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Research topics on data mining - suggestions?

hi anjana i find theses topics useful in data mining
Utility Based Data Mining.
Scientific Social Network Mining.
Multi Relational Data Mining with user guidance.
Data Mining in graph based Sensor Networks.
Exploring Associatives Classification Techniques for Predictive Analytics.
A Fuzzy Clustering approach for Large data sets.
Research Topics on Data Mining (using SPSS tools)?

I would like to enroll in Ph.d This year. I have choose Data Mining as a Subject using spss tools. So i request you to kindly help me to choose some topics from data mining using spss tools
- Image processing techniques for denoising, object identification, and feature extraction
- Dimension reduction techniques to handle multi-dimensional data
- Scalable algorithms for classification and clustering
- Parallel implementations for interactive exploration of data
- Applied statistics to ensure that the conclusions drawn from the data are statistically sound
Research Topics on data mining for post graduate studies; Need suggestions

hii...i am doing Post Graduation ...i am searching for research topics on data mining..please suggest me some topics on which research is going on....
I don't know if this is current or ongoing because Google doesn't provide the dates, but you could research about how small businesses use data mining to find new customers especially in this economy.
Thanku Sir...
Sir please tell me..like i have chosen my topic for research work..but don't know subtopics in data mining..i also keep your suggestion too..but i want more clarification...
i need help to get latest research topic on data mining.

Hello ,I am dipika vyas .I am student f mtech it second year.my research area is data mining.this area ia completely new for me and I need help to get a research topic in it.
Hey Dipika,

I am assuming you are either a foreign student or were in a real rush to complete this post from all the grammar errors. Before writing a paper and conducting research, it may be beneficial to get a solid background in English writing and grammar; however, here are some major topics for data mining:

Scaling Up for High Dimensional Data and High Speed Data Streams
Mining Sequence Data and Time Series Data
Mining Complex Knowledge from Complex Data

Also, try not to post such things in this forum, since it's mostly for essay questions. Hope that helped!
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@Anjana, I'm not a geek nor an expert in technology but I know that "datamining" is a popular part time job that most tech people do this days.
As far as my research goes, data mining has something to do with the following;

- collecting data such as company name, phone number, email and anything that will link the company to a vendor or a potential client
- scanning thru a volume of telemarketing data
- input information on a spreadsheet and use it for business purposes

Needless to say, there's a lot to write about data mining, at some point you have to cite examples of how data mining jobs helped a lot of home stay moms or students get a few bucks out of doing part time data mining. Data mining is also one of the best marketing strategies that help businesses market their products. There are a lot of real world advantages that data mining has brought about and it's absolutely working. I know a friend who is data mining and submits it to his online employer and she earns couple of hundred form doing this in her spare time.

Technology has really turn our world 360 degrees and as much advantages as it creates it's also accompanied with negative hoes.
The moment you get your draft, post it here on EF and we will help you further.
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