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Marijuana Controversy and research paper

Marijuana Controversy

Sean Bell
English 102
Professor Beech
5 November 2016

I. Introduction
A. Hook: Mary Jane, the Devil's lettuce, grass, weed, and tree are all code for marijuana. Over time, this drug has found its way into the hands of many and is consistently becoming a significant concern in the United States. Several generations from baby boomers to millennials have used marijuana for recreational purpose. However, medicinal marijuana can be effective for treating various diagnoses when properly used as prescribed by physicians.

B. Medical marijuana use has become extremely controversial in the United States.
1. The use of medicinal marijuana has significantly increased due to recreational use rather than proper treatment for specific diagnoses.
2. "Advocates believe that this has allowed many with intractable medical problems to receive a safe and effective therapy." (Carroll 1)
3. It is challenging for scientists and other researchers to demonstrate evidence that medicinal marijuana shows value and positive benefits due to the lack of support by the federal government.

C. Working thesis statement: Allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes should be encouraged as it shows promising results for some conditions, yet prescriptions should be strictly regulated as there is great potential for abuse by other patients.

II. Throughout history cannabis has been used as a medicinal therapeutic treatment.
A. "Historical records reveal the use of cannabis once held a strong and prominent position in medicine" (Baron 885)
B. Cannabis fibers were known to create hemp. Hemp was used in a variety of products and textiles including soaps, cosmetics, paints, and clothing.
C. Cannabis has be proven to be part of Western medicine until 1941 as treatment for a multitude of symptoms including headaches by many prestigious physicians at that time. (Baron 886)

D. Throughout the early 1900s, several doctors advocated for the use of cannabis, marijuana, as treatment for migraine headaches.

III. Based on research, cannabis has been used successfully for treatment of Tourette's Syndrome, epilepsy and dystonia, among other disorders.
A. Since stress and anxiety worsen with patients suffering from diseases such as Huntington's disease and Tourette Syndrome, marijuana use offers a calming and relaxation effect to those who use it as treatment.

B. There are benefits of cannabis for patients with cancer used to control excessive nausea and vomiting as well as used to combat pain.
C. Studies continue to show significant increases in reduction of pain in patients suffering from HIV, multiple sclerosis, and post surgical situations.
1. Cannabis offers relief to patients without altering their mindset.
2. "Pain reduction was greater in the morphine group (a 31% decrease) compared with the oxycodone group (a 23% decrease). We saw no adverse safety effects." (Abrams, Trafton 38)

IV. Research has shown increasing positive effects of medical marijuana for treating patients with PTSD.
A. Patients diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder have been known to use marijuana to self soothe.
B. Many PTSD patients experiencing sleep deprivation and insomnia are using marijuana to cope with the negative side effects of this disease.
C. Veterans are a large population of individuals connected to the increased use of medical marijuana.
1. As healthcare reform continues to pose challenge to vets, these patients are often using alternative resources such as cannabis to alleviate pain.
2. With PTSD prevelant in many vets, cannabis is used as a barrier to separate war with reality and calm the nervous system and the brain as they may experience ongoing flashbacks.

V. Medicinal marijuana poses potential for abuse by some patients and research emphasizes the importance of doctors requiring specific protocol for administering marijuana.
A. Doctors and clinicians are currently seeking further guidance on rules and regulations for administering and prescribing medicinal marijuana to patients.
B. In various states, doctors are free to recommend or suggest the use of cannabis as an alternative treatment for various diseases and symptoms.
1. As younger patients are developing both physically and mentally, physicians are asked to complete in depth reviews teens and young adults when considering medical marijuana as treatment for developmental issues including ADHD and autism.

2. Studies are noting definitive changes in the way the brain operates in adolescent patients who are undergoing treatment with medical marijuana.
3. Many states are still against legalizing marijuana as patients tend to overuse and abuse this form of a drug.

VI. Conclusion:
As policies and protocol for medicinal marijuana continue to remain controversial, it is proven that medical marijuana has a significant positive effect on the human body, including the nervous system and brain.

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Nov 16, 2016   #2
Sean, the essay is good. However, it seems to be lacking a representation of suggested solutions to the problem regarding the proliferation of medical use Marijuana. You should have a portion before the conclusion that makes specific suggestions that can help to alleviate or resolve the issue. Or, you should at least represent the existing laws and guidelines that try to prevent the abuse of medical Marijuana prescription. There are a number of laws, in states that legally allow the use of Marijuana either for medical or recreational use that you can present as evidence of the current preventive measures. You can base your suggestion for nationwide legislation of the laws governing the use of Medical Marijuana on those laws. By the way, you should at least offer a side of the discussion that tries to justify the use of recreational Marijuana in order to bring a better balance to your discussion regarding the possible abuse of Marijuana in a non-medical setting.

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