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Research paper on HR related topics

Jun 9, 2009   #1

m looking for a research paper topic that cover HR related topics.
i have been searching for the topic but cudnt find any :(...
As am writing it for the very first time so am really very confuse and have no clue where to start from...

I would really apreciate if any of the moderaters could help me out in this regard.

Jun 9, 2009   #2
To write a research paper, first you must choose your topic and then do some research.

What are your interests in the field of Human Resources? What are some of the topics covered in your courses on the subject? What do you already know something about?

Do some brainstorming. Your paper will be better, and the work less burdensome, if you choose a topic about which you are genuinely interested or about which you already have some basic knowledge.

Once you have chosen a general topic, narrow your focus to a specific question. For example, if you were to settle on the topic of employee retention, you could then narrow your focus to ask something like "How have tech companies sought to retain the best and brightest workers?" or "What does the research suggest are the most important factors in the retention of medical industry workers?"

If you need help in narrowing your focus, just post again after you have done some brainstorming and settled on one or two possible topics. Let us know what you think about those topics and what your interests are.

Once you have narrowed your focus, then it's time to do your research! Again, we can give you some pointers once you have selected your topic.
Jun 9, 2009   #3
If you are really stuck getting started, ask the Overmind. A Google search for "H.R. Research topics" will quickly give you an idea of what other people in the field are up to.
Jun 12, 2009   #5
if people don't take responsibilit for their own health then why should the state.(DISCUSS)

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