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"SMOKING: WHY NOT KICK THE HABIT": Writing a Research paperline

malcolm39 1 / -  
Nov 25, 2010   #1
I am a college student and I am doing a research paper but first i have this specific outline our professor has given us I will put it below aand if you can tell me if this sounds right and if i have it going in the right direction. Thank u, in advance. Can you please let me know if this is a catchy title also. Thanks.


I. Introduction
A. Background
1. Tobacco use is responsible for 1 to 5 deaths in the United States
2. Smoking causes three thousand cancer deaths in non-smokers every year
B. The problem
1. Smoking is very harmful to the environment __
2. ________________________________________
C. Thesis sentence

II. The Body
A. Major argument one: Discuss negative effects of smoking and second hand smoke
1. Long term survival is very uncommon once cancer has spread to organs
B. Major argument two: The harmful effects of smoking
1. Smoking causes a lot of heath hazardous materials_
2. Blackens our lungs___________________________
3. Increases the chances of lung disease____________

C. Major argument three: Why smoking in public places should be banned
1. Inhaling smoke causes more damage to nonsmokers than it
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 3, 2010   #2
The title is cool! But it should have a question mark at the end. Also, it should be titles this way if the paper is going to be about "kicking" or about the notion of having no reason not to overcome the habit. The title should not be arbitrarily chosen, but instead should reflect the main theme.

The outline is intimidating. I would not want to try to jump through the hoops this outline presents. However, here is something that will help you:

Most paragraphs are about 100 words.
A page is about 300 words.
That means a 10 page paper is about 30 paragraphs long.
Each paragraph is just a sentence with a lot of explanation.
A 10 page essay actually only consists of 30 sentences.

The above explanation is based on the idea that a paragraph starts with a TOPIC SENTENCE that expresses the paragraph's main idea, and the rest of the para is dedicated to giving explanations and examples.

So... try to build a whole paragraph for each point in this outline.

I'm concerned about the last part of the outline:
Inhaling smoke causes more damage to nonsmokers than it...??? Is this going to say it hurts them more than it hurts the smoker? How is that possible?

Good luck with this!!


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