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Does getting a college degree guarantee you will have the career you love?

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Feb 9, 2022   #1

Does getting a college degree guarantee you will have the career you love?


What do you want to do when you grow up? All of us have been asked this million-dollar question since we were in kindergarten. We all normally picked a career we thought we liked or were just really interested in such as a doctor, a firefighter, or even a teacher. Then we were told that to make these dreams a reality we would need a college degree. Since elementary school, we have been taught that a college degree is always the path to success, happiness, and, most importantly, the career you will love. But is it true that getting a college degree guarantees that you will have a career you will love? Numerous studies and personal accounts from college professionals can attest that there is no guarantee that obtaining a college degree will give you a career you will love. But even then, many Americans have a college degree and are working towards it. A recent survey shows that 94 million Americans over the age of 25 have a college degree. It is clear, a lot of people view a college degree as important. But the real important question is will you love your career after you have your college degree?

The truth is there are many reasons why a college degree is not needed to land a job you will love. One of the main reasons is because of short-term vocational schools at a fraction of the cost to that of a university and with very little time needed. Technical schools such as the East Valley Institute of Technology (Evit) offer training and certifications for jobs that are in demand. These jobs are great for those who love to work with their hands. Also, the success rate of completing vocational school training is greater than at a university. According to a recent survey, 78% of students finish the training. On top of everything else, there is a 69% retention from the first year to the second year they began their new careers. These numbers show that even a little bit of training can prepare someone for a lifetime of happiness and success.

Another reason why trade school training is always an excellent option is that there will always be a demand for those types of jobs. Also, a lot of the skills that are taught require little to no time in a classroom. This means you can make money sooner and getting the experience needed to grow financially. There is also another great benefit to skipping a traditional college education. This is the financial burden that one has when graduating. Many college graduates as soon as they leave school now must face the harsh reality which is paying off student loan debt. This can be very difficult for many new professionals. The reason being is that a lot of new graduates have no experience and start their professional careers taking low-paying jobs. On top of everything else, the cost of living is only climbing, making it difficult to have an income to live on. Student loan debt creates stress and anxiety for a long time even for a lifetime. According to a recent survey, the average student loan debt here in America is $39,351 and the monthly payment is $393. Dave Ramsey a professional finance radio host says. "Salley Mae has a bedroom in your house."

Another reason why a college degree is not needed to be happy, is because a lot of employers offer on-the-job training and development. This training gives an individual the skills and the work history needed to be happy and successful. On-the-job training and development contribute not only to the happiness of the employee but also to the company's success. Companies see the value of on-the-job training and are willing to invest in their employees. There is a study by whatfix.com that shows that 93% of the employees that receive training are happier in their job and it affects their overall engagement. Another great benefit Skills that are learned are not only used in the workplace. For example, learning how to replace an electrical switch will also come in handy in your personal life if you own a home.

The reality is that there are a lot of careers available that do not require a college degree. That is why it is important to educate high school students, or those that want a change in their career about all the different options that are available to them. Many though will argue that a college degree is important and that it help build character and the maturity needed to be successful and happy in a professional environment. This can be true, college is a great tool for many that need that. Unfortunately, college does not teach important qualities that are also as important to be successful. That is humility and manners. Helping people develop these qualities is super important, to become well-rounded adults. Also, Schools can also do a better job of teaching from a very young age how to be financial responsible. One way is not encouraging students that do not have the means to pay for a college education to jump into debt. Parents also can help their children by teaching them skills such as social and communication skills that are as important, if not more than a college degree. Learning a skill will allow anyone to always be able to find a job. Which promotes a level of confidence and happiness in life.

To sump my thoughts on this matter. College is not always the path to happiness. Sitting down and thinking about all the other options that are available is really important. I graduated from air conditioning school 12 years ago and I am so thankful that I was able to learn a skill that will always be in demand. This skill has allowed me to remain at my job for the last 16 years, which has opened the door to learning other skills. I do sometimes sit down and think about the importance of having a college degree. I see the advantages of being able to have a higher-paying job and at the same time being able to say to myself you did it. College today is an option and not a requirement. If you can find a career that can give you financial stability and at the same time make you happy that should be enough. As we know the greater the salary the greater the responsibility. This means extra hours that will take away from your personal and family life.

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Feb 9, 2022   #2
94 million Americans over the age of 25 have a college degree.

Any chance that you can find the figures for the number of Americans with a college degree that are working in a career that they actually love? Such a figure in the presentation will make for a natural balance and comparison with regards to simply completing college and having a college degree that led to a lifetime career (career you love).

But the real important question is will you love your career after you have your college degree?

This is a survey question that should have figures presented in the research paper. The information should be based on a survey that you took, based on a particular audience, that responded to this question in relation to your research paper.

The truth is there are many reasons why a college degree is not needed to land a job you will love.

This being the actual thesis statement of the paper, needs to be presented as the final sentence of the previous paragraph instead. Thus creating a dual thesis statement for the presentation, The first being the number of college graduates who ended up in a career they love after completing college, and second, The reasons why the figures do not tally when compared to the reasons why having a degree is not assurance of having a job you will love.
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Feb 16, 2022   #3
Never. I got a degree in English language and Literature and work in a completely different field. I like my job, but my attitude towards it has no connection with my degree.

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