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Topic for a case study of Global Warming; particular individual or incident

kimculp 1 / 2  
Jun 13, 2010   #1
Hello, this is my last hope. I'm having difficulty deciding on a topic for a case study paper of global warming. Here are my professors instructions:

Paper #2 is your case study paper. You will attempt to narrow the focus of your topic to a particular individual or incident and discuss. For example, if you chose homeschooling, you might wish to write a paper on an individual homeschooled child or homeschooling family. If you chose to write about Alzheimer's, you might focus on an individual sufferer (Ronald Reagan or a non-celebrity victim). If you are working on the "Religious Right," you might focus on a particular individual or organization (Jerry Falwell, the American Center for Law and Justice, etc.).

You will still need at least three outside sources, but it is conceivable that much of the content might come from an individual source. It is also possible that interviewing might be a source for some of the topics. A student once interviewed a homeschooling family for the paper. Personal experience might be a source too. A student once wrote about her experience caring for a family member with Alzheimer's.

Please include a properly doucmented visual (photo, chart, diagram, etc.) in your paper. Do the citation as shown in the sample paper.

A 3-4 page paper is expected. Use MLA format.

Thanks for the help!!

OP kimculp 1 / 2  
Jun 14, 2010   #2
I did an overview paper on global warming and got a 100%. Now I have to narrow my topic down to something about global warming or an incedent. I still have three weeks to write it but want to atleast get my topic ready. I keep going back and fourth. Like maybe the polar bears, or rainforests, or maybe the vectore born illness boom. I just want someone to throw some topics out there that I haven't thought of maybe one will pop that lightbulb up above my head lol! Thanks everyone!
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Jun 15, 2010   #3
You can use this info in your essay.
This content is from Wikipedia.

No! You can't use material from wiki, and you can't paste material into EssayForum if it is not original material.

Hi Kimculp, the best way, I think, is to have an article or book that is your main reference.
Oh! Here is an idea: This has to be a case study, according to your instructions. The teacher wants a particular case examined. So, choose a particular activist. Al Gore?

Global Warming is a weird subject!! Choose a person to make the focus of the paper, and I think you'll do well, because you can use all that person's publications. If you interview the person via email, you'll definitely get an A!!

OP kimculp 1 / 2  
Jun 16, 2010   #4
I emailed the instructer and since global warming isn't a personal topic it can be on on a more diverse subject. I thought about doing it on Al Gore but not sure. I've also considered endangered species and how this will effect them. Just getting started can be such a pain!! And I can use wiki or any other sources I just have to cite them in MLA format:)

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