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My paper about the Vietnamese grammar

Phamly 1 / -  
Sep 5, 2019   #1

vietnamese-french grammar connection

This article studies mainly the grammars of the French fathers of the Foreign Missions of Paris and the grammar of Truong Vinh Ky, the first Vietnamese grammarian who was trained at the General College of Foreign Missions of Paris, aiming to show the "influence subies" of these linguistic descriptions of missionaries on 1) the description of the Vietnamese language and 2) the evolution of how Vietnamese parts of speech were conceived.

Comparison of the grammars written in Latin by Jean-Louis Taberd (1838) and Theurel (1877) and the translation of Taberd's grammar by Aubaret reveals how the Vietnamese language is described by two fathers and the adaptation of some characteristic's French grammar in the translation's version.

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Sep 11, 2019   #2
Hi there. Welcome to the forum! Whatever your intentions are, I hope that this forum satiates you in your long-term needs.

First and foremost, the initial parts of the essay are quite substantive and put-together. Because the nature of this essay has to be relayed in a formal and structured manner as to evade any confusion in meaning, it is critical that you understand how to relay information. For instance, you should try your best to ensure that all of your information would utilize as much space as possible. Take, for example, the first paragraph. When you were laying out all of the details regarding the essay, it would have been bolder if you not used the numerical signs throughout. Instead, you should have opted to stick with just one chunk of text. This would have been a more appropriate approach to the essay in-hand.

Furthermore, the second paragraph still appears to be quite unclear and messy. It only appears as though you have stretched your writing to incorporate even that. Remember that this is critical for you to stick with the fundamental requirements rather than straying away.

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