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The Decline of the U.S. Economics

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Aug 25, 2016   #1
Student: Stephanie Hunter
Instructor: McBride
Subject: Eng. 102 lesson 11 (Draft)

Research on The Decline of the U.S. Economics

Economically, we are engaged in a social science in which is a great concern with our past and current factors. The determination of the production of our societal distribution and complex consumption of our goods and services. There is an urgent and alarming effect to our economic revenue in our nation and entire world.

Why is there such a decline in our economic societal distribution? What are causes and conflicts that bring us to alarming statistics in our nation and abroad in other countries?

In our country the United States, we have many factors that deem attention for our growing problem in America and other countries. When you view the telecommunication on several networks you can view the news, can, morning world news, journals, podcast, political views, link, just to name a few telecommunications, that allow us to have current information on our economic condition.

Consequently, there is an economic decline because there are not enough jobs to accommodate the populated people that reside in the U.S. We have many other nationalities in our Country the U.S. as well as other countries, has other U.S. citizens in their country as well. This certainly became a global problem that has raised great concerns from all aspects of economic analysis. There must be better provisions made to combat this growing problem. There are committees, panels, boards, economic specialist, economic scientist, and legislative that currently, always researching various solutions to elevate our economic condition. Collaboratively, these branches and committees, must evaluate all aspects of how our nations are being affected by this economic decline. Measuring all the issues collectively, I believe would be a solution to this climax of a calculated disorder to our society.

Consecutively, the economist must allow their challenges to increase consistent pursuits to gather as much information of how and where the economic system is failing. Therefore, there can be and expedited solution for all aspects. We have hunger here in America. We also, have crashing in the loan market, real state, small business, health, and the budget system. We have a concern because we don't have the numbers, of exactly how many people are living in the U.S. as well of other countries.

There is an urgency, in which Americans describe as a slippery slope decline in which have generated anxiety among many of our Americans and other countries. I want to provide a general review from various perspectives in five different sources to give us a documented view of our subjected economic condition in American and other nations. This content will allow various realities that are playing our society in a rapid and concerning direction. However, I in these article below have submitted various findings of articles, in which give us a small candid view of our economic decline, and our increases.

Additionally, this form of complexity has generated this alarming and primary fact, because there must be an agenda in America that will combat this increasing problem that we have on economics. Based on the findings of this being effected in the areas of households, in which I have observed have difficulty in maintain the overhead such as their lights food and etc. Also, there are varies forms of firms in which have taken a great fall due to the job market not being able to support these firms such as law offices, business corporations etc.

Krugman, Paul. "Concious of a Liberal, Murky Macroeconomics ." New York Times, August 2016: Article .

Viewing the economics issue is that it is complex and overwhelming according to this article in (New York Times 2016) Correspondently there is no argument to endorse confidence in this economic decline that the feds want raise our rates that should be raised to collaborate the economic decrease in which have caused major problems. Possibly, from these result, there is an increase on this finding being on the way to liquidity trap. What I would argue is that in this murky, fragile situation we should be conducting policy largely as if we were still in the trap - because we badly need to get both feet firmly on dry land with some distance between us and the quicksand. (And if I'm mixing metaphors. (Krugman Paul 2016) Throw the jackboot into the melting pot!) But it's not the crystalline case we used to be able to make.

My argument to this current situation in which have the policy have been allowed to conduct is a trap would not have been the primary problem in this economic situation. Our economic policies can be analyzed and sustain by looking for methods to seal and concreate our economic problem. The social economics board must look at this decline and research and evaluate methods in which this as they call it a melting pot, can be sufficiently, repaired if their more issues tabled and resolved in an expedient reform.

Say goodbye to Economy Watch and hello to Political Economy

Adams, Frank. "Say goodbye to Economy Watch and hello to Political Economy." voices.washingtonpost.com/economy-watch/ (Posted at 3:13 PM ET, 07/26/2010)
"Say goodbye to Economy Watch and hello tp Political Economy ." voices.washingtonpost.com/economy-watch/ (Posted at 3:13).

Analysis another form of economics is a stance to say goodbye to economy. This article refers to political economy in which The budget struggles of newspapers are no longer news. The Post simply cannot afford to hire enough reporters and editors to cover everything business readers want to know, from the commodities markets to the steel industry to options trading to overseas exchanges, and on and on. With this partnership, The Post business staff will continue to cover what it covers better than any other organization:(Adams Frank 2010) the intersection of economics and policy, or Wall Street and Washington.

That means The Post will report on the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve Board, tech policy, corporate lobbying, the works. In Addition, for the rest, we'll lean on Bloomberg. Part of this package is the brand-new Political Economy blog, which you can see here. Furthermore, think of it as economy watch for the Political Economy blog, but I'll be one of many voices, as most of my colleagues will contribute, as well. (Frank Adams 2010)

The aim is to provide you with a fast-breaking, comprehensive report on the day's financial and economic news. Several voices are better than one. Directly, if you've set up Economy Watch on your RSS feed, you will now be automatically directed to Political Economy. Generally, with theodicy according to Wall Street, that it is an issue with the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve Board policies will be arranged were the economy can benefit from options to use commodities markets to the steel industry and to options (Adams Frank 2010) trading to overseas exchange. This would be a method to lobby to increase our economy by using our options from other outsourced financial industry to assist us in an effort to I

Critically, Adams found avenues to watch for the collective collaboration of the Wall Street. And Washington continue to focus on budgets that will decrease the struggle by continuing to rest on Bloomberg. This effort will be a financial watch which can be contributed. Summarizing this article is that there are solutions to this form of economy if the commodities that can used overseas will level the struggles in which organizations on a political decision to use this method.

Statistically, (By Howard Schneider 2016), U.S. exports jumped more than 2 percent in May. But a surge in imports widened the country's trade deficit -- disappointing the effort to even out global trade flows. The latest U.S. trade figures showed American businesses sold $152.3 billion of goods and services overseas in May, $3.5 billion more than in April. Imports increased 2.9 percent to $194.5 billion. (By Howard Schneider | July 13, 2010)

Importantly, the Obama administration is pushing to boost exports as a way to create jobs, and the increase was welcome news after a disappointing decline in April. The overall widening of the country's trade deficit, however, showed how difficult it will be to rebalance the global economy so that the United States does not consume far more than it produces. The U.S. trade deficit expanded in May to its highest level in 18 months, rising 4.8 percent to $42.3 billion, the U.S. Commerce Department reported Tuesday.

Most Importantly, the monthly trade deficit with China alone jumped $3 billion, to $22 billion, a figure that manufacturing groups said showed that a focus on exports alone was insufficient. The deficit represents "wealth and jobs heading overseas," said (Scott Paul, 2016) executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. The trade deficit also represents a drag on overall economic growth at a time when the Federal Reserve and other analysts (By worry that the country's economic recovery is slowing.

Consistently, viewing these statistical numbers this will show the global trade efforts, to assist the Americans in increasing their businesses. President Obama administration created jobs to increase the countries deficit. Again we can view that outsourcing has assisted in this major growing problem. My argument is that jobs are being transferred too overseas, in which is causing our American dream to decline. There must be an effort to bring these jobs back to the U.S. Unfortunate we must not allow this to continue, because we will not be able to afford our homes and other enmities that are available in America. There must be a political effort and plan to correct this enormous decline. (By Howard Schneider | July 13, 2010; 10:09 AM ET)

3.AJAE is the top journal. in the agricultural economics field according to studies reported by Kapataidakis, Manumeas & Stenos (Canadian Journal of Economics, 2011), Koryak and Yu (B.E. Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy, 2003), and Ritz Berger (German Economic Review, 2008).

The American Journal of Agricultural Economics is a peer-reviewed academic journal of agricultural, natural resource, and environmental economics, as well as rural and community development. Published five times per year, it is one of two journals published by the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, along with Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. It was established in 1919, at which point it was called (by Kapataidakis, Manumeas & Stenos 2011) (Canadian Journal of Economics, 2011) Journal of Farm Economics.

Agricultural environment and natural resources
In the field of environmental economics, agricultural economists have contributed in three main areas: designing incentives to control environmental externalities (such as water pollution due to agricultural production), estimating the value of non-market benefits from natural resources and environmental amenities (such as an appealing rural landscape), and the complex interrelationship between economic activities and environmental consequences.

With regard to natural resources, agricultural economists have developed quantitative tools for improving land management, preventing erosion, managing pests, protecting (by Kapataidakis, Manumeas & Stenos 2011) (Canadian Journal of Economics, 2011) biodiversity, and preventing livestock diseases.

Consequently, the consistent damage to the crops that are environmentally grown develop a decline on progress of the fields receiving adequate water supply which has been damaged with polluted waters, will cause a decrease on our food supply. These natural resources must find various methods to allow our natural resources to produce clean water. This is vitally, important to our agricultural production. However, my argument is that we must consistently check the water system and detect bio destruction to consist in our water supply. The method must be early detection so the water can be treated.

This will restore our supply of food. Additionally, we must manage the other concerns on our economic agricultural development. This method that must be remedied and restored is eliminate the erosion, pest control and protecting biodiversity, this method will prevent a damaging of livestock diseases. This will cause a global problem in which will be hard to restore and have proper resources that we possibly need to survive. (by Kapataidakis, Manumeas & Stenos 2011) (Canadian Journal of Economics, 2011)

While at one time, the field of agricultural economics was focused primarily on farm-level issues, in recent years' agricultural economists have studied diverse topics related to the economics of food consumption. In addition to economists' long-standing emphasis on the effects of prices and incomes, researchers in this field have studied how information and quality attributes influence consumer behavior.

Agricultural economists have contributed to understanding how households make choices between purchasing food or preparing it at home, how food prices are determined, definitions of poverty thresholds, how consumers respond to price and income changes in a consistent way, and (by Kapataidakis, Manumeas & Stenos 2011) survey and experimental tools for understanding consumer preferences.

Primarily, this perspective from consumers have generated a concern on how the economic system is viewing the conflict between the various homes and the income. Some households are more equipped then others. For example, there is food supply, however, every household is not able to adequately to afford the food that is readily available to purchase from the store.

Apparently, food prices are increasingly, becoming more expensive to purchase food. Unfortunately, the enormous prices determine how the food is purchase and what is purchased. Another example, is one family can afford steak, whereas another family can only afford chicken. Reviewing this article, it really defines that living in America does not necessarily mean that you can enjoy all the amenities that it has to offer. Economically, you must have the proper resources and the proper amount of income to adhere to the demands of living a prosperous life. My argument is on this issue is that there must be more jobs, and increase on wages to accommodate this growing problem of household economics. Conclusively, there must be a panel of economic analyst to combat such a declination and unbalanced structure of our families in our families and abroad.

Lui, John C. The Overlooked facts about welfare in California 5/01/1997. Los Angeles Times Newspaper Report . pacificresearch.org/article/the-overlooked-facts-about-welfare-in-california/: Leon E Panetta (D-Ca) Chairman Committee on the Budget U.S. House of Representatives May 26, 1992, 1997.

Alarmingly, this report on welfare reform is the first in a series of publications that will focus on various aspects of California's current and future welfare system. With more control and discretion being given back to state and local governments, it is imperative that Californians understand the various components and policy goals of welfare reform that will be sought by the executive and legislative branches in Sacramento.

Since the future ramifications of any state-based welfare reform law will have lasting repercussions on every (John C. Luis 1997) Californian, it is crucial for the public and policymakers to base their respective opinions and decisions on the facts surrounding welfare. Opponents and proponents of welfare reform share one common reality -- the "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act" of 1996 (PRWOA) is now the law of the land and in order for California to fulfill its legal and social obligation, creative new solutions will have to be implemented (John C. Luis 1997) at the state and local levels.

Critically, my observation of this article is creating a policy in which the welfare reform policy will allow the individuals that are plagued with this consistent dependency on the welfare system can generate solutions to save the state and communities taxes to decrease inflated prices at the stores and inflated tax increases. The legislative committee in Sacramento have adopted solutions to this respective component to increase independency in the State of California.

However, my argument on this issue is there are citizens that are not able to read or write, or even don't even speak our language or in the state legally. Therefore, the reform must include reality to this policy that have been so diligently reformed. The reality is that we must address the fact that there are others that are homeless and don't have transportation, or any other resource to combat this problem of welfare reform. We must also, look at the felons in which are not able to obtain employment that is adequately, able to pay a substantial amount of money to maintain an even a minimum size family.

These are great concerns, that the legislative reform committee must consider in their efforts to endorse policies to become personally responsibility. Therefore, in summary, there must be solid and realistic policies put in place for all aspects, which I afore mentioned in this argument. Critically, there will be lasting reparations if there is not a primary and reliable policy in which will submit a concreate policy in which will accommodate all persons in which this reform is created and enforced. (John C. Luis.)


Beata Caranci, VP & Chief Economist 416-982-8067 Derek Burleton, VP & Deputy Chief Economist, 416-982-2514 James Marple, Director & Senior Economist, 416-982-2557 Fotios Raptis, Senior Economist, 416-982-2556. "QUARTERLY ECONOMIC FORECAST TD Economics." td.com/document/PDF/economics/qef/qefmar2016_us.pdf. Currently 2016.

U.S. Highlights
Currently, despite of the volatility in financial (Beata Carnaci 2016) to be sufficient supported by a healthy labor market and law energy prices. Statically, this have increased largely as a result of slower than of interest of growth in 2016 has fallen to 2.0% (from 2.4% by the end of 2017) Additionally, the continued tightened in the labor market will ensure that monies toward the federal reserve target of 2.0 %. (Beata Carnaci 2016)

Geographically, for our Global Highlights, that the global growth in 2016 will be constructed by the same forces that held by the same forces that held by the growth to just 3.0% last year. Efficiently, commodity exporters continue to slow and structured headwind remain in place in advanced economics. As a result, would output should expand just 3.4% in 2016 (Beata Carnaci 2016).

Conclusively, from all of the sources in which I have provided. I have provided in prior years to current years the decline and the increase as of currently in news weeks 2016 report. References from business declines, and economical poverty, to solutions of economic reform which was carried into legislation of the state of California to be placed in the laws to reform the status of individual's being gainfully employed.

This result created a platform of prove stricken families and individuals to improve their lifestyle of being co-dependent on welfare resources. This method had its strengths, however, I injected an argument of why in some realities, that this method would not improve certain individual's that are illiterate or a felon. This analogy that I implemented is to create a platform of questions and answers of these type of issues arising. Finally, I must conclude with current method with our improvements are currently being increased by generating solutions of efficiently adjusting the resources in which we have locally and internationally. We must continue to search for greater solutions to improve our economic situation. In closing, we must always activate economic decisions that must improve and increase our welfare in America and abroad.

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2.What this a clear and concise Sentence Structure?
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I think you use "in which" many times.
Here are my some suggestions.

When you view the telecommunication on several networks, you will see........
there is an economic decline because of unemployment
has raised- has risen
economic specialists, economic scientists, and legislatives
varies forms of firms- various forms of firms

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