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Need help finishing up my Thesis for Global Warming.

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Jan 19, 2010   #1
hey i am in desperate need and need tons of help making my Intro sound well written. i have most of it, but my topic is one that i am allowed to choose. i choose to Do the facts on global warming,( kinda like the myths and facts of global warming.) however i need someboady to help with an example thesis. this is what i have written so far :

It seems that in today's society the cause of all our problems has become something that may not even exist, but rather be a natural occurance of the earth's environmental and geographical stasis. Climate change has been around for hundreds of years. Until recently scientists have noticed substantial changes within the climate that has become noticeable within the region's weather pattern. These changes are referred to as global warming, or the green house gas effect. Global warming is the gradual increase of the earths surface temperature which is thought to be the cause of human activity...

i need help. and i am not a very good writer. i dont know how to explain it. but hopefully somebody might beable to help out i have to write 15 pages before 8:00 today jan 19th tuesday
diodotusX 3 / 19  
Jan 19, 2010   #2
Grammatical errors and awkward phrasing aside, you need to come up with a thesis BEFORE you write your intro. If you haven't written many papers before, this will be a huge help. You need to establish what you are trying to prove before anything else you write. In any case, the intro isn't very good anyway.

So, thesis. You need to figure out what you are trying to PROVE. You said your topic was on global warming, or the myths and facts revolving around it. You need to narrow it down. A thesis cannot be "There are myths and facts about global warming and they are: etc., etc., etc.," You can do something like "Myths regarding global warming are in fact, a reality." and set out to prove that. "Global warming is a direct cause of human interaction with the environment." is another example. I don't much about your paper so these are very mundane topics, one that I would not have fun writing 15 pages on. But they are examples of thesis statements and can be supported with evidence. You know you have a thesis when you can ask yourself: "Can I show that this is true?" and respond "yes" to it.

Once you have your thesis: OUTLINE OUTLINE OUTLINE. Even if you're low on time, outlining will make writing the paper much easier. It'll write itself once you outline it. So how do you outline? Make sure you have topics relevant in proving your thesis. These topics will be the crux of your essay. If it's 15 pages long, I suggest maybe 4 big points to focus on. Write a topic statement regarding each of your points. This is essentially a thesis for your point. Each point should take up a few paragraphs to prove (I suggest 2-3 paragraphs per point) Once you have your topic statements, go and find concrete details to support it. By concrete details, I mean EVIDENCE. Quote from sources. a 15-page paper would require a good amount of sources. Don't rely on just a couple, but don't quote from too many. Once each topic statement is thoroughly supported with evidence, you are ready to start writing. All you have to do now is fill in with commentary or supporting sentences that are relevant to the concrete details and topic. The commentary should shed light upon the concrete details or explain the evidence.

If at some point you realize that your body paragraphs or your topic sentences don't really prove what your thesis statement is saying DON'T START NEW TOPICS OR PARAGRAPHS. Instead, rework your thesis statement to fit your topic statements. Why change whole paragrpahs when you change a couple sentences? This is going to happen frequently, especially if you're short on time. You'll start jumping around on topics and realize they don't match up with your thesis. As long as your topic sentences relate with each other, you can change your thesis to match them.

Once you are finally done writing those body paragraphs, write your conclusion. The conclusion will somewhat re-state your thesis (not word for word of course) to remind the reader what you have just proven. Afterwards, conclude the essay with some words on why the reader just spent a good chunk of time reading the paper. Why is it relevant to them? Why should they give a fuck?

After you have written the conclusion, write the introduction. Begin with a sentence that grabs the interest RIGHT OFF THE BAT. It doesn't necessarily have to completely relate with the essay. The first sentence NEEDS to be interesting. The few sentences after that first sentence will be more relevant to your reader and slowly transition into the topic of the paper.

This is ALOT to consider when you are writing a formal paper. It is highly structured and takes a good amount of thought. I honestly don't know how you're going to write 15 pages in 9 hours without making it complete bullshit...I mean, I need to spend a good couple days reading up on my sources an understanding what I'm writing about before I write it. I might have just told you what you already know, but hey not much I can do since you don't have much written.

My advice for a thesis: Go read some articles or books on global warming. That should give you an idea on what you want to prove.

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