outperform their peers on standardized tests" (Joshua A. Krisch).

Also, during preschool children will develop language and cognitive skills. Children may extend their vocabulary by 1,600 words and they can use more complex sentences. "Preschool-age children's language skills are nurtured in a "language-rich" environment. Between the ages of 3 and 5, a child's vocabulary grows from 900 to 2,500 words, and her sentences become longer and more complex" (Great Schools Staff). Children will develop their cognitive skills hands on such as asking questions and problem solving. Preschool does not only ensure our children a head start in academics but also socially and emotionally.

Preschool students are not only learning their ABC's and numbers but they are also learning to socialize which is as important as academics. I believe that our children should also be educated socially because is really important to be able to interact with other children and adults and to know what is socially acceptable or not. At preschool children learn how to be polite and respect others play and share with their peers. Children will also engage in problem solving with in their peers. Children will begin to learn what is socially expected and unexpected and will be able to continue learning thru elementary school and secondary education. Also, preschool students learn responsibility, become confident, and learn to be independent. "In preschool, your children will learn how to compromise, be respectful towards others, and solve problems (Marija Ristic)." Academic and social skills go hand and hand specially during their school years. These skills will help them when speaking to peers, teachers, or anyone outside of school.

Parents can have a piece of mind because their children are being taught all these skills by a highly qualified teacher. As parents we can trust that our children will be taught by someone that has a bachelor's degree since public schools do have this as a requirement to teach in our public schools. Our preschool teachers have not only attended and graduated college but have also spend many hours observing other preschool classrooms and have spent many hours teaching while supervised by an experienced teacher. We can trust that our children will be in good hands since preschool teachers are not only academically trained but they also hold a certification in both CPR and First Aid. A minimum of a high school diploma or associate's is often required, however most preschool teachers for public schools must earn a bachelor's degree. A Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate is a common credential that is required by many states. CPR and first aid certification may also be required (Preschool Teacher Requirements and Career Information"). Knowing our preschool teachers are highly qualified I feel more comfortable enrolling my child in a preschool.

Before doing a research on this matter I was skeptical about enrolling my children in preschool when the time comes. I've always thought that preschool was unnecessary, that anything that they could learn during preschool they would be able to learn or catch up in kindergarten. I now understand that this is not the case, preschool is the place for children to gain knowledge and social skills. In conclusion preschool is a great way to introduce our children to structure, other children/adults, and academics. Preschool exposes children to school and helps them go thru a seamless transition. After attending preschool children already know how to count up to ten and know their ABC's. And they have a concept of what school is like. It is amazing that for attending preschool a child can expand their vocabulary to over 2,000 words. Imagine, if a child skips preschool, once they start kindergarten, they would have more trouble with their sentences and would not be as fluent as the other children in class. Now I understand why I had so much trouble in my first years in school I was missing that foundation that preschool provides. I was not a social kid and the only thing that I could write when I started first grade was my first name. Going to preschool could of save me a lot of anxiety and It would of come easy to make new friends. "Pre-K is a foundational year because for most children, it provides their initial exposure to school and sets the tone for their educational career. "They develop certain feelings, perceptions, and ideas about school ("Why Preschool is the 'Most Important Year' in a Child's Development")." I hope that this research will influence many parents in a positive way as it has influenced me. I will not think twice and I will have all my children enroll in preschool when the time comes because I do not want them to go thru what I went thru, all the anxiety for not knowing what was going on in the classroom.
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Welcome to the forum! I hope you're doing good. I'm here to give you feedback on your writing.

Firstly, try to create a smoother flow when you're transitioning in between sentence. Consider your first paragraph. Immediately, what is noticeable is the fact that you were unable to link properly the first two sentences. What I would opt that you do is try to find a common ground between the first sentences, and then work your way up from there.

Furthermore, be cautious of the lack of punctuation marks. Oftentimes, not having the appropriate amount of these marks can truly negatively affect the direction of your writing. Consider that it impairs you from having an organic writing structure - one that will impress your readers even more.

Regardless, best of luck in your writing!

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