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Dec 2, 2020   #1
More and more people are suffering from health problems caused by a modern lifestyle which cannot be treated with modern medicine. Some people think that a return to traditional/ alternative medicine could solve the problem.

Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Modern life not only has given human convenience with modern facilities and a large amount of entertainment but also has brought about diseases. Modern living and eating habits have established an environment of stress and pressure, especially among urbanity. Lack of physical activities and frequent consumption of fast food and processed food leads to many health problems like obesity, diabetes, sleeplessness, osteoarthritis pain, cancer, etc. Although the medical field is currently well-developed, some health problems caused by modern lifestyle are not likely to be cured by modern medicine. Therefore, some people believe that traditional medicine should make a comeback. However, this essay will demonstrate that both of these pharmaceuticals may be effective under certain circumstances.

Traditional medicine plays an important role in therapy but sometimes it is unlikely to ameliorate complex health issues. Traditional medication might be an appropriate way to eradicate ailments without inflicting side effects for the body even with prolonged usage. For instance, Rhizoma coptidis which is derived from the root of Coptis Chinensis Franch is considered a golden remedy in the treatment of obesity. Moreover, the activation of Rhizoma was indicated in Herbal Medicine for the Treatment of Obesity (Liu, Sun, Yao, Liu & Gao, 2017). The studies confirmed that this remedy can reduce weight, lower lipids, diminish lipid synthesis, and inhibit adipogenesis by regulating gut microbes. Traditional healing is a holistic therapy, which could provide effective and thorough aliments. However, in some cases, there is no trustworthy scientific evidence that traditional medicine alone can be a remedy for complex diseases like cancer, myopic, diabetes, etc. Because the traditional pharmaceuticals are effective in relieving the pain, they are often used as an adjunct to therapy for specialized diseases like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other types of treatments. The most optimal treatment option for patients with non-metastatic cancer is surgical resection. Based on the research of 345 patients enduring resection for colon adenocarcinoma, Using Chinese herbal medicine catalpol helps their treatment more effectively (Med Sci Monit, 2018). Therefore, many people misunderstand the effect of traditional medicine in treatment, which leads to the thought that traditional medicine should make a comeback.

On the flip side, the role of modern medicine is undeniable. Besides, it is likely to harm humans' health because of its side effects. Modern medicine is the most effective and fastest treatment for some diseases. Indeed, the effectiveness of modern medicine is indisputable and it has been declared through its achievements in medicine. Therefore, to cure some modern-day health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular, and so on, modern medicine is frequently favored due to the validity of the theory. According to Jorge Martinez (2015), the number of adult patients with diabetes has increased dramatically in recent years. Insulin is a required factor in the treatment of patients with diabetes regimen, and it can prevent the development of diabetic ketoacidosis. Based on research in 2000, insulin in therapy helps the patient to prolong life by several years. Nevertheless, modern medicine has side-effects that harm human health. Based on Peter Gotzsche, a co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, asserted that the third most prevalent reason for death globally after heart disease and cancer was prescription medicine ( Guardian,2018). Although modern medicine can promptly cure existing diseases, its side effects affect human health in the long term. All drugs can cause unexpected side effects such as allergic reactions, skin rashes, headaches, so on. Moreover, it can damage bodies for a long time or even cause life-threatening illnesses.

Overall, both modern medicine and traditional medicine have their advantages and disadvantages. Traditional medicine plays an important role in treatment but there is no proof that it might be effective in treating complex health issues like cancer, myopic, diabetes, etc. Otherwise, modern medicine provides the most effective and fastest aliments but somehow harms human health because of its side effects. All things considered, the writers believe that both traditional and modern medicine are effective under certain circumstances. However, this topic is still a controversial issue and needs more rigorous studies to have further consideration.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,364 3368  
Dec 3, 2020   #2
Are you sure you are writing a research paper? I believe you misunderstood the question and thought you had to do research for it. This is commonly referred to as an IELTS Task 2 essay prompt. That does not require you to use heavily researched information as you presented in this essay. It also does not require any type of research information reference because the paper is to be based on your personal opinion or pubic knowledge of the given topic.

That said, the correct format for writing this paper is as follows:
- A complete essay within 250-290 words
- 4 paragraphs long

The paragraphs are composed of :
Par. 1: Prompt restatement + personal opinion
Par. 2: Discussion of 1st public reason + personal opinion of this reason (support / not support
Par. 3: Discussion of 2nd public point of view + personal opinion of the reason (support / not support)
Par. 4: Summary of the discussion presentation

While you did a good job of presenting a research paper, the actual writing requirements, based on the test you will be taking is incorrect. As such, you will not be able to write such a type of paper during the actual test. You will not have time and cannot do research during the actual test because there isn't going to be any internet connection at the testing center.

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