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Death Penalty research paper (5 pages, 5 resources) - I'm against death penalty, idea

hello i am new here, and i believe that this forum will help me out. i seem to be very weak at writing period, but i learn from my mistakes. what i need help on is starting with my research paper. it is due December 14,2010 and it counts a lot towards my grade. so what i need is an outline to start off, and whatever ideas, sources, and what to write about. the paper is suppose to be

5 pages long
5 resources(at least)-CITED MLA 7 FORMAT
a) 3 from internet database-MUST BE SCHOLARLY
b) 1 book
c) 1 of either a or b

and i want to be against the death penalty so whatever possible help i can receive i will be appreciated as soon as possible

For citation, easybib is good.
For sources, I recommend searching for the death penalty on wikipedia, then looking at their source list at the bottom of the page. Maybe also look for statistics (what crimes earned the death penalty, what evidence was presented, etc.)

For writing the essay, you'll need a strong intro and conclusion. I usually write the body first however, and then the intro and conclusion. For the body talk about the history of the death penalty (pre-American too might be good), what crimes warrant a death penalty, a specific death penalty or two, arguments of other people (properly quoted and only briefly) for and against the death penalty. Present facts then start persuading the reader why the death penalty should be retracted.

Hope that helped some. :)
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thanks man yea it helped somewhat the teacher turned it down a notch so it will only be 3 pages i need to start now
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December 14,2010

Hi Talha, I'm sorry I did not get to help before the deadline. I hope your paper was successful.

I recommend trying to avoid using an outline. Write 2 paragraphs about the main idea of each source. That will give you 10 paragraphs,which is about 3-4 pages.

Then, go back and write an introduction.

If you are required to give an outline, write those paragraphs before writing the outline. It is way easier!

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Death Penalty in Sweden & Saudi Arabia ; Need advice

i want to write interdaction about death penalty in (sweden&saudi areabia)... i am very confused about how to write...i chose 4 point i will mantion in the text :death penalty in general ,methods used to applay it ,examines the crimmes that death penalty practiced and illuatrates the death penalty>>>

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