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topics for research in corporate social responsibility & Employee relations

hi every one.

Im vivek doing my Master's in Management at University of St Andrews, uk. I would like to extend my studies by doing a PhD in HRM and specialized in employee relations and CSR(corporate social responsibility). I would appreciate if some one can provide me with your valuable ideas based on your experience and knowledge. Thanks in advance.

If you are working at the Masters and PhD level, you must have some idea of what research areas interest you. Certainly, you are in a better position to choose *your* research topic than anyone else who could post.
Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I have posted this thread in order to brain storm the ideas. I have narrowed down the topic to @Employee reactions and impacts of Institutionalization of Corporate social responsibility". If any one could comment on this topic it will be useful to devolop more.
Well, how do you define corporate social responsibility? Do you believe that a corporation's level of social responsibility affects the way its employees react in the workplace? Is this dependent upon the type of corporation and/or the level of the employee? If so, what factors determine these differences?
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