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Starting my euthanasia research paper and my topic?

tdot 2 / -  
Nov 6, 2006   #1

I am doing a research paper on euthanasia for my sciology class.
I have to apply a sociological perspective to my topic.

I am planning to use the structural functionalist paradigm to do this.

But my question is, can i work the Jonestown suicide in with my topic,
or is that on a completley different level, that I should not include?
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Nov 7, 2006   #2

The Jonestown events would certainly make an interesting study from a structural functionalist standpoint, examining how the insular "society" of Jonestown separated itself from mainstream society, maintained internal stability and survived over time until suddenly self-destructing. It would be something of a stretch, though, to tie that in to euthanasia. Would you be describing Jim Jones' actions as a form of "mercy" killing (from his perspective, of course)? Or did you have another approach in mind?

It's an interesting idea, but you might want to run it by your instructor before committing too much time to it.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
lampel_shyu - / 1  
Jun 21, 2008   #3
Where to start my research paper about euthanasia..?

need help on my research paper about euthanasia, where do i can start???
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Jun 21, 2008   #4
Good morning :)

Euthanasia is a very vast topic; it would help you to narrow it down a little bit. What type of paper are you to write? Is it an opinion piece, a research paper, etc.?

Consider looking at euthanasia in relation to something else, as this will help you write a more effective paper. How long does it need to be? If your topic is too large for your word count, you won't be able to get any depth to the paper. Perhaps something such as euthanasia in a certain geographical region, or during a specific time period; euthanasia and the military, or as a social "solution" used by dictators, etc.

You can start your research by just doing an internet search using the keyword "euthanasia"; it will undoubtedly bring up millions of sites, but it can help you narrow or specialize the topic of your paper, as well as give you an idea as to what materials are out there.

You can also check with your academic advisor; he or she may be able to help you with on-campus research resources such as the campus library, or other materials.

Once you have your content ideas, go ahead and post here and we can take the next step.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
elibats 4 / 5  
Jul 4, 2008   #5
I agree with Gloria's advice. If you are arguing for or against euthanasia, or for using it sometimes and not others, make sure you present the opposing viewpoints and why you disagree with them.

Good luck,


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