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research paper mla format "dress code enforcement in islamic countries"

hira29 1 / 4  
Dec 5, 2009   #1
i need points in favour and against it. agreed or disagreed...y??
and i need citations to qoute in my essay.

meisj0n 8 / 272 2  
Dec 5, 2009   #2
what do you know about dress code in these countries?
if this is a thorough research paper, maybe have an outline like this:
2.what is dress code in islamic countries
3.importance of this matter
4.why this dress code is enforced/importance of dress code
5.people/reasons that support
6.people/reasons that reject
...current issues/events/etc

As for points ...go Google :]
you can get citations there too. easybib.com is a good site to make citations for a works cited page.

*sorry, I don't really understand if you're asking a question...
OP hira29 1 / 4  
Dec 5, 2009   #3
ummm thnx
i am not asking a question
i want to write in favor but i need very strong arguments to support my stance.
what should be my thesis statement and how should i approach my thesis statement in the intro paragraph?
meisj0n 8 / 272 2  
Dec 5, 2009   #4
about this research paper, how many words? And how focused do you have to be? any general guidelines that you have to abide by? These will narrow down or allow you to write more about the issue. For example, a 4000 word research paper may range from 14-16 pages depending on layout, words used, citations, etc.

About a thesis, that's your own idea. xD Ask yourself, why this topic? what important about it? what is the best approach to such an issue? :] introductions can take up an entire page or more depending on what you want to talk about. basically, the intro presents a general explanation of what you are trying to say, why you are saying it, and the importance of talking about it.
OP hira29 1 / 4  
Dec 5, 2009   #5
its 3000 words.
the problem is that i cant find relevant material. how to support my argument. and i am clueless as to what to wite.
meisj0n 8 / 272 2  
Dec 5, 2009   #6
clueless what to wite? write or cite O_o

well, look online for the information...GOOGLE is your friend. Or, if you have access to a library, look for information about Middle Eastern dress. The portions about arguments- some libraries have online resources.

You can support your argument with the reasoning behind dress code. and show this dress code enforcement is necessary despite the arguments against it. <there. now go research :O
Keng 39 / 134  
Dec 6, 2009   #7
I suggest you buy a book of islamic dress code.

You can buy the material regarding Islamic history, mid-east region affairs.

You can look for the rextbook about Muslim religion because many islamic cultures stem from it.

Learning the muslim religion can help you find out the dress code.
aminade 1 / 3  
Dec 6, 2009   #8
if you want to write in favor, you must have some idea why you agree. give us a hint may be we can find more arguments then.

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