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There are three states of matter;Solids, gases, and liquids

Sep 29, 2009   #1
hi,im on 8th grade now...
i know i am really horrible writter....:(
Could you please help me to fix my research paper?????.
And I also need help for making good last sentence.
Please help me!!
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States of Matter

I went to Great America with my sister on Sunday, and she bought me an ice cream. It was quite hot day, and my ice cream started to melt slowly. My cold ice cream (solid) melted and it turned into a liquid.

There are three states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Our world is filled with substances which could be classified as liquids, gases, and solids. For example, air is a gas, your pencil case is a solid, and water is a liquid. Solids, gases, and liquids can be classified by their volume, shape, or elements, compound, or mixture.

A solid is a substance that keeps its shape and volume. For example, ice, rock, and diamond are solids. It has a distinct shape and volume, and also the particles in a solid are very close, and the atoms in a solid are not allowed to move too much. For this reason, a solid has a distinct shape and volume.

There are two types of solids: crystalline solids and amorphous solids. There are many solids that the particles form a regular, repeating pattern. This means that the atoms in these solids are arranged in an orderly manner. You can easily find the examples of crystalline solids, for example, sugar, salt, snow and ice .Also, crystalline solids are melted at a certain temperature .

Another type of solids- amorphous solids- does not have repeating or regular pattern, and it is not melted at a specific temperature. Plastics, rubber, and glass are the examples of amorphous solids.

One of the states of matter is a liquid. Unlike a solid, a liquid does not have certain shape , but it has definite volume, because its particles are allowed to move freely. A liquid takes the shape of its container.

Surface tension is one of characteristic property of liquid, which is the 'result of an inward pull among the molecules of a liquid that brings the molecules on the surface closer together'. (Physical Science, page74) Another property of a liquid is called, 'viscosity' which means 'a liquid's resistance to flowing' (Physical Science, page74) It depends of the size and the attract

of the particles. A liquid with high viscosity flows slowly, for example, honey.
As I have mentioned, the world is filled with states of matter. The last state of matter is gases. There is one thing you do every day, even though you do not really recognize. Yes, you do breathe in and out the air every day. A gas does not have definite shape, but unlike a liquid , it changes its volume very easily because the ' particles of a gas can be pressed and squeezed into a small volume'. (Physical Science, page75) As a gas moves, its particles fill the whole space available.

Therefore, a gas does not have definite volume and shape.
I've been talking about three states of matter; liquids, solids, and gases. But here is another question. Are there any other states of matter? How about plasma? Can't plasma be a one of the states of matter? Science keeps giving us questions. Now, it's your turn to answer my question!

Sep 30, 2009   #2
This is not bad at all for an eighth grade essay! I like the ending very much.

The first thing you must do is stop calling yourself a bad writer.

The next thing you must do is proofread your essay by reading it aloud. This will help you to catch errors such as missing words:

It was a quite hot day, and my ice cream started to melt slowly.

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