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The Risk of the Younger Generation with Technology - Rough Draft for peer review

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Valeria Fraijo
English 102
Lesson 11

The Risk of the Younger Generation with Technology

Today's society is becoming more and more dependent of the internet and technology that is provides all over the world. Technology has been advancing since the early 1900s and every decade that passes bay it even more incredibly advance. These improvements started as a simple colorless television and radio audios. Now we have flat screen smart tv as well as smart phone, tablets and color screen TVs. While the advancements are certainly impressive, technology has begun to show an increase in adverse consequences over the past years in the younger generation. Technology dependency negatively influences adolescents due to an increase in behavior issues, decline in social skill development, and lack of creativity. Although, this problem can be reversed by regulation screen time and promoting interpersonal activities in adolescents.

Technology dependency is becoming the acceptable norm in our everyday society. Over the last years studies have proven the connection between the decline in social skills and rising technology individually in the younger generation. Back in 2010 the average time teenagers would interact with social media would be between 2-3 maybe four hours per day. Now in this time its 24/7 all year around. Most teenagers have smart phone or at lest a tablet. Regardless of the device that can get a hold of a smart deceive at ant time even if its at home, school, or even in public. Also, Wi-Fi is provided at most locale stores or some places provide it as a study place while engaging with others such as Starbuck for example or even a restaurant. This is a huge difference from todays average that consists of the same age group that now is interaction with technology. The increase of time spent had increased incredibly. Studies show that each year the usage of teenagers has increase even in education. Most schools over internet for a research paper and no longer an open book study. Children are being introduces to YouTube musical videos for learning rather than a in class activity with other student in the class. Over the year's teachers have developed to incorporate internet in their teaching for a better learning in the youth. The consequences of this is the they are being taught from a vey young age to learn from the internet rather than developing social skills and one on one activities.

In todays society teenagers are continuously exposed to different types of technology all over at home, school, public, and even in other countries. This causes various negative repercussions in the younger generation's thoughts, points of views and behaviors. In a recent case of abusing technology influenced behaviors a sixteen-year-old girl had completed twenty-seven hours of YouTube searching for zombies and was convinced that her parents were not actual humans and were planning on tuning her into one as well. After ending the search, she was planning how to eliminate them to save her life as well as everyone else around her. This disturbing event is just one of many that get published and become known from locales in a community. Negative events like such are the consequences that have occurred and shown just hoe damaging technology can become and the addition it provokes towards the young generation mind set.

Professionals in developing technology have also linked behavioral issues such as anxiety, depression, emotional breakdowns, and various mental disorders that come from technology abuse and exposure. Many individuals that participated in studies focused around development of behavior disorders around TV, video games, social media, and sending messages to other individuals using texting forms. In many studies demonstrate that every hour of eye contact with a screen most teenagers between the ages of 13-17 are exposed to ADHD which a disorder that causes hyperactive disorder. This disorder brings a disadvantage to individuals causing them to lose focus not being able to stay out in a normal situation. It brings the individual to move a lot and losing capability to act in its normal stage of mind. This affects focus and unable to be still for long periods of time. This is due to mind not being able to recreate the stimulation that electronic devices provide and cause shortages in the bring affecting full function to process and having control or your own self. Unfortunately, these are the consequences of overexposure of technology, teenagers have a harder time with a learning process or developing social skills.

This is another negative repercussion that has rise from technology dependency is the decline in adolescent social skills. Developing a hard time with emotions, communication, and having to manage conflict. The percent of adolescents using social media to escape reality is incredibly high. Developing impulsive behaviors and unfavorable situations leading them to create unrealistic ideas causing them to hallucinate. These issues bring tremendous effect on their social skills especially if they have never dealt with a true unwanted situation that requires some sort of genuine sympathy. During the growth of a adolescent he/she never allows the brain to experience situations the allows them to understand was social skills are it will hinder the mental development needed for real life situations. The negative impact of this is the in adulthood is that they will be very limited in become successful individuals competing with someone that dose have these skills. Compulsive behavior in this manner can cause a barrier in a teenager's development by negative impacting the ability to recognize simple emotions such as face expressions. This is a great disadvantage because it will effect on their social skills when having to deal with a situation where they have to express sympathy in a interaction with another individual.

Adding to this negative outcome of technology and the addiction it will bring upon the younger generation is lack of education. When children or teenagers spend to much time with a smart deceive it will bring the body to a tired stage. This will cause the brine to be tired and not forced. Lack of attention and mood swings are developed when the body is in this mood. Technology is so fascinating that children are paying more attention to a screen the to what's going on around them. An eating disorder can also be an issue due to so many hours spent on these smarts decides miss meal will start to accumulate. Studies show that children whom spend more then 6-8 hours on smart decides are in higher risk of developing and eating disorder and anorexia. This tags along due to missed meals and hallucinations on whatever the child has been watching. Social networks can easily miss lead a younger individual into believing pretty much anything it wasn't as long it had believable points. This is how the lack of social skills are missed out on. Listening to a particular video or social media trend can develop a bonding to these younger generation and that's how issues make a part of their life's. this just shows the adverse effects of children that are exposed to prolonged periods of screen time and how damaging it can be for a child's development.

Many parents use technology as a way to calm or entertaining a child whom is upset or acting up in an unwanted situation. Parents don't understand that by doing this they are encouraging their child to become more addicting to more screen time and more exposed to what's on the internet. Most parent think that this is harmless but with a pattern they will begin to realize that once the child is to deep involve will be a process to reduce this addiction. During this point in a child's life they don't realize what could happen and what could be the negative impact. This is the most important learning stage of a child's life so whatever is presented to them they will grip on and learn from it. If in the event this would be taken away from a child, they would not be able to understand why it was taken away when it was always being given to them. Behavior issues will arise and screaming, and crying would most likely become the outcome in order to get what they want.

Adolescents are decreasing the creativity they can deliver. This is because of the lack of self-entertaining and socializing with friends and family. Without being able to use imagination teenagers become board easily and crave the constant graphics from technology for entertainment and search. Everything is just a click away that no effort is really needed in order to get their attention. This causes the issue of never allowing the adolescents to entertain themselves by integrating with others around them or even starting a normal conversation. This will prevent them from starting a group of friends and having a individual to do outside activities as a friendship. Becoming lonely can develop depression and anxiety. In 2015, a study of over 10k teenagers committed suicide for feeling lonely and having technology as a course of negative impacts. Ten percent of those teenagers became handy cap due to not achieving their goal in suicide. This percent has increased during the years due to more technology being available to the younger generation and having the ability to use technology pretty much form anywhere they can.

Tagging along with this negative impact, technology dependency has been increasing significantly over the last decade and the adverse effects are beginning to show the ugly side of reality. If we adults don't start to control the use of technology dependency it will start to take a toll on our younger generation. Some of the long-term effects it can cause would be mental degradation, increased violence, and social inverts. All these effects mention can become extremely dangers and its even impacting society now. For instants, mental degradation in the future will result in lower intelligence and inabilities to deal with problems we encounter on a day to day basis. Even something so simple like first grade addition could become confusing due to impairment of mental clarity that is caused by electronic dependency.

Adding to this crisis of technology affects is, violence. Violence has been a topic that has been growing incredibly withing a short period of time. It has defiantly been impacted by technology and all is reachable social media. This has become an overruled addiction to our adolescents due to the focus of exposure and false information being spread on trending topics reveling violence. Its very easy for our adolescents to become expose to these violent game videos, violent social networks, and even TV shows like WWE or similar wrestling episodes. Paying close attention and realizing what separates technology dependency from technology enjoyment is the length exposure the teenager is subject to. The longer the exposure, the more damaging it can become in the development of the mind.

For example, in 2017 a study was conducted by using Brain Scan Evaluation to those whom were more exposed to violent video games. The evaluation was conducted on those individuals who spent more then 9 hours interacting with the violent video's games per week. The display for this was an increase in volume of gray matter on the right side of the ventral striatum. The source of this was "Plugged in and Plugged out". As a result of the increase of gray matter it can lead to heighten emotion reactions that commonly produce agitation unintentionally for long periods of time, even more then what someone can consider normal. This mean a reaction of becoming frustrated or upset easily. Some can even experience it in response to stressful situations and it may also be a symptom of a mental or physical health condition. Lack of sleep, low blood sugar levels, and hormonal changes are also side effects this carries on. It defiantly something hard to live with and most of the time it can become hard to control or not control at all. This bring the consequences such as acquire issues in adulthood and have a higher rate to use violence as an behavior in a unknown situation.

With the information provided I was able to speak about many issues on why our younger generation are at risk with being involve with too much technology at the tip of their hands. Unfortunately, this is out of many parent controls or as spoken, some parents use this to keep their kids entertained and not fuss all the time. Technology has become to such a big par in our every days life that we don't see the effects its bring upon us and the serious exposure it putting our younger generation in. if we all just reduce the screen time on our kids and tech them how to become entertained without technology many thing can change for the better. Your younger generation would become more creative and kinder when interaction with other individuals face to face. The way many situations would be handled would be more rational and curious. Individuals would have better emotions if they didn't spend so much time involved with all the scams and violence that exposed on the internet. Better health would be proposed with more motivation and up lifted attitudes. These norms much change for the better of our future.

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Sep 23, 2020   #2
You have provided a good introduction and thesis statement for your research paper. It has a clear thesis, proper discussion presentation, and clear focus. However, your grammar skills need work. You have used English words improperly which have reduced the quality of your presentation. You can take this paper to your university writing center where you can request for help in polishing the paper. The errors are grammar related so it doesn't really require you to change your research information. What you have to do is make sure that the words used in the presentation are properly applicable to the sentences that you have developed. The paper itself is strong, as far as I am concerned. You did not give any specific review points for this paper so I am not sure what weaknesses I should be looking for so I am just pointing to the most obvious error in your paper, which mostly relate to sentence structure and word usage.

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