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Need ideas for a research paper

brwneydbabygirl 1 / -  
Feb 19, 2007   #1
I have to write a research paper and have no ideas on what to write about.

Could someone give me some ideas?


EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Feb 20, 2007   #2

Well, this is certainly a very wide-open question! I take it you can choose any topic you like? My advice would be, since you're going to be spending quite some time first researching and then writing the paper, choose a topic that you find interesting! What about hobbies or interests of yours? Let's say you like to listen to the blues; you could write a paper on the history of the Mississppi Delta blues. Or maybe you love tennis; you could write about the history of the game itself, about how Wimbledon came to be, or about the career of one of your favorite players. Don't have any hobbies? Maybe you like chocolate! You could write about Hershey, Pennsylvania! Do you or have you had any pets? What about major illnesses? Did you move a lot as a child? Any of these experiences could provide the basis for a paper. You could write about the upcoming presidential race and whether the country is ready to elect a woman as President. Or how about the Enron scandal? global warming? how a couple of guys started a little site called "YouTube" and ended up selling it for over a billion dollars? Can a person really make a living on eBay?

I could go on like this for pages, but I think you get the idea. Just start letting your mind take off and be sure to ask yourself, "What would I like to know more about?"

Hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
EDWADO - / 1  
Dec 20, 2008   #3
hello,i have to write research proposal for phd admission, in the area of economics,please i need your help.thanks
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Dec 20, 2008   #4
Hello! First, you have to read a lot of research studies in economics. Go to the search engine called Google Scholar and type "economics," and read several studies that other people have done. Then, you will know what research has already been done, and you will be able to decide what you would like to research.
tonydengcnu 23 / 17  
Dec 25, 2008   #5
one suggestion: The university which you would like to apply for may provide some guideline for PhD research proposal. You had better find that and follow its instructions.

Good luck!
jhinxz1317 - / 2  
Jan 10, 2009   #6
Looking for ideas about my research paper..

I have to write a research paper and have no ideas on what to write about.

Could someone give me some ideas?
jhinxz1317 - / 2  
Jan 10, 2009   #7
I have to write a research paper and have no ideas on what to write about.

Could someone give me some ideas?
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jan 10, 2009   #8
Wow! You could write about just about anything. What class is it for? If it's an English paper on a random topic of your choice, you could go with the usual controversial subjects: gun control, abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, legalization of narcotics, racial profiling, creationism, the proper role of government in providing social programs, etc. If it is for a specific class, such as biology, though, then you will have to let us know, because that limits your topic significantly.
zowzow 10 / 175  
Jan 11, 2009   #9
lol this has to be one of the vagest questions I have ever had.
ihateschool - / 1  
Sep 22, 2009   #10
How to write a research paper on personal selling?

please someone help me, i am in University and I have to write a research paper of 17 pages on PERSONAL SELLING. i need to find a thesis statement! can someone help me?
luckystar 3 / 9  
Sep 23, 2009   #11
When I was writing a research paper, my teacher recommended the purdue university website. It shows you how to set up the paper according to the MLA format and shows you the step by step guide to writing the research paper.

Notoman 20 / 419  
Sep 23, 2009   #12
I'll second the OWL (online writing lab)at Purdue. They are highly respected and have a lot of great resources.

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