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Spanking: Effects and Traumas - Help with this short college paper.

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Jun 17, 2019   #1
Ishmeal Ruffin
Professor Susan Rockwell
ENG 102

Spanking: Effects and Traumas

There is a million ways to raise a child, the only that has been proven time and time again is that there is no one size fits all method. There are parents all over the world that will tell you, they have had to treat each and every child differently, some requires more attention, others require more discipline, and some require other things. One thing that can be said for all is that-even if for something small- every child will eventually need to be corrected for something. What a parent does from this point is very crucial, the wrong move could have an adverse effect on the child's future. However, the evidence that has been presented to make the claim that spanking damages your child's mental health and makes them aggressive in nature is incorrect because while there is evidence, the proposed evidence has no relevance to a child being violent.

First, if given time and resources, you can make anything tie into anything, for instance, its hot outside that's why the oil wells in America are mostly dried up. This blanket statement, includes kids that should be in another category of their own. Like, kids who have a single parent home because their parent left, children who are bullied at school, and even children who are neglected by parents at home. All of these things, or even one of these things is a recipe for disaster. This to me is the most likely cause of aggression in these kids.

To piggy back on the topic of parents not being able to find the time, imagine this, a parent is working two jobs and coming home tired because of the stress this carries. Or worse, the parent has free time but prioritizes a boyfriend or a group of friends over their child. This will lead in many ways to a child being rude disrespectful or feeling like no one cares. One cannot have home training without a home. The feelings of anguish and despair and being alone will do terrible things to a person, not a person being disciplined by their father or mother. Someone you love with all of your heart can be tough to let go, especially when everyone else has one, imagine your father leaving you and having to listen to a kid come in and tell stories about him and his dad on the lake or playing catch or anything (Piche, Genevieve).

Which brings me directly to my third point, these issues are caused my mental issues and maltreatment or diagnosis of those issues. There should be a much bigger focus on the mental health of our children and the stability of the homes that they are born into. While there are many kids along the spectrum of many things, childhood spanking is another one to add to the list, just like being black doesn't make you a criminal, being spanked doesn't make you one either (Turns, Brie A, D. Sibley, Scott). This also takes away from the many children that have never been spanked and are aggressive throws them in yet another category. Once there is a larger focus on mental stressors of adolescents then we will see improvement.

Kids have mental issues that cause these problems. These mental issues are caused by lifetime of neglect or maltreatment, coupled with people constantly telling them that they are not like the other kids. Children everywhere have mental issues, this should be the focus, physical discipline should only be the topic of discussion when there is abuse. There is a large focus on parenting methods and there should be, but the aspect from which it is viewed needs to change, there are many ways to skin a cat.

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Jun 18, 2019   #2

Hi there! Welcome to the forum.

First and foremost, work on the manner in which you transition between your sentences. There are a multitude of ways that you can go about this. For one, you can make certain that you use appropriate punctuation. If you can accomplish this effectively, you'll have more structure to back-up your content.

In relation to this, the overall composition and arrangement of your words in the formatting of the sentences can also be baffling. Using more conventional and appropriate patterns will help you in this process.

Ensuring that you are abiding with conventional usage of words is critical when you are writing. Please always bear this in mind. Refer back to your grammar books if necessary.

For instance, in your third paragraph, you could structure and create a more concise sentence(s) here. Take a look at this proposed revision:

To piggy ... imagine this, a A parent is working two jobs and ends up coming home tired exhausted due to stress because of ... carries. ... prioritizes a boyfriend or a group of friends socializing over their child. This will lead in many ways to a child being rude disrespectful or feeling like no one cares.

Evade the usage of unnecessary descriptions when you're trying to elaborate.

Keep these in mind at all costs.

Best of luck as always!

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