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Global Warming Phenomenon- Research Paper

Sergioc1 1 / 4  
Nov 19, 2008   #1
I need help to construct a 1000 word argumentation research paper about Global Warming and how it effects humans. What's tricky about this paper is that I am not allowed to decide or even prove if the Global Warming Phenomenon is true or not. Here is my Thesis Statement :"Although some people think Global Warming is a phase in the Earth's weather

system, the truth is Global Warming is a phenomenon that affects every person and living
organism on the Earth; therefore, the human race should start to take procedures to diminish the side effects of this occurrence." Maybe somebody can get me started with a good intro or give me ideas how to explain this phenomenon with out proving it wrong or right.

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Nov 19, 2008   #2
Good evening :)

The thing about a paper such as this is that it has to be equally balanced; for each thing that is a "proof" of global warming you have to make sure to present its contradiction. For instance, if you say something like some scientists think that the increase in CO2 emissions is largely from humans, you would have to present the flip side to that, that other scientists say that the CO2 emitted from a single volcanic eruption is greater than human CO2 emissions in one year (for example). The best way to do this, I think, is to start with an outline. First list all of the things you know you want to talk about (for either side) and then list each argument for/against each point. Then you will have a visual layout of your paper before you write it, and you can make sure that it is fair and balanced. That way, no one can say that you are either for or against global warming because you have presented informative data and reasoning to both sides.

I hope this helps!

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OP Sergioc1 1 / 4  
Nov 20, 2008   #3
Your completely correct, but I asked my professor and she said it is ok to acknowledge that the Global Warming Phenomenon was occurring but not to prove it. Meaning I can back up my claim with theories scientist have out there in the net. Also, I like the idea of a balanced paper, but i have to lean more to the, "its real", because I can't forget all through my paper I have to talk about the affects of Global Warming. Thank you very much for your opinion it helped a lot.
OP Sergioc1 1 / 4  
Nov 20, 2008   #4
Well, I am stuck i can't think of anything else to say. Please help, feel free to edit my essay or give me some advice. This is what i have so far :
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Nov 21, 2008   #5
I really like your introduction; it is catchy, and it lays out a path for the rest of the paper. I think it's a good rough draft, but make sure you are properly citing the quotations and any summarized sections so that your piece keeps its credibility and you don't have problems with plagiarism accusations. Also, to keep the piece organized, make sure that for each subject you begin a new paragraph; that will keep your audience from becoming intimidated before they read the work.

Keep up the good work!

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