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Small firms, R&D, technology and innovation

Virak kong  
Dec 29, 2016   #1
Dear All.

This is my first writing about Proposal, and i know that my english is not good so i come here to ask your help correct any error of Spelling and Grammar that i made in this text. Your help will teach me more how to get better with Spelling and Grammar for the future of my real thesis. Sorry about my bad English. Thank you.

The importance of small, and medium-sized firms (SMEs) budget development has produced most among all of them the brand new main aspect within substantially just after procedure making. Especially powerful have already been approached intended to designed to move forward along with stimulation this operation of the associated with the development process inside of SMEs, and then there has become a sizeable tremendous extendable from this sort of work. Regardless of this conspiracy the knowledge foundation about how precisely exactly SMEs consider innovative work outs keeps constrained. This particular documents reviews within a literature review on top of the last number of decades as well as attempts to identify any issue connected with specifics of SMEs as well as Creativity Technological innovation. The idea comes to an end up at the top of a new communicate with gaps as well as weak points from inside the publishing, what's even greater, a couple of preferences intended for the long-term groundwork in this area.

Keywords: R&D, Innovation, Technology, Technology transfer, Industrial learning, Organization learning, University industrial technology transfer.

The published research} published in this article has been formerly conducted on the part of the MIET courses, Department with a Business Enterprise Technological innovation along with Management. The support as well as authorization in order to distribute these components can be gratefully accepted; the particular opinions stated carry on, at the same time, the responsibility with the authors

Medium as well as small-sized businesses (SMEs) are usually more and much more seen as a strong important concentrate to make the attention regarding policy-makers. Generally financial structures will be mainly built right up involving SMEs, regardless of the reputation of big companies, the majority of job opportunities will be specific within just this kind of team.

However, symbolism is different, there will be common worldwide recognition involving all of the necessity in order to appear very carefully inside all of the qualities as well as perform with a new numerous within the companies, especially mobile broadband individual recognized meaning within financial development together with function technology. Regarding specific fascination interest rates are definitely the techniques that SMEs innovate as well as significantly modern policy-making has become keen on mechanisms in order to aid this kind of activity. For instance, there's now a comprehensive innovation support infrastructure over the Eu targeted on SMEs, and lots of individual countries operate SME directed support schemes - for instance, the company Links programmed within the European provides use of Innovation and Technology Counsellors to assist SMEs with innovation-related problems.

Regarding specific fascination interest rates are definitely the techniques that SMEs innovate as well as significantly modern policy-making has become keen on mechanisms in order to aid this kind of activity. We understand a small amount of, such as, in regards to the quantity with SMEs integrated into innovative process, neither concerning the nature of these action; what we all might discover through R&D Innovation as well as Technology along with other scientific studies are the majority of likely to be qualified to become just a recommendation with regards to a significantly better iceberg, because SMEs perform not really necessarily innovate within just technically identified approaches It's likely which individuals develop a great deal more important make the most of on the topic of alternative linkages, as well as highlight function innovation technology since much as product development, on the other hand while using, remain maintain upon becoming mostly unanswered questions.

Concern about these kinds of styles introduced acquiring a fee rate inside of the Section of Industry as well as Marketplace to perform a brief literary works questionnaire reviewing the most recent (publish 1986) academic research about R&D innovation and Technology inside SMEs. Among the particular-questions in which interest was expressed were the following:

a.What exactly types/categories of SME make use of R&D as well as Innovation Technologies?
b.Is R&D more important in some sectors than others?
c.What number of SMEs are usually effective with the technology as well as work with R&D, innovation Technologies?
d.So how exactly does all these SMEs fund their R&D as well as Innovation Technology which usually they need?
e.What exactly resources of R&D as well as Technology Innovation knowledge are usually used?
f.How do SMEs match R&D as well as Technology Innovation activities directly into their own enterprise?
g.Who will be responsible for new product or service development, process improvement as well as R&D relevant activities?
h.Would be R&D much more very important within some industries as compared to others?
An additional well-known related along with challenges, a lot greater if compared to the unique keywords and key phrases, pressed the genuine enquiry even much more in the direction of greater concerns relating to SME innovative endeavors generally speaking together with the result of rules. Like for example:

-The elements of innovation within SMEs: Do 'lean and mean' firms innovate; are slack resources necessary; exactly how important are external resources regarding technological innovation, knowledge etc.

-EU SME strengths/weaknesses: how are European union SMEs positioned in their own possession connected with the relevant factors; is offered technological innovation successfully utilized; are poorly equipped firms surviving over the crisis; do macro-economic factors take control of SME innovative efforts!

-Innovation Technology Take up: role regarding intermediaries; is actually intermediation helpful or perhaps unnecessary; is there a not-invented here syndrome; is, as well as exactly why is there low take-up of technology?

-SME innovation - progressive or defensive? Do poor firms innovate!
-Policy Targeting problems - any kind of additional evidence about whether or not to help and support development firms around ten workers'; exactly how should we identify increase potential firms.

Within this report, we briefly sum up the important thing findings with the literature as many people relate specifically in order to R&D emphasis as well as much more uniquely to the broader concerns together with innovative effort as well as policy within SMEs as well as highlighting alternative problems regarding possible interest. We conclude with some comments upon achievable future research directions for this area of study.

Research Methodology
This search of the EU literature concentrated on four types of material:
i)published journals as well as published books which may have the European
academic as well as policy making community as their principal audience.
ii) papers submitted to both concept annual conferences concerned along with SMEs the
Small Business as well as Enterprise conferences and the National Small Firms Policy as well as Research conferences.
iii)other research as well as function in progress documents well prepared for a variety
of random as well as normal conferences concentrating on innovation, technology as well as management problems; and
iv)other resources associated with 'grey' unpublished literature.

In addition to that, several leading authorities within the field were being used as well as some other libraries visited however, most connected with the function had been carried out with

research to the resources of CENTRIM as well as the University of Brighton. The bibliography includes approximately one hundred twenty items. Much more than 70 percentage of these date coming from 1990 onwards - though the research work they are based on occasionally dates from the late 1980s. Approximately 50 of these types of sources report back upon primary empirical research along with approximately twelve with these kinds of dependent with small sample, case study research as well as the other parts making use of survey-based study techniques of which frequently relied extensively with postal research.

We make use of the qualifier 'approximately' previously for the reason that single study projects frequently provide rise to several papers where scientific origin will be definitely not always easy in order to identify, as well as which sometimes present.

The SME/R&D/innovation Technology general observation
The actual SME literature will be massive and also different; with common the top quality of this perform carried out will be higher and also the attention provided to methodological concerns is notable (when sometimes excessive inside our viewpoint). Presently there tend to be right now well-known revolves of high quality inside the area and also there might show up to become energetic and open up lines with communication in between SME researchers and also policy makers (see Carter and Faulkner, 1986 and Curran, 1986 for early critiques).

On the other hand, regardless of the impressive opportunity from the SME literature within basic, it ought to be observed with the outset the fact that the literature reviewed doesn't, however, provide robust, specified techniques to almost all of the issues raised previously. It does, keep in mind, shed helpful light as well as insight It does, keep in mind, shed helpful light as well as insight on many features of a few of the problems. However, (inevitably perhaps), the gaps inside empirically based knowledge within the unique themes identified with

the terms of reference are tremendously better compared to those areas where we all can easily draw specified solutions.
Consequently, we all really feel it will be useful drawing interest with the actual outset for some important gaps as well as biases inside the treatment of R&D/innovation throughout the SME literature because these gaps proceed a long way in the direction of

explaining the reason why all of us believe the literature review may get rid of relatively little convincing light about the specific problems presented within the relation to reference. These types of issues consist of:

a.Combining services segment as well as commercial SMEs with each other inside the small sample population.
The main bias is a result of the fact most experts as well as scientists are interested in SMEs (because a general group of economic providers) due to their allegedly vital role as being a key resource of employment opportunities as well as employment progress. Which means that:

- Which a significant discuss (approximately 70 percent within the framework of the review) with scientific research tend to help include SMEs from each the service as well as industrial areas - as their basic principles, especially as regards the function of technological innovation as well as its impact on company performance, sectoral development and also competitive design are not the same;

-The scientists usually do not be too unsettled concerning the composition associated with the industrial/manufacturing activities covered as long as the test companies are broadly sent out all around industrial sectors.

- The actual examples generally show some sort of bias in the direction of small companies (firms with less than ten staff members).
This strategy to field coverage will be effectively reputable for that reasons with the authors' stated analysis objectives - that inside turn obviously be a consequence of the legitimate intelligent preoccupation's associated with SME researchers (as well as the investigation funders) along with employment problems. On the other hand, this kind of tendency next to inclusiveness while sector/activity selection has taken place significantly decreases the value of any type of R&D/innovation/technology-related findings that will emerge through this work either as a possible accurate descriptor with national SME reality or as being a time frame for federal government policy.

The issue is simple enough however offers much unique implications. The universe involving SMEs taught in researching brought out around the past ten years will be basically too small, too broad as well as at the same time frame too narrowly distributed to allow all of us to draw any kind of company conclusions from the results examined. (Most of the references could be cited here but see for example the sample structure in Moore and Segahat, 1992 and Adam-Smith and McGeever, 1995.)

b.Specify an area of highlight in decided on advanced technologies sectors: The second bias lies in the other complete within the spectrum as well as comes from the over concentration of the SMEs research community upon a new narrow set of technology-intensive as well as new technology-based industries, that include biotechnology or medical as well as a lesser extent, IT. (As an example, eighty per cent from the case studies and research with a high technology focus in each of our assessment are concerned with one of these sectors.).

Once again, this kind of concentrate is normally 100 % genuine, because of general great importance which offers historically already been linked to the employment potential connected with high-technology firms. In addition to as a result with this work all of us perform right now recognize a great deal about this strategy of these firms to R&D as well as technology management. On the other hand, for the reason that researchers possess not really eliminated far afield within their assessment connected with other areas which are technologies demanding throughout a single sense as well as other, the sample universe which we now have empirical information- and therefore our own capability to generalize outward from existing research or study on a new couple of high technology sectors along with other high-tech industrial sectors particularly as well as industry much more generally is very limited.

For all those surveys and research (as compared to scenario study projects) which emphasis on large R&D Innovation Technology SMEs, a new different type of coverage restriction arises because of the high incidence with non-manufacturing companies in the

small sample as compared to software services as well as providers related with consultancy services, evaluating as well as analysis, research and training. (See Monck et al, 1988 and Westhead and Storey, 1994, exactly where only

twenty-five percent with the science and technology park firms surveyed had been involved in manufacturing also production activity.)

c.Substandard treatments for R&D Innovation and Technology. The third common trouble with the existing body with research depends on the characterization with the R&D innovation technology variable by itself - especially when these types of themes are a focus for hypotheses as well as information collection efforts within research which have a broad selection of research objectives.

To be sure, the empirically-based, conceptual analyses, studies provided by some authors have included significantly to knowledge of the link relating to innovation as well as SME overall performance.

However, with most of the empirical as well as second studies and research evaluated here, the analytical treatments for R&D innovation throughout the SME framework is underwhelming the theory is that as well as methodologically. These types of research, in general, perform not really set out to measure comprehensively, along with then to be able to link, innovative Technology inputs (observed perhaps directly or even by proxy) to advanced outputs, neither to help explore when innovative effort has had a measurable

impact on company performance (output, employment, exports, marketplace share, etc.). Yet that set of concerns have reached the heart in the broader field of innovation, new technology research - and really should, all of us believe, constitute the bedrock to do with any SMEs studies which purport to examine R&D innovation as well as technology

On the other hand, for the reason normally limited treatment of the innovation and technology variable, our capability to attract firm or company, generalizable conclusions is actually more compromised. A new excellent example of this issue will be found in the final record on, by far, the most important and therefore many authoritative recent empirical study of SME behavior accomplished by the Cambridge Small Enterprise Research Center.

d.A benchmark survey need. Through the light of the above assessment, we all conclude this just about the most important gap with available information and facts will be the possible lack of an {authoritative and respected, up-to-date, macro analysis of the role connected with SMEs inside the U.K. industrial and manufacturing sector (with terms of numbers (as well as size) of firms or companies, share of output, employment, benefit included, investment, export overall performance etc.), assessed from the finest available technology, innovative effort and R&D input as well as output indications.

This isn't to reject the value of earlier work or perform which often suits into the sort of analysis and research we all are usually calling for (see for example Barber, Metcalfe and Porteous, 1989; Pavitt, Robson and Townsend, 1987 and Rothwell, 1989 ). In fact, several analysts (such as Rothwell, Storey, Dodgson and Oakey) have got addressed different parts with this task as well as are extensively and legitimately cited for their analysis or study and also insight. Neither do all of us recommend that SME researchers are not aware of the requirement for abroad, however, rigorous a method to the way of measuring of innovation and technology inside SMEs as called for by Hansen (1992) . (See, for example, ACOST, 1992; Devins and Kimbara, 1995 and Westhead and Storey, 1994 ; see also Hyvarinen, 1991 for several proposals for determining SME innovation and technology as well as performance based on US information and data.)

On the other hand, all our review suggests that there is simply not enough of the project being carried out on the large enough as well as visible enough scale to present the type of analytic foundation that SME innovation and technology studies require within the last half of the 1990s when it is to make a solid contribution to policy formulation.

Hence a comprehensive study and research of the sort known as for above, mixing rigorous study research along with statistical analysis, accomplished with the three to four-digit sectoral level, more than a sufficiently long time series (and ideally presented in comparison with other OECD countries) might right now look like essential.

This kind of research might thus offer a benchmark at least the starting point to get assessing which usually industries and also at what levels SMEs are actually playing a new significant, dynamic part as well as the relative value of the technology/innovation variable as being a figuring out factor in their financial contribution - as well as lack of it. Moving through this knowledge starting to answering certain questions of the sort asked within the terms of reference would certainly then become straightforward, sectoral research and study priorities could possibly be easily arranged as well as scarce policy research funds appropriately targeted.
jcgdbb 1  
Dec 29, 2016   #2
Medium as well as (...) are usually more and much more seen as a strong important concentrateto make the attention regarding policy-makers.
*You could say "Medium as well as small-sized businesses (SMEs) are usually seen as an important framework in grabbing the attention of policy-makers.
OP Virak kong  
Dec 29, 2016   #3
Thank you for your reply, i think that maybe i cant help you back because of my poor grammer.
Holt [Contributor] 1506  
Dec 30, 2016   #4
Virak, I would like you to consider the content of your abstract. As I read it, I found myself getting more confused as I moved down the paragraph. I think you need to reconsider your abstract and review it. It needs to be clarified for content. The point of the abstract got lost somewhere in the translation of things. Maybe you can try to develop a new one and post just the revised abstract here? It is really difficult to understand what you are trying to discuss in it. Maybe it is because of the transliteration of the paragraph from your mother tongue? Somehow, the abstract seems to suddenly end, without a proper concluding sentence. Maybe I just don't understand the report but, I feel like a lot can be said about clarifying the purpose of your literature review and what the final outcome of the review should be.
OP Virak kong  
Dec 30, 2016   #5
Dear Holt, thank you for your feed back, the text is not yet finished, i post here just want all of you help to correct spelling and grammar error, and am still write more and the conclusion will include when i finished all part.

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