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pro (natural), con (man-made), laws created - Global Warming Research

RSoxYr 1 / -  
Feb 12, 2012   #1

I have to write a research paper on global warming. The topic includes pro (natural), con (man-made), laws created because of global warming, and how it affects businesses. I have never written a research paper and I don't know how to start and what to do. Let alone write a thesis statement. Can anyone help me out and provide some guidance please?
jinjusarang 2 / 2  
Feb 13, 2012   #2
Here are a couple of thesis options for you:

In terms of global warming (natural):
Global warming, although it seems like a result of human beings' inability to sustain life without machines and pollution, is actually natural and part of the life process of Earth.

Terms of global warming (man-made):
Global warming is the direct result of our ignorance of the environment and our stubbornness to continue with our dependance on pollution creating machines.

In terms of laws + businesses:
The trend of global warming has influenced lawmakers to create ways to help lessen the harmful effects of it, but consequently this has become equated with a future which businesses do not agree with.

-First you must think about what you are going to argue in your research paper. That will help you form your thesis. Are you going to agree that global warming is a natural result? Are we doomed to Mother Nature warming up so much that water levels will rise, animals become extinct, weather temperatures will be in the extremes? Are we causing this to happen? Are there ways to prevent it? Are there laws that we are ignoring just so that we can make more money out of our businesses?

-Then go on search engines and look for articles that support your claim. Are there people who agree with what you think? Use their research to support your thesis.

-Write an outline of your main arguments. For example: Global warming is man made/caused by man. You can use the industrial revolution as an example of how machines were introduced to our society. How we cannot function without our use of cars/trains/airplanes. Explain our desperate dependance on use of fossil fuels. Etc.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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