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I am testing out this forum and also would like some suggestions on my tentative research paper.

Oct 2, 2016   #1
Just trying to get some feedback with respect to my paper, if i have presented correctly evidence to support it, and also general suggestions. I am a new doctoral student and I am trying to enhance my research writing abilities, I also understand I am a beginner and this is a working process.

1 Introduction

For the modern-day marketer, there has been a lot of major changes in development, specifically in regards to the internet and a derivative of it the social media revolution. As described by Scott (2010), is a way people share different forms and various aspects of communication and differs from mainstream media in the fact that one can interact, for example liking someone's post. Kietzmann, Hermkens, McCarthy & Silvestre (2011), state it as the issue that consumers are now moving from using the internet from basic multimedia uses as watching video for example. to using platforms like social networking to share their contents and is this is a representation of the social media phenomenon. Sharma & Singh (2012), social media is basically a catch all phrase for sites that may provide any sort of social interaction. As illustrated by Salo, Lehtimaki, Simula & Mantymaki (2013), social media has ushered in to company's different angles in which to reach their targeted audience and in this reinforcing their brand image in business markets.

Branding is an important element of any social media marketing campaign, and one must have this included in their media marketing strategies to be competitive. Laroche, Hibibi & Richard (2013), There is an important necessity for research to explore the effects of branding on marketing variables in relation to social media. Social media channels make for an excellent way for creating relationships with customers, and a direct manner in doing this is to create brand pages (Vries, gensler, & Leeflang, 2012). Also, highlighted by Ashley & Tuten (2015), social media which includes channels online for consumer participation in various activities, stand as in important way for brand communication with segmented audience segments. Further (Betzendahl, 2014), indicates social media is the lively hood for franchise brands, it is the microphone, the voice and an extension to their customer service utilities. Also, the enablement of users to create a self-identity vs virtual, consumers can focus on self-promotion or self-branding thus enabling the consumer to have more user participation (Kietzmann, Hermkens, McCarthy, & Silvestre, 2011). As has been demonstrated there is a strong need for branding in relation to social media marketing, it is a viable component to any media marketing endeavor.

In my analysis of the literature of social media marketing, I have found that there seems to be a research gap with respect to branding and social media marketing variables. Elaborated by Ashley & Tuten (2015), even though social media is an important component of communications channels with consumers, there is now much known about how to engage in aspects of branding social content that maximizes engagement. Discussed by Vries, Gensler & Leeflang (2012), while the main research conducted has been on the success of marketing and social media there is not much known about how much goes into the variables that make brand posts popular, or the dynamics of likes and comments on about brand posts in their respected pages. Banerjee & Kumar (2013) associate that, there exist research on the subject matter for research regarding the consumer in respect to social media but there is still insufficient research on how businesses are implementing strategies regarding social media. It is argued that there exists a need for more literature to explore what are the effects of branding in consideration of the variables used in marketing and their relationships to social media (Laroche, Habibi, & Richard, 2013).

ichanpants89 [Contributor] 309  
Oct 3, 2016   #2
Hi Peter,
Welcome to EF team!

Here's my analysis of your research paper. I hope you can follow through.

1st paragraph:
- ...there hashave("has"(singular) doesn't agree with "major changes" (plural)) been a lot of major changes in development, specifically in regards toparticularly the internet and a derivative of it i.e. the social media revolution.

- As described by Scott (2010), something is a way people... (where is the subject?)
- ... from basic multimedia uses as watching video for example.to(this should be connected with the previous sentence) , and using platforms (...) share their contents. (stop here, new sentence)and is this is aThose are the representations of the social media phenomenon.

- ...social media has ushered into company's different angles (...) and in this reinforcingto reinforce their brand image in business markets. (I have no idea whether this is a real quote or translated quote because it was grammatically incorrect)

From my analysis, you can see that some structural problems still occur in your essay. You can proofread the other two paragraphs by considering the above-mentioned feedback. Do not hesitate to ask if you need further assistance. Good luck :)

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