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The translation Strategies in product promotion

amanda du  
Nov 9, 2016   #1

The trend of globalization vigorously promotes the development of business cultural exchanges. In the increasingly frequent interaction and communication, the translation works in a multinational, at the source of information in cross-cultural communication. To avoid the cultural background, differences in age, bring problems, take advantage of the information to participate in the competition are business topics can not be circumvented. Translation is the bridge of communication, a master is not only the exchange of information, it is the transmission effect and establish links. At the same time, media also access to information processing and has a huge effect. This paper mainly discussed based on different media as the carrier, to discuss product promotion for the purpose of translation strategies based on which. To expand its sphere of influence, to obtain greater profits and publicity.

1.The development of communication media

The formation of language can be traced back to 300 thousand years ago when people communicate with the exchange of life data and improvement of productivity, processing, and dissemination of information also happened to turn the world upside down changes. The earliest commercial exchanges can be traced back to 800 BC in ancient Greece, but the impact of early business activities range greatly due to the geographical location and the media. Mainly through oral communication or characteristic as physical signs to attract business.

With the maturity of papermaking and widely spread, greatly reduces the cost of information dissemination. The paper replaced most of the bones, silk, pottery, bamboo and other modes of transmission. With its high cost and easy to carry, easy storage, and low cost, greatly facilitate the flow of information and exchange.

1881 (1881 AD) in 1935 (1935 AD) the human race has entered industrial civilization, in theory under the guidance of scientific development, scientific and technological inventions. Flat sound technologies emerge in an endless stream and video technology, and the development of transportation and mature. Greatly broaden and enrich the people to accept the information channels and forms with. The maturities of information technology, the rapid development of electronic information technology, greatly enhance people's information processing and the way to get the change. We entered the electronic information age.

This chapter analyzes and summarizes the contemporary information dissemination media, through combing the circulation of information and dissemination of information to improve the efficiency of translation.

1.1 Electronic media

Electronic media including the Internet, television, radio and other forms of media. Have strong timeliness, information on the precise, easy to feedback and record. In data analysis, storage based on electronic media to replace the print media is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, the electronic media has a wealth of the community. With more abundant expression and dissemination form, push the public number, community self-organization operation to achieve better results.

1.2 Physical media

Physical communication mainly exists in real life, such as magazines, newspapers, packaging, and billboards and so on. Its advantage lies in the strong sense of the scene, for the majority of the audience, effective and long time, and high-reliability characteristics.

1.3 Transmission mode, and the way to promote the effect of the impact

Language through the media of different translation strategies. According to different occasions choose the words presented also need to make judgments and prepare to optimize promotional strategies to achieve the best results. For example, in the convenience store is to put high margin, packing products. Prime time (8 pm ~10) suitable for bulk deliver the goods, such as daily necessities, food etc. to achieve the effect of publicity.

2. Translation process

This chapter mainly discusses the cross culture, to those who need to do preparatory work between regions are in the process of translation. Through the characteristics of market segments to fine points of different groups, and thus targeted to thinking and promotion, to achieve the purpose of publicity.

2.1 Objective

The communication cycle is a process of communication, information availability and acceptance of information communication and feedback has a direct impact. In advertising, copywriting, before the trademark translation work, clear the audience is an essential preparatory work, its importance is self-evident. As Sun Zibing said "to be no danger of danger wins." more from consumers for the collection of information, and finally decided to determine the process of each step affects the final decision of consumers. By defining each stage of the objective can only choose appropriate, specific strategies of marketing and communication. For example, for the first time to buy consumer, should focus on making clear sense of familiarity and brand value, and thus more effective. For the first time to trigger consumption process of communication to promote corporate image, it should emphasize the importance of sustainability and social value. The purpose of clear exchange Is the basis of information exchange and exchange.

2.2 Analysis of audience acceptance

User positioning precision can help enterprises to save more resources in the marketing process. Through the integration and adjustment of the existing resources to obtain more efficiency gains and return. In other words, the development of the information age, while reducing the cost of information dissemination, but a large number of consumer groups and was not stratified flow and cannot effectively trigger consumption in order to bring profits. But as derived from the media and from the organization, marketing, and information transfer market fine points and consumer preference analysis easier. Each community consumption habits also has outstanding characteristics.

Through analysis of audience of different age, cultural background, etc., to determine the differences in preferences for information processing and acceptance. And combined with the background of reporting appropriate languages. For this work, can help the translators in the process of language translation in the information transformation and the rapid conversion and language the processing of cultural differences. For example, the audience directly determines the acceptance of information and processing speed between different types of consumers. The existence of "information cocoons" and different values and preferences. These are considered essential factors in the translation process.

2.3 Analysis of product and promotion

Specifically, enterprises in the product development process, we must do the following work: one is to adhere to the market demand, and constantly improve the fit of the product and the market demand; two is the beginning of the listing of new products, enterprises must actively carry out new market test, understand the consumer of the product appearance design, product effectiveness, taste. The price with the positive customer service, service and other aspects of the views and suggestions, so as to make reasonable adjustments; an antidote against the disease, three is the brand competition broad understanding and grasp of the regional market, using the SWOT analysis method to product positioning analysis, to determine the focus of the market and consumer products, and according to the characteristics and advantages of the products, and avoid weaknesses, the optimum scheme of new products into the market; four is the discrimination of outstanding new product marketing plan, marketing according to the performance characteristics of the product, the product The marketing index, financial index, and stage sales summary, to further expand its brand influence, ensure the enterprise successful new products listed.

In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, enterprises must continuously enhance competitiveness in order to cope with the demand of the development of the effective market of its products, in the fierce market competition and in the process repeatedly. The promotion of new products in the market, enterprises must accurately locate their target market; identify the target consumer groups, to the industrialization development of the enterprise. In order to make the new product smoothly into the consumer market, get consumer recognition and favor, dual positioning must do the market and products, to meet the actual needs of more consumer groups. The choice of target market directly affects the final success or failure of the enterprise sales promotion. Therefore, enterprises must make the consumer product positioning, function positioning product price positioning, product positioning and communication aspects of image positioning work, to further refine the market, planned, focused, targeted To carry out sales activities. Usually, the target market under the choice of the enterprise is mainly affected by the area, population, climate, living habits, occupation and other factors influence.

Enterprises in the selection of target market must develop their own reality, considering the above factors; choose the best target market to carry out marketing activities, in order to better highlight the characteristics and advantages of their products. In the actual sales activities, some enterprises due to the target market positioning are not accurate, or excessive pursuit of profits will be the target market positioning that led to its marketing activities failed to affect the subsequent development of its sales, is not conducive to the healthy and stable development of enterprises.

New product marketing timing directly affects the final success of the promotion of new products. The new products to market sooner or later must be the target market demand, business development, and enterprise competition situation. Therefore, enterprises must make full use of various resources at hand; strive for new products to enter the market. In general, new products into the market sooner, the more they can play its function advantage and advantage in time, in order to attract more customers. Compared to the first to enter the market in the late products and products into the market more competitive, easier to get consumer recognition and acceptance. Therefore, enterprises in order to expand its market influence and influence, often as much as possible early market promotion, in order to establish and improve the industry barriers to entry, the formation of competitive advantage. At the same time, companies must also do market segmentation and positioning, so as not to miss the But the best development opportunity. The opportunity to enter the market is not as early as possible. The enterprise can be late to enter the market to better absorb the experience of other enterprises and lessons, a better grasp of consumer preferences, saving the cost of product promotion, to obtain a long-term competitive advantage.

For enterprises, enterprises of new products must do market research in the market before, in order to better understand the development of the market demand, to establish scientific and reasonable new listing plan and related promotion goals. In the research plan, the enterprise must from the marketing environment, consumer behavior, product competition, sales the channels and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, in order to improve its marketing research work, targeted and effective.

3. Translation strategies

Translation is the transformation of language information. In practice, translation skills, such as free translation, literal translation and transliteration, and so on, can be used as a reference in the following aspects, such as brand, product and so on.

3.1. the principle of simplification

Less is more. is simple but not simple principle. The so-called "words", focus on trademark, slogan or advertising. By selecting the streamlined vocabulary to convey the brand value, purpose and function of advertising and consumer audience. Direct access to information, simple strategies can use the least time to share the consumer's heart position. Such as FedEx admission to be, in short, text description that customers can show the utility of the products, and transfer the company completed its task determination and faith, so as to obtain the trust of consumers.

3.2 Acceptability of translation

Acceptance of the consumer's point of view in the most concise way and the most effective way to pass information. Try to fit the language habits of consumers.

First, consumers can not be ignored is local cultural background. For example, the "dragon" image has different meanings in Chinese and Western culture. The Oriental Culture in "dragon" represents the image of authority, valiant. However, in western culture, it represents evil and violence. In the reporting process. The expression of authority, integrity, and another image to consider to express strategy, avoid misunderstandings arise in communication in different cultures. Although there are a lot of different understanding of the same phenomenon. But many of the characteristics of human nature is a mutual agreement. In brand communication and cross-cultural communication in the process, we should be good at discovering the underlying similarity and in common. Choose the translation skills and strategies, flexible processing.

3. repeatability of translation

If the consumer first established the first impression of the brand, then repeat to deepen the impression, at the same time, in the same product areas once the user's impression is one to two brands occupy, the later brand is difficult to carry out the replacement. So constantly repeated, and consolidate the consumers the value of the brand impression will affect consumer habits and purchasing behavior. According to the investigation and research psychologist Dr. George.A.Miller of Harvard University, the human brain to deal with a maximum of seven units of information and information. The first memory is particularly profound. In daily life, this performance is particularly obvious. For example, the same field the user is difficult to remember more than seven brands. So we constantly consolidate and repetition is necessary. Repeat the cycle based on the language translation should not only clear the way, expression and product culture. Also to take into account the target language translation to local speech habits. From the antithesis, rhyme etc. as a starting point of translation and modification. And promotion and practical combination of integration, thus truly with the target user habits and ways of thinking.

4. Problems need to be avoided in the process of translation

In the dissemination of promotional materials, many problems can be solved from the root and avoid, but in the process of translation, it is easy to enter into some errors, resulting in brand promotion, product promotion effect. For example, the following four aspects, in the actual translation can be used as a reference.

1. Try not to use the abbreviation of English (except the well-known brand). Especially in the enterprise to develop the existing market conditions, and avoid the well-known brand overlap. And avoid to the public caused by understanding obstacles in the actual process of propaganda, is not conducive to the occupation of the user in a short period of time to develop the market brand awareness. And also briefly excessive abbreviations may cause the brand image is not clear, the value sense is not strong.

2. In the process of translation, transliteration, avoid direct blunt. For the unrelated words collocation, although there is a higher degree of fit and ellipsis, but mentioned in the previous user's heart, brand vacancy is precious and obtains the user's impression in the shortest time and repeated follow-up can increase sales possibility. Blunt, it may cause the user does not understand, not clear product use, causing the user to generate resentment, is not conducive to product sales for the first time triggered and sustained growth can affect sales. So thinking in a word for word and sentence for sentence and cannot be omitted and avoid the scrutiny process. The cultural background, the obstacles to understanding the difference is mainly considered in product promotion and the promotion of the problems.

3.Try not to carry out multi-language "mix", switched languages compared to familiar words and language users need to think more, although you can increase the user occupied thinking time. But at the same time, some other loss adverse users, and for language switching, whether it is for a search on the Internet the degree of disorder, is likely to hinder the user feedback and repeated selection. Subsequent publicity is not conducive to the brand and spread.

4.Don't try to choose uncommon words, words of translation. Through applying the local existing vocabulary can be fitter the user's cultural habits, so as to reduce the prevention of psychological, easier to trigger the purchase and brand memory.

5. Case analysis

The cultural driving business values example in commercial activities. The added value of the transfer is too numerous to enumerate as leverage can greatly enhance the product circulation and market adaptability to obtain huge profit. The following case for de Beer's diamond sales for the analysis of examples of how to occupy the market and guide the user to user needs.

In 1888 by the roots founded De Beers Company. In the twentieth Century called the most classic marketing case. The company successfully diamond has become a kind of cultural form, and people's life. As everyone knows, the diamond ring as a token of marriage and then present to the right object has become an essential link in the romantic. The main component of the diamond. However, only the carbon atoms and carbon is the planet scarcest elements. And the diamond itself does not have practical value. In addition to the control strategy for the diamond production, which is a religious custom type phenomenon across the globe, underestimated the transfer effect of its cultural value. Even the successful marketing strategy and cultural propaganda De Beers successfully will ring as the additional value of marriage are widely distributed in the world due to the huge profits made Serra become Leon civil war fuse. Thus, the information processing and docking culture has great potential and value and even can wash down the market, to determine the value of the product itself.

1983, DELL began to build a diamond culture. With the diamond hard on behalf of true to the core love, through television, movie posters and publicity for love with a whoop and a holler diamond lasting good marriage, diamond is the most suitable wedding gift.

1950 is carefully planned and launched followed up to the advertising language DIAMOND IS FOREVER A"
Based on the De Beers Company in the monopoly and the scarcity of the diamond industry to create. Make diamond from the aristocratic "luxury" successfully turned into the public, multi-level selection of "necessities" and to obtain enormous economic benefits.

Diamond derives from the Greek Adamant, meaning that the inviolability of hard material. In the process of translation, in addition to such as Japan, South Korea, take the way. In the expression of western culture in culture under different circumstances, the diamond Chinese name after careful consideration.

The drill has carefully crafted in Chinese culture, in-depth study of the meaning of that diamond after carefully crafted jewelry. The significance of the 1 extended two jewelry perfect experience natural carving. During the period experienced a variety of resistance and improves the scarcity of.2 diamond formation after grinding for a long time. And eventually become a very valuable jewelry, by passing a sense of history to trigger the emotional response of consumers to increase its value of.3 human factors. As everyone knows, the judge added artificial diamond standard, large section, precision, and so on. The purity of a lot of labor costs to create a "precious" mood to guide consumers to purchase. Although is simply called, but in different dimensions and consumers to build links. For example, from the time span, the formation of diamond takes a long time, also need to go through marriage Operation and maintenance of a long time. Secondly, the process of formation, the formation of strong extrusion and high temperature to bear in the crust changes in diamond, in daily life between husband and wife will also experience a lot of friction and stumble to overcome. Then, the scarcity of the DELL company manufactured and its production process, a lot of time labor costs in the process of making and investment in marriage, experience connected. So that the cost of diamond on behalf of the two sides recognized their investment in marriage and will show their value.

DELL company through the user precise positioning and avoid cultural differences in regional. And vigorously promote the diamond hard, stable characteristics, extending to the persistent, tenacious, and strong. And users of marriage love and look forward to building a career link. Replace this concept to measure the value of the value of the diamond love. It can not only provide a display of his love, for the pursuit of marriage and the media platform but also can provide a standard for the pursuit of emotional judgment. So in the process of analysis. Killing two birds with one stone product positioning and user groups should take into account the common characteristics of people's emotional needs.

In product positioning and marketing excellence, DELL company to earn his huge profits. With the rapid development of globalization, in more areas of brand communication and promotion will face more challenges. The DELL company as an example of a very good case study, from products to promote every step worthy of our repeated scrutiny and thinking.

fadhilmd25 11  
Nov 9, 2016   #2
Dear Amanda, here are my advices for your writing, feel free to correct my responds,

- you do have good introduction, you state clearly your points, however, there are sentences that you miss the connection:

To avoid the cultural background, differences [...] it is the transmission effect and establish links

-->you can elaborate it with idea to join this sentence

- for your development media and communication topics, I found the missing link again :

With the maturity of papermaking and widely spread, greatly reducesthe cost of information dissemination

-->I can get your point here, but the widely spread is not fully understandable, (with maturity widely spread?)1881 (1881 AD) in 1935 (1935 AD)

--> please note to clearly state the timing, such as, from - to, or during, or between - and,


--> better use connecting or correlating

- for your objective paragraph:

... can only choose appropriate, specific strategies ofin marketing and communication

All in all, my feedback for your writing will be the using of comma and connecting sentences, which sometimes confused the reader to understand the meaning. "Dissemination" word can be replaced with another words as repetition should be avoided. You have written well your essay in my point of view.


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