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Topic: Education Reform for Ecological Needs

Carvantes 1 / -  
Dec 10, 2012   #1
Hi guys, i need help with developing my essay topic "Education Reform for Ecological Needs".
The teacher requires us to talk about what should be changed in education to endorse environmental education.
I think the topic is kind of biased to support environmentalists and i think i have hard time trying to develop this topic.
So far, here is my thesis: "Education reform is crucially needed, both internally from the institution and externally from the whole society, to transgress the ecological era" In first few paragraphs, I am going talk about why education fails. Next few paragraph I am going to talk about the solutions.

I need suggestion how to develop this topic, at the same time, meet the requirement asked. Thanks.

ththnho_tl 2 / 8  
Dec 11, 2012   #2
i think in first few paragraphs, you should tell some mistakes or faults which current education are showing, and in next few paragraphs, talk about the solutions, i mean how to correct mistakes by changing somethings that are faults in educating system.

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