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Against - Global Warming research paper

hanseas 1 / 2  
Nov 7, 2008   #1
I'm doing a research paper and I got stuck with being against it. I don't know how to start... Can you help me please??

OP hanseas 1 / 2  
Nov 7, 2008   #2
I've only started my outline. My main points are natural fluctuations of climate in the past, solar radiations, 11 year sun cycle and sunspots, artic ice region findings, hurricanes and global warming, UV light, and predicting global warming if you can't predict the rain...

Those are most of my main points in my research paper. I just can't seem to put them in the correct order for my outline, from least important to most important or strong-weak-strong. I'm also having trouble with an attention getter and a thesis. Any ideas?

I was thinking for an attention getter, having an outrageous statement about global warming or something. Then for a thesis statement, I might do;
Scientists from around the world have searched for clues that point global warming in the direction of natural variations....

I know that thesis statement is pretty lousy, and I need help on that definitely.
Another thing I need help on is the background information. Should I use the basic info on the climate change in the past, and then what else?
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Nov 8, 2008   #3
Good afternoon.

You already have a good amount of main points that you want to discuss in the piece. The next step in the outline is to jot down some data, statistics, or an example for each one of those main points. Include a fair amount of detail in the explanation or story, and properly cite any factual information you use. Don't really worry about the order just yet; you'll get to that later. Focus on gathering your information right now.

What is the purpose of your essay? That purpose should be clearly stated in your thesis. The statement should be as long as it takes to fully describe the scope of your paper without giving all of the factual data away.

If you want to use that piece for your introduction sentence, make sure that it relates directly to your thesis and contributes something structurally to the paper. The opening statement should flow directly into the thesis statement.

Your outside research is going to help you with background information. See what you can find for each one of those main topics. For help with this you can contact your academic advisor or media center specialist; they can help you access a wide variety of research information, including journals and academic papers you can only access through your educational institution.

I hope this helps you along! Best of luck!

Moderator, EssayForum.com
OP hanseas 1 / 2  
Nov 9, 2008   #4
Thanks so much! Now I won't be bogged down by all the responsibilities of the paper at one time! I was actually working on my outline first, so thanks for the advice, i'm sure it will help a lot! Thanks!

I know that your questions more "alert the reader on what to do" and not "she'll probably answer them" but lol, ummm, i'm really struggling so would you mind if I alswered some?

The main point of my paper is to state that global warming is not actually happening, and that it is natural fluctuations in the environment that has caused the temperatures to rise. An example or article I have is hurricanes, and how humans are just caught up in the natural hurricane swing. We haven't documented fairly well all the hurricanes that have occured in the past, so how can we contribute g.w.(global warming) to them now?

Another article I have says that the Arctic region was actually warm and contained plants and vegetation, unlike today where it is just a big body of ice for a majority of the time.

Another article I have is that there were three eras a while back where the climates did change over a period of time, so what caused the change? They were like a lot of million years ago.

A point that I can probably put in each paragraph is the planet has been around for millions of years, and how long have we been on it? How long has the sun been shining and the seasons changing, and how long have we been studying the changes and the sun? There's also another article about the atmosphere, and if the earth is warming, the stratosphere should be warming to, but it's not so...

Do you think that I could put in one of my paragraphs the media influence? You know, the example I read about is if people were told the world is flat, it would be a major talk subject for a long time. Just like global warming, how it was introduced to the papers and it caused a scare. If I gave the reader a clear example of a media scare or something, then said something about a global warming scare the papers are causing, would they just ignore the G.W. scare because they've been influenced by the media and global warming for so long and believe it now?

Sorry for the long read... After reading all that, three questions. What would your thesis be about (you don't have to answer this one if you don't want to), would I be able to put the media in there, in your opinion without the reader totally rejecting the idea or doubting the whole paper? The last one is that most of the articles have enough data on my side, considering the side of the argument i'm on, so do you think that just by reading what I have above and knowing that my articles have data in them, that I would have a paper at least slightly convincing?
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Nov 10, 2008   #5
Good afternoon :)

In regards to the thesis, the thing is that it should start out very broad (you could talk about the media influence here) and then narrow down your discussion to the actual statement. Your actual thesis statement should be very close to the first sentence you wrote here: Global warming is not an actually occurring phenomenon; rather, it is a natural phenomenon that humans happen to be caught up in. Prior to that, you could definitely use the example of the media and the earth being flat as a precursor to your actual thesis statement. For example, start out by discussing other times in history where common (today) natural phenomena were seen as impossible or not feasible, and how popular opinion influenced that way of thinking, and then draw a direct parallel to your stance on global warming, concluding with the actual statement.

As long as you are properly citing credible sources (not your gramma's personal opinion) you shouldn't have a problem with your paper gaining credibility. Just make sure to cite your sources.

Moderator, EssayForum.com

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