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Global Warming Is A Problem, but it can be stopped - research paper.

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Jul 24, 2015   #1
I would love help on if I am on the right path to having successful research paper. Please check for grammar issues, sentence structure, citing, and any other issues! thank you

Global Warming Is A Problem

Global warming is a term used to describe the rise in the average temperature on earth. Global warming is a big topic that many people don't seem to understand or care to listen to. Many people do not understand what global warming is doing to their health and to the earth around them. It is not something that should just be looked past. It is thought to permanently change the earth's climate. Global warming began thousands and thousands of years ago. Way back when, there use to be ice sheets, this was known as "The Little Ice Age." Within the recent years, the temperature of the air has caused the ice sheets to go nearly distinct. That means that the temperatures are increasing quickly. This is all caused by CO2, also known as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is an odorless gas that is naturally present in the air. A lot of the CO2 is from gasoline and the greenhouse effect. Global warming has caused a great amount of damage on people and on earth because of the changes in weather, spread of disease, and food and water damage.

Throughout time, the weather has started to dwell on people. Summers have got hotter, winters got warmer. In 2003 heat waves took nearly 70,000 lives in Europe, a quarter of that was from people who lived in France and it was within a two-week period (NRDC). This caused a big scare for people as they thought global warming was taking over. The change in weather causes many natural disasters to occur. For example the warm and cool air intertwining causes tornados and that causes the tornado affect. Global warming and heat waves cause this to happen. Luckily there are ways this can be prevented, and luckily people have developed how to structure buildings and houses and bridges to be able to withstand tornados. In 2005 there was one of Americas biggest tragedies, known as hurricane Katrina. This hurricane caused 1.5 Million people to evacuate, and caused death and health problems to 200,000 people in New Orleans (NRDC). Thankful for all the support of America, they were able to raise money to help re build the city. Another big problem is the poor air quality. Due to the hot sun, warm air, and pollution from the gas from cars and power plants, it all is put together to create a ground-level ozone, which is considered to be poor air quality. Based on the article from the Union of Concerned Scientists, when it gets hot outside, the CO2 level rises which causes the allergy rate to increase. It is stated in the NRDC that scientists are 95% certain that humans are the cause of global warming. Gasoline is a major part of global warming, from all he chemicals getting put into the air, it is forcing the temperature to rise. There is something that can be done to change and decrease global warming on this planet.

II. Disease has caused a huge problem on earth; sickness is a leading cause of death. Throughout the planet, earth, and insects, disease has always been a problem. Every day thousands of people is diagnosed with some sort of infection disease. Scientists have proven that the change in the weather can cause serious diseases around the world. Just from heat waves, it increases the amount of deaths due to heat strokes, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, and heat stress. This all affects the elders and young children the most (NRDC). Air pollution leans more towards respiratory illnesses. Just in America 158 million people live in places where air pollution exceeds the national health standards. A lot of this is from the increased level of smog in that area, which increases the amount of people in the hospitals, and death from people with respiratory diseases like asthma and cardiac and pulmonary disease (NRDC). Insects, such as mosquitos, can be very dangerous and disease filled. The weather is something that they have to their advantage, being able to live up to 7,700 feet in the mountains (NRDC). Flooding and storms have become a big problem as well, causing drinking water across the world to become contaminated with parasites. Flooding will become more frequent due to the climate change.

Climate change has been known to cause flooding and droughts. This can determine the amount of healthy drinking water we have. The more flooding there is the more bacteria and parasites can end up in people's everyday drinking water. Droughts cause a problem on crops, which cause a problem with the variety of food people are offered, the nutritional content, and how much food is produced. This can all cause a big problem with malnutrition and the spread of disease (NRDC). In 1993 there was an outbreak of diarrheal illness in Wisconsin. 403,000 people were affected by the parasite Cryptosporidium. This parasite was washed into the city of Milwaukee's drinking water after a heave rainfall. Another major problem is warming of the ocean caused from the up rise in the temperature. This causes a problem and deaths of the fish in the ocean, severely impacting the local food supplies. If the temperature is increased, the risk of food borne illnesses is also increased. Hotter temperatures outdoors, can cause an outbreak of illnesses caused by foods such as salmonella Scientists have figured that the global temperatures will continue to rise decade by decade. It is from greenhouse gases caused from human activity (Global Climate Change)

Global warming is no joke. It can cause death as well as many diseases. Things need to be changed across the world in order to keep a safe and healthy life for people. Pollution, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gasses, gasoline, is all in the air and is something to keep in mind when doing the daily things people do. The weather has caused harm and death to hundreds and thousands of people. Disease from insects and the air have also caused many deaths throughout the world. And lastly the food and water supply, can get infected and can and has caused deaths throughout the world. The amount of deaths from all of these things can be slowed down and eventually stopped. Global warming can be stopped.

Work Cited

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Jul 24, 2015   #2
I can help assist you with your paper. I see that you have cited your sources. If you have any direct quotes or copied any text from these sources, don't forget to put quotation marks around those sentences for your final submission of your essay.

1st paragraph: I would change way back when to decades ago. If there is a specific number stated in your source, you can use this to be more specific. Change within recent years to, "In recent years..." Do you mean the ice sheets are dissolving or disappearing?

2nd paragraph: I'm unsure about the describing weather and how people dwell. You could say that the weather has taken a toll on people's lives. "Summers have become hotter and winters are warmer". Place a comma after 2003. Also, place a comma after you use a transition (i.e.For example).

I will help you with your paper later.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jul 25, 2015   #3
I can help you with more changes to your essay.

This is a continuation of the 2nd paragraph. You use the word affect. Do you mean the tornado effect? Change these sentences: "Luckily, there are ways this can be prevented, and luckily . People have developed..." Place a comma in the essay after the years you describe in your essay. For example, place a comma after 2005 in the next sentence. Place an apostrophe in America's. Million should be in all lowercase letters. There is just a slight issue with spacing. Re build should be "rebuild".

The 2nd paragraph needs some work with organization. There are three topics discussed. One topic is regarding weather. The other topic is air quality. The next topic is gasoline. Air quality and gasoline are underdeveloped topics. I would suggest starting a new paragraph using this sentence: "Another big problem is the poor air quality". Then you can discuss how gasoline has an impact on air quality. Ex: "Gasoline is a major part of global warming because it effects air quality." This will help you to discuss your findings and make your evidence easier to understand. This sentence needs to be revised: "There is something that can be should be done to change this and decrease global warming on this planet.

I will help you with the 3rd and 4th paragraph if no one else makes revisions before the end of the day.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jul 26, 2015   #4
Hello, I can help you with any changes needed to your last two paragraphs of your essay.

3rd paragraph: "Throughout planet earth, insects and disease has always been a problem." Everyday is one word. Also, when you use thousands of people, this is plural so you have to change the verb from is to "are". Here is how the sentence would read: "Everyday thousands of people are diagnosed with some sort of infectious disease."

In your source from the NRDC, did it use elders or elderly? Revise this sentence: "Air pollution is another problem that leans more towards can cause respiratory illnesses." Place a comma after America. There needs to be a better transition in this sentence: "Another issue involves insects, such as mosquitoes, which can be very dangerous and disease filled." What happens to people who encounter these mosquitoes? You should help the reader to understand that mosquitoes can transmit diseases to humans.

4th paragraph Place a comma in this sentence: "The more flooding there is,..." Remember to place a comma after a year that is stated. I think you should begin this sentence differently, "In that year, 403,000 people..." Heave should be heavy. The next sentence delete "up" when you discuss the rise in temperature. Place a period after salmonella and (Global Climate Change).

I think you should start a fifth paragraph.

5th Paragraph: You should use a transition word. "In conclusion, global warming is a serious problem."

Change the word order: "Things need to be changed across the world in order to help people stay safe and live a healthy life."

I think part of next sentence needs to be revised:"...when doing the daily things people do in our daily lives."

Change part of this sentence: "And lastly, the food and water supply can get infected and can and has caused deaths".

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