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Project about water shortagein particular region - ideas for Research Project?

Dec 22, 2010   #1
I must write project about water shortagein particular region. Also, Write about what causes it, solutions, etc. I wrote my first draft, but my teacher criticized it hardly, and now I do not have any idea. Please help me!!!

hmm. water shortage.
well, living in michigan, there has always been talks about having to to transport water from the great lakes to other places of need. i would look into that.

i feel like i've also heard about water shortages in places in california?
Hey, the important thing is to find great articles about it. Even if people gave a lot of examples, you still would need some articles to cite.

If you start by writing, it will not have much meaning. You should start by READING and really try to explain, in a single paragraph, the main idea of one of the articles. Tell what the article is about.

Do that for 5 articles, and you will have a great paper. The trick is to write a paragraph about each article, and then go back to the beginning and write an introduction that ends in a thesis statement that is like an observation about all the articles.

I hope that helps! Let's see what articles you find!
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