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Research Paper on Time Usage, management, need help specific topic

laciemn 1 / -  
Sep 2, 2012   #1
I have a paper due next Monday. What is required is for me to write annotations on 6-8 sources (like 2 pages of writing). Eventually, we will be using these to write a full-length paper. So at the start, I decided to do something on time management. Right now I feel things are a mess and not focused at all. What I'm having a problem with is choosing which sources to include. The professor wants varied sources but I think they should all have some focus or connection since I will have to write a paper on this later.

Here are some general examples of my sources
--Time Use Surveys
--Worker's Energy Management
--Time Use of Youths by Immigrant and native born parents
--Time Management for Right Brained People
--Time Management to Reduce stress

Topic ideas
-how time management makes us who we are
-most people are overwhelmed and can benefit from time management
-how people of different backgrounds spend time differently

Here's one of my annotations I've done so far.
Rizavi, Sayyid Salman and Farida Faisal."Time Use Surveys: Methods, Uses And Limitations."
Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business 2.12 (2011): 925-935. Business Source Complete. Web. 29 Aug. 2012
This article includes a time usage chart, a diary log and a graph describing how males and females spend their time differently. According to the bar graph, males, on average, use more time for sports or hobbies and employment related activity. The most signficant differences are employment and housework. Males spend about 90 minutes more per day than females at work or other employment-related activities at home. Females spend more time on housework--an average of about 105 minutes more per day than males. Less significant differences exist as well. Females allot more time to social activity and less time to hobbies or sports. Allowing for room for errors on the reports or personal interpretation of the data, it makes sense that men and women will spend their time somewhat differently. Those differences may be slight but can change your life completely.

Here's my assignment in detail:
Your Task: To create an annotated bibliography for a topic that interests you. This topic should have within it some sort of problem or conflict. Think back to our class discussions when it comes to choosing a topic. The topic should be fresh and interesting to you. Leave the hot topics to the Presidential candidates. You will then present your research finding to the class. More information on the presentation to follow.

Examples of Topics: I might choose to do research on running footwear (minimalist/barefoot vs. the traditional running shoe) or since I love food I might choose to research NYC's mayor, Michael Bloomberg's, attempts at regulating unhealthy food.

Your annotated bibliography should contain approximately 6-8 entries, and should meet the following criteria:
At least 2 of your sources must be web sites or web pages
Only 2 of the sources may be from popular (rather than scholarly or trade) publications (we will talk about these differences in class).
You must include a variety of types of sources (journal articles, newspaper articles, books, etc.).
You must include sources that provide a variety of perspectives on the topic you have selected.
Do not include encyclopedia or dictionary entries (You may consult these to learn background materials about your topic, but they will not count as one of your 6-8 sources)

Your annotations for each of your 6-8 sources should do the following
summarize the source (chapter, book, article, or the like).
identify the piece's argument (or main point)
rely primarily on your own words and phrasing-use summary and paraphrase.
discuss the source's strengths and weaknesses. For instance, does the item offer a good introduction to the issue? Does the item deal with a particular aspect of the issue that is especially relevant to the problem you plan to address in your proposal? Do you find the piece accessible or is it geared to a more specialize audience?
ace 5 / 66 5  
Sep 19, 2012   #2
I guess first you need to decide on topic. Which one interests you most? Probably the first one is the easiest to find sources for.

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