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Essay on No drinking on the beach in San Diego

iamcentrum 3 / 9  
May 2, 2009   #1
Ok well I am writing a research paper on why there SHOULD NOT BE a DRINKING ON THE beach ban in San Diego. I need some major help with this. I need ideas on what key words I should be searching for regarding the beach ban in san diego.

Here are some reasons

It jepordises people's freedom
help me figure out why it jepordizes people freedom good strong reasons.
Makes business close down
Less Tourism-which could affect business
Any other reasons you can think of will be a big help.

Can someone help me expand these ideas, I'm having hard time doing this.

I already wrote some of its still very drafty so here i usually start from body paragraphs

Due to the beach ban there have many complaints from many business owners. These criticisms from these owners involves there business running low. For example the owner of the beach Guava bar, Eric Christianse reports that his business was going down ever since the ban has been put to effect. Madeleine Binnie, a boutique owner, was also affected by the beach ban negatively in terms of the sales of her business. Being with this business for seven years, she will eventually have to close her shop for good due to the fewer customers coming into her store. Binnie comments, ""If they can't do anything at the beach, they're not going to come."

Many people claim that in order for a place to family friendly the place has to be alcohol free. Most of the people who have an alcohol beverage are responsible adults who have families. These adults are the cause of the adult beverage industry to be a multibillion-dollar industry; not the underage drinkers who most likely steal the alcohol from their friends as well as the party going young adults. There are several ways to reduce the drinking problem other than by having the ban.

With the beach ban on effect, freedom has been slowly been a rising issue as it has, during these past few years. It is also very unfortunate that the freedom to drink has been taken away from those have been drinking responsible. Not all alcohol drinkers of the beach are all the typical young adult party goes, but some are actual trustworthy civilians who drink responsibly on the nice cool beach to have enjoyable time. The beach was a great place where people would come to the beach and have enjoyable cocktail for a simple casual satisfaction. According to the political constultant, Bob Glaser, "This is why we live in a beach area like San Diego... We enjoy the beach and sometimes a cocktail." It is also absurd that people are allowed to get drink at bars and come to the beach drunk. Each year more and more rules are being added to remove the freedom of simple pleasure of the beach. These includes the simple pleasures of smoking on the beach or even the rules of not allowing a nice leisure walk with your dog.

One of the many reasons the beach ban comes into effect is to do make the beach a safer, and more family friendly while excluding others to go to the beach for their own personal enjoyment.
sally12 2 / 3  
May 2, 2009   #2
Takes away relaxation.. and like you said tourists attraction which leads to poor or no business which makes the others become jobless which they are unable to support their families... which the some families enjoy goin to the beach and spend even more money..

Its all about chain reaction..
Some people also you beach water(salt water) to help reduce sores, infections, and sickness
Hope this helps..
OP iamcentrum 3 / 9  
May 2, 2009   #3
thx but i need help on expanding my reasons as well as well having more reasons.
kylelanning 1 / 12  
May 2, 2009   #4
You may be able to expand on the economic downfall of the companies within the area. If alcoholic drinks are a primary source of income for businesses by the beach, you may be able to elaborate how the ban would not only affect local businesses, but the amount of income that is inevitably led away from the beach. I hope that makes sense.

Saying "Most of the people who have an alcohol beverage are responsible adults who have families." holds very little water on the subject. While it may be true, there is no evidense, so how would the veiwers of this essay know that this is the truth?

honestly, in my oppinion that is an extraordinarily difficult stand to take, considering that i can think of many more reasons why alcohol should be banned instead of not.

I would also show more detail within the reasoning that the ban of alcohol will decrease the amount of tourism, because it may contridict people's veiws that the ban may actually incrase tourism to the area.

Listing subtle comprimises to the issue at hand may also aid your arguement, and by saying "There are several ways to reduce the drinking problem other than by having the ban." without actually noting any of the other ways may prompt the reader to thinking that you are only saying that for the sake of arguement, implying that there is no value of mentioning it for the good of your cause.

Perhaps references and arguements used during prohibition in the 1920's could aid your cause, of course, depending how wide-spread the actual ban is. It should be noted that for every arguement there are variables that need to be noted. If you are trying to persuade somebody in favor of the ban, odds are they have done their homework and have a variety of "if, thens" that could be used to support the issue at hand. You must be able to counter act this with valid information, statistics, facts, whatever. Not just an oppinionated essay that says "you should do this because i think that ___"

I hope this helps and/or makes sense. ;)

-Kyle Lanning
Notoman 20 / 419  
May 2, 2009   #5
Maybe you could talk about how the authorities need to focus on the problems associated with the use of alcohol on the beach instead of instituting a blanket ban. Deal with glass bottles, underage drinking, public intoxication, urinating in public, operating a motor vehicle (including watercraft) while under the influence, as being separate and legitimate offenses to be dealt with, while keeping the consumption of alcohol legal.

This reminds me of a situation my younger brother faced at our local rec center. The facility has a blanket ban on children under the age 15 using the running track because there had been a history of trouble from younger kids on the track. The claim was that kids couldn't hold a line when they were running and their shorter stature and slower gait created a hazard for the adult runners. My brother is a serious runner with an impressive mile time and an even better 10K finish. He needed a safe place to run in the winter when it gets dark early and the sidewalks ice up. He appealed the rule saying that the rec center should be concerned more with misuse than chronological age. He's now allowed to run there.

I can't think of any other reasons for your essay. It would be easier for most people to come up with reasons to institute a ban. You have already hit the reasons that I can think of for preventing a ban-the loss to local businesses and the loss of personal freedom.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
May 2, 2009   #6
If you want to write a good persuasive essay on your chosen thesis, do a search for articles written in favor of the ban. If you want to convince your opponents, you are going to have to address their points. So, find out what the rationale for the ban was, and provide evidence that the ban has been ineffective in achieving its goals, or that the costs have been greater than the benefits. In essence, you are trying to turn the reasons for the ban into reasons that the ban should be lifted. This will probably be more difficult to do than simply listing the main anti-ban talking points, but will give you a much stronger essay.
OP iamcentrum 3 / 9  
May 3, 2009   #7
thx guy those methods will help anyone have anymore ideas on reasons and methods for this essay?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 3, 2009   #8
I don't know anything about that ban in San Diego, but I know that such things are usually responses to calamities that have been caused by the thing being banned. Did somebody get drunk and drown or something? Anyway, the advice here is great -- especially Sean's recommendation to look at articles that make this same argument and the ones that argue to the contrary.

In general, it would be good if the life guards did not have to divide their attention among lots of drunk people while trying to keep everyone safe. It would also be good if families could think of the beach as a place where they can bring their kids without having alcohol in the environment.

But then again, it would also be nice if people could drink where they want to. Perhaps it would be best to make a drinking area and a non-drinking area on the beach. That would be a diplomatic solution...
OP iamcentrum 3 / 9  
May 3, 2009   #9
what kind of things should I be typing under the search regarding the ban?
Notoman 20 / 419  
May 3, 2009   #10
"drinking on the beach" ban

"alcohol on the beach" ban

"alcohol ban" beach

There are a TON of hits with these three searches. Most of them pertain to San Diego even. If you want more that deal with San Diego, then put that in your search as well.

Or . . . try this:

EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
May 4, 2009   #11
Yeah, this is the sort of perennial debate that never gets truly settled one way or the other, so there should be a ton of material on such bans in general as well as on the San Diego ban in particular.

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