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Thying to solve and look for solutions, on the immigration issue.

Jul 17, 2016   #1
Carlos Nunez
ENG 102
Stephanie Olson

Solving the Immigration Issue

The American Dream is one of the most amazing thoughts around the world. For many people it has been easier to reach the American Dream, but for others it has been nearly impossible to reach it. For nearly 12 million illegal immigrants, this dream has been really hard to approach. The question is, for how long these 12 million people will be in the shadows? The U.S. has been debating this issue for decades, with not much success, and lately this issue has been created division. Why is so important and necessary to solve the Immigration issue? This issue is important, because if an immigration problem gets fixed, we will be able to get economic benefits, it can be a way to stop illegal immigration, and also it will help the law enforcement to have much and better knowledge of the people in the U.S.
But why is so important to have the Immigration problem solve, is it something the nation has been dealing for decades without needing any readjustment. First because last time it was fixed it was back in 1986, and second because the U.S. can receive lots and lots of benefits, and also because we have face nearly 12 million people without identity. The government needs to know who they are and what their intentions are. Because not all the undocumented immigrants came from Latin America, some of the came from a different parts of the world different cultures and different believes. Lately the entire world had faced a common factor called terrorism. By having knowledge of the resident legal or illegal in the country, law enforcement will find easy to fight terrorism.

The government and the residents of the U.S. will receive lots of economic benefits if a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill passes, in order to fix our broken immigration system. One of the will be, in a short time ending off on a trillions of dollars from the nearly 12 million of undocumented resident. Lest play a game multiply 12 million times 5 thousand dollars. The 12 million represent the number of people living here in the U.S. illegally, and the 5 thousand stands for the approximately cost between an immigration attorney and the department of Homeland Security fees. We have an amazing numbers reachable in less than two years, which is the approximately time Homeland Security, takes to review the paperwork. Some of you might not be into mathematics but here is some help for you $ 60,000,000,000.00 yes that amount of money will easily put the nation out of debt.
There are also a long term economic benefits if Comprehensive Immigration Reform become a reality. "Our anemic economic will be boost with approximately $4.5 to $5.4 billion in additional tax revenue in the next 3 years, yield $1.5 trillion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the next 10 years," according to Dr. Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda. This economic boost will help America to get back in track, and get us out of the debt we have with China and Japan. With the extra revenues, our government will be also able to create new and better programs for our communities. Programs that will help education, the creation of new jobs, health department, VA department, and also help our low-income communities get out of poverty. The best way to help our communities and ourselves, and get us closer to success is with jobs, and the statistics show that 750,000 to 900,000 new jobs will be create if our economy get boost. The best option is the passes of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that will contribute to get us back in track.

Some people do not believe the economy will be boost if a Comprehensive Immigration Reform passes, instead they believe mass deportations could be a better solution for the illegal immigration problem. One of the most controversial and public person who stand up for mass deportations, is Mr. Trump, a Republican presidential candidate. He said mass deportation will solve the undocumented immigrant's problem. But how much would cost to send nearly 12 million of undocumented immigrants back to their countries, because not all of them came from Mexico, some of them came from Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Some economist believes these two options, will drag us down into more debt, because of the higher cost to complete deportations and removals from the country. "The study estimates that it would cost about $28 billion per year to apprehend illegal immigrants, $6 billion a year to detain them, $500 million for extra beds, $4 million to secured the borders, $2 million to legally process them and $1.6 million to bus them or fly them home." (W.P.) Hopefully this option will not pass, because the country is trying to get out of recession and the extra expending won't be very helpful.

But there is also another cost the humanitarian cost. This cost might or might not affect your pocket, but wheatear or not it's costing a lot of traumas and in some cases life's. Deportations tear families apart, causing traumas to children from undocumented immigrants. In many cases those kids are U.S. citizens, and when CPS, gets custody of those kids and put them in shelters, with tutors, or adoptive parents it become a disaster for those poor kids. And also a cost for the U.S. because the children needs food, protection, clothing, and all the basic necessities, the government uses the tax payers money like you to cover those necessities. Therefore you end up paying for those kids, because the government made the decision to take their parents away and take responsibility of the now orphans kids. In the middle of the deportation process some people take the wrong decision, cases like Elsa Guadalupe-Gonzales and Jorge Garcia-Mejia, who committed suicide back in 2013. "Suicides are intense and personal traumatic events, in early May 2013. Two people in custody of Immigration Customs Enforcement separately took their own lives by hanging themselves. They were detained at the Arizona's remote Eloy detention center." (M.L.) That was a high cost for those people, but it's that really what America stands for, putting people in jails and making them go through depression until they reach the end (suicide). The American values are way beyond that, we have the compassion values and a friendship values. All thought Immigration Law Enforcements are not responsible for any of those two deaths, those situations are very sad.

Hopefully one day the solution for the Immigration Issue will see the light, and hopefully it will be a solution that won't cost any lives or will have an outrage cost. For now another solution suggested it by presidential candidate Donald Trump, it is building a wall between the borders of Mexico and U.S. This might help to stop people to cross the border illegally, but what about the people already in the territory of the U.S. how they are going to handle the nearly 12 million of undocumented immigrants already here. And also how much this wall will cost, because the distance between the two countries is not 5 miles, in fact there are 2,000 miles on the southern borders. Homeland security estimates future wall-construction projects to cost $9.4 million per mile. That means spending billions of dollar on the entire border, the idea it's not that crazy if it keep us safe. But the amount of money that it needs to be invests on the wall, will put us in deficit again. The country needs a solution to get out of the recession and create new jobs and better opportunities. The country does not need programs like the wall to put us back into recession again. Also didn't History class thought us about how President Reagan, helped Germany to destroy the Berlin wall. By building a wall and dividing countries, is that what the U.S. stands for. These types of solutions don't send the right message to world; instead instigate other leader to create more chaos in the world.

Building walls is not what the U.S. is known for the country is well known for building bridges instead. One of the bridges can be a Comprehensive Immigration Reform with an EVerify program like that one Arizona has been implementing since almost 10 years ago. Why not only the Comprehensive Immigration Reform itself, well because the main point is to solve and stop illegal immigration without much cost and without breaking relationships with Mexico. Therefore this option has to come with an E-Verify program. This program works ensuring that every single new employee must be legal in order to work for any company in the U.S. The program takes up to 72 hours revising and comparing from the Homeland Security databases, matching social security numbers, green cards, birth certificates, and any type of identification that proves a legal status in the country. If the program it's implemented nationwide, it would block illegal people to work in the U.S. and will stop people from coming to the U.S. illegally. The program will stop them because there is no reason for them to come if they cannot find jobs. All though the program has been working good and has been helping states like Arizona, it has a cost and hasn't been implemented for the entire nation. According to the Arizona republic the E-Verify is available only in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Mississippi, Virginia, and D.C. and it has a cost of $3.2 million dollars, a little more reasonable than billions of dollars in mass deportations or building a wall.

So far technology can be very helpful to solve problems like the case of E-Verify. But also deployed the National Guard among the border can be helpful, and will be a very good strategy to combat illegal immigration once again the U.S. faces the cost of this. Also part of the questions will be how effective the National Guard will be. "Appropriate $10 million from the General Fund to the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs and mobilize the National Guard to the border. That would pay for 100 troops at the border for 311 days."(A.R). This could be very effective strategy according to the Homeland Security only in the state of Arizona, illegal immigration has been decreasing in the areas of Ajo and Tucson Az. because of the deployment of the National Guard in those two areas. But many people are asking another question is deploying the National Guard a declaration of war, the U.S. has only deployed its army to places where there is been war like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Places like North and South Korea, have the same strategy but the reason they have been using their armies on their border is because they aren't allies they have a conflict for decades (declaration of war). But the world does not need any more war or more losses of lives, needs the world to show more strategies that work for everybody not only for few and especially for those people with personal interest on it.

From economic benefits to militarize the border, many option but still not all of them. Early this year a Republican candidate Chris Christie said the solution for undocumented immigrants is to track them like a FedEx package. But this proposition sounds very unrealistic, and denigrates human beings. How it's this possible, FedEx has a control of the packages because those packages have a bar code. The items ship by FedEx workers are a track able, because they have labels and they are also in boxes making it easy to manage. But a Human being does not possess any of those qualities, a Human being it's not an item. This theory sounded very unrealistic, not only because it is denigrating human life, but also because Immigration Law Enforcement do not possess a databases of the nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants. They do not even know the exactly numbers, all this numbers have been based on statistics. Therefore this theory will never solve the Immigration problem, instead will be a waste of time if it is ever send to congress. Hopefully one day new generations will look back and see the importance of treating people with dignity, and not as item filling the space in planet earth.

Many of the reader will believe this is a negative camping against the Republican Party, but know. Not only the Republican Party has been against immigration reform, in fact the last immigration Reform was during Reagan's presidency, a Republican President back in 1986. Democrats had also contributed to this problem because when they had the opportunity to pass some type of Immigration Reform and they did nothing to solve the problem. Senators like Hillary Clinton voted against immigration reform while she was senator for New York. Those people have not been mention because they just haven't done any proposals neither against nor in favor. Mrs. Clinton voted against it during Bush's presidency, and made it seems like a game for power, because now she said she is pro-immigration reform.

Lately President Obama tried to address immigration, and make some reforms to this issue. But the state of Texas suited the executive orders, DAPA and DACA to become a national program for young students. Leaving millions of hardworking men and women hopeless, waiting for the opportunity of become a productive legal residents of the U.S. Once again the fighting of power destroys the hope of other and leaves the country with an unsolved issue that affect the entire nation.

The U.S. has the necessity of solving the Immigration Problem, because with options like a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, many of the economic problems we have been facing since 2008 will be gone. People in the U.S. do not need any more food stamps programs or section 8, providing free food and housing for the people. The people of the U.S. need more and better jobs, people need to get out of poverty. The best and fastest way to do it, will be the boost the country can get from a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, it's time for the government to work as a team and solve the problems of our nation. It's time for the government to work for us the taxpayers, the people who daily fight for a better future, for quality life, for new generations, for elderly.

Hopefully one day the future generations will look back and will be proud of the unified country they live in. They won't make any differences between a person with a social security number and the one without one. At the end we all live in the same country the same planet, with no scape. A nation without problem it's a stronger nation, a unified nation it's indestructible nation and, lately our nation has been very divided because of the undocumented immigrants issue. We are the country of opportunities, we are the country of Abraham Lincoln, segregation and discrimination should be over. Let's work hand by hand to show the world what are the values of America, the amazing country who cares for others and gives immigrants the opportunity to succeed and find happiness.

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ichanpants89 [Contributor] 309  
Jul 17, 2016   #2
Carlos, welcome to EssayForum :) It is a really long essay indeed. I would like to directly mention some of your weaknesses in this essay with hope that you would be able to strengthen it in the next draft. You can see the detailed descriptions of them below. I hope my feedback is going to be helpful towards your writing development.

- I have seen so many coordinating conjunctions in inappropriate places. You need to avoid using them in the beginning of the sentence. Those are FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So). Using one of them in the beginning of the sentence can affect the formality of your essay. Therefore, your essay becomes less formal. You have to remember that in academic essay, you are not supposed to use FANBOYS in the beginning of the sentence. There are many other replacements rather than those words, such as But = However, And = In addition, So = Thus, and many more. Due to a large number of revisions about that, I reckon that you can look for it by yourself.

- Don't, won't, it's, and any other contractions are also not appropriate to be used in academic essay. It also makes your essay becomes informal. Remember that contractions only can be used in spoken and informal written form, such as letter for a friend, love letter, and any other informal letters. Also, due to the large number of revisions concerning this matter, I think that you can revise it by yourself.

- You often forget about the comma rules. Cohesive devices should be followed by comma. For instance, in these two sentences (taken from your essay) "Lately, the entire world had faced..." and "Hopefully, one day the solution..." you forget to give those commas. I suggest to you to search about the similar mistakes in the whole essay of yours.

There you have it Carlos, I hope you can follow through my feedback above. Additionally, you can give at least 1 space (1 enter) for each paragraph in the next draft. Those spaces would help us to further read and check your research paper. Good luck in revising this draft. I am waiting for your upcoming revision. :)
justivy03 607  
Jul 18, 2016   #3
Hi Carlos, first of all, immigration is really a very complex topic to write about, it's one of those topic that you can either write continuously and get hooked on it, or don't start at all because you don't know how or where to start the research on, however, as I read through your paper, I must say, you covered most of the points needed to get the information through to your readers. As what you know, whatever we write and publish online can mean a lot of things, depending on the person reading it, so we have to think before we click. Now, on you part, the research was intense, you created life to the argument and made sure that none of the valid pints are left behind.

As one of the contributors provided you with a very comprehensive writing feedback, what I can suggest is that, when writing a research paper, try to write or encode your citation alongside the information that is extracted from the source, this way, the readers will be able to see the work cited straight away, I've been doing this practice for a while and it actually helps the reader understand the paper better.

Furthermore, you still have to write the citation page as this is a part of the paper. Overall, this paper has been very informative, you have the right sources of information that definitely created the meaning and how to tackle the issue at hand.

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