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Research topics on data mining - suggestions?

hi anjana i find theses topics useful in data mining
Utility Based Data Mining.
Scientific Social Network Mining.
Multi Relational Data Mining with user guidance.
Data Mining in graph based Sensor Networks.
Exploring Associatives Classification Techniques for Predictive Analytics.
A Fuzzy Clustering approach for Large data sets.
Research Topics on Data Mining (using SPSS tools)?

I would like to enroll in Ph.d This year. I have choose Data Mining as a Subject using spss tools. So i request you to kindly help me to choose some topics from data mining using spss tools
- Image processing techniques for denoising, object identification, and feature extraction
- Dimension reduction techniques to handle multi-dimensional data
- Scalable algorithms for classification and clustering
- Parallel implementations for interactive exploration of data
- Applied statistics to ensure that the conclusions drawn from the data are statistically sound
Research Topics on data mining for post graduate studies; Need suggestions

hii...i am doing Post Graduation ...i am searching for research topics on data mining..please suggest me some topics on which research is going on....

I don't know if this is current or ongoing because Google doesn't provide the dates, but you could research about how small businesses use data mining to find new customers especially in this economy.
Thanku Sir...
Sir please tell me..like i have chosen my topic for research work..but don't know subtopics in data mining..i also keep your suggestion too..but i want more clarification...

i need help to get latest research topic on data mining.

Hello ,I am dipika vyas .I am student f mtech it second year.my research area is data mining.this area ia completely new for me and I need help to get a research topic in it.
Hey Dipika,

I am assuming you are either a foreign student or were in a real rush to complete this post from all the grammar errors. Before writing a paper and conducting research, it may be beneficial to get a solid background in English writing and grammar; however, here are some major topics for data mining:

Scaling Up for High Dimensional Data and High Speed Data Streams
Mining Sequence Data and Time Series Data
Mining Complex Knowledge from Complex Data

Also, try not to post such things in this forum, since it's mostly for essay questions. Hope that helped!
Aug 23, 2015   #12
@Anjana, I'm not a geek nor an expert in technology but I know that "datamining" is a popular part time job that most tech people do this days.

As far as my research goes, data mining has something to do with the following;

- collecting data such as company name, phone number, email and anything that will link the company to a vendor or a potential client
- scanning thru a volume of telemarketing data
- input information on a spreadsheet and use it for business purposes

Needless to say, there's a lot to write about data mining, at some point you have to cite examples of how data mining jobs helped a lot of home stay moms or students get a few bucks out of doing part time data mining. Data mining is also one of the best marketing strategies that help businesses market their products. There are a lot of real world advantages that data mining has brought about and it's absolutely working. I know a friend who is data mining and submits it to his online employer and she earns couple of hundred form doing this in her spare time.

Technology has really turn our world 360 degrees and as much advantages as it creates it's also accompanied with negative hoes.
The moment you get your draft, post it here on EF and we will help you further.

I want my dissertation in the field of data mining. In what context do better in your opinion?

I am a graduate student software field.
I want my dissertation in the field of data mining. In what context do better in your opinion?
I thank you for your tips.
Feb 10, 2017   #15
Hi Reza, the dissertation topic that you will end up researching will have to be based upon what your interests in data mining would be. Would you like to concentrate on the social media aspect of data mining that uses keywords to direct advertising or advice third party users regarding the media trends and discussions? You can also do sentiment analysis or sarcasm detection using Twitter as the basis of your research. Since fake accounts and spam accounts are quite common in the field of social media, you could discuss how data mining can help detect the face or spam accounts. Marketing analysis could also be a good starting point because of the demographics involved in the targeted advertising being shown on the user pages. The list is actually as endless as the information that data mining can provide. The interesting topic for your dissertation however, will depend upon what your personal data mining interests are and how you think these can be actively used for the betterment of society in the future.
hi Holt
thank you for answer
What did work in the field to detect fake accounts? I'm no expert in the field of data mining and investigations from the second semester started and I'm going to get the best score. Do you think the context of a good thing??

thank you men
Feb 12, 2017   #17
Since data mining is all about gathering public information from unknown people, it is important that the mining programs know how to detect when an automated robot has set up the account in order to spam people, spread viruses, and the like. So the topic regarding detecting fake accounts will revolve around how the data program will be developed in order to properly detect parameters related to robot account creation. Those are the "fake" accounts that need to be sorted through and removed from the database so that the data mining system can efficiently perform its task. You will need to do the research about how this can be done and what the benefits are for the data mining companies when they are able to do so. If that is the topic you want to write about, then research its background and related developments.
Feb 15, 2017   #19
The one that you might want to do the study on could be Twitter. Since Twitter is the one that seems to have the most vulnerable system among all the social media networks. I base that on the number of times that a social media server has been hacked, or has been the target of bot registrations. While I am not doing the same research as you, I have experience in the field of big data mining, which is why I am able to develop suggestions and possible topics for you to consider for your research paper. Actually, the best person to decide which field of data mining would be best for you to research would be, yourself. I already gave you a list of possible topics to choose from. You now have to decide which social media platform you would want to do the research paper on. It will all depend upon the availability of information to you. Do the research based on your preferences and abilities.
I already gave you a list of possible topics to choose from

I will be grateful if to see the list you mention, list of possible topic
this is my gmail ramzanzadeh72@gmail.com
Feb 15, 2017   #21
Refer to thread # 15 and 17 in this topic discussion. I listed the suggested topics for you there. I don't think you read it? You should not be asking me to list it again for you if you actually read the response I gave you before. Read the suggested topics. I present the possible discussion points for your research in a clear manner there. I explain every topic and what social media network you can use to complete the research. Number 15 includes the reference to the social media network relevant to my suggested data mining topic. The rest is self explanatory. You should be able to choose a topic for your research based upon those 2 responses I provided. Consider your available materials and your personal interests in terms of data mining discussions then opt for the topic that you can write about best based upon other considerations as well.

Master's thesis topic selection in field of data mining; intelligent filtering

I'm going to issue senior thesis in the field of data mining topic I choose.
Field intelligent filtering being done, and whether to issue senior thesis work can be performed on it?

Feb 20, 2017   #23
While I am not very familiar with this topic, I believe that there are a number of subjects that you can as use a specific thesis topic for this research. Some of the topics that you can do in relation to this thesis statement include:

1. Word Sense Disambiguation based Query Expansion - social media
2. Connectives and Phrases based Sentiment Analysis - Google
3. Natural Language Independent Knowledge Representation - bot prevention (?)

Any of these 3 topics can be actively and accurately used for data mining research specially in the area of field intelligent filtering. It is important that you do extensive research on the suggested topics in order to find out which one of the these topics will be best suited to your skills and available materials. Use the suggested topics as the basis for your further research into what will become your specific thesis sentence. These are all topics that can be researched and used as a senior thesis.
I am a graduate student software field.
I want my dissertation in the field of data mining. In what context do better in your opinion?In the field of social networking analysis what can be done?I really confused.

I thank you for your tips.

how about modeling trust and reputation in social networks or e-marketing???
11:51am   #25
HI Reza, I already made some suggestions as to how you can approach your dissertation in my previous responses. Weren't you able to read those? Or were my suggestions not applicable to what you want to do? In all honesty, the best person to ask regarding the best topic for research will be your dissertation adviser. The adviser is the one who can tell you if there are any similar research already being done by other students in your field within your university. That way you will avoid duplication of research material. You have a pretty good topic title for your dissertation. However, unless you can tell me what the thesis statement is that goes with the title, I am not sure if it can work well with the topic of Data Mining. Please present an expanded explanation of the topic you mentioned above so I can analyze whether it will be a good topic or not for your research. Bear in mind though, I will give an opinion without knowing if there is already existing research in this field at your university. So double check with your adviser first.

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