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Vegetarian leads the way to better health

On The Vegetarian Path to Better Health

America, we have a problem. 2.7 million deaths are attributable to diets low in fruits and vegetables. Worldwide, low intake of fruits and vegetables is estimated to cause about 19% of gastrointestinal cancer, about 31% of coronary heart disease, and 11% of stroke according to NCD Alliance, and it is dramatically increasing each year. Unfortunately, this is the statistics that people avoid reading until the problem becomes personal. What can we do now to better improve our health, so we won't be a value in the statistics? We can choose the vegetarian diet and convince the world to make the same decision. How can a vegetarian diet lead your path to a healthier life style and lower your risk of early death? Becoming a vegetarian can decrease the risk of Colon cancer, diseases, and diabetes; extend life by 7-10 years, and retaliate against animal cruelty.

Some of the benefits of a vegetarian diet can be life changing. After the theories formed into facts; over the past years, more and more scientist and health professionals have performed studies to prove the benefits of this diet can impact your life. Cancer remains a leading cause of death. One in every three people will die of cancer, yet it can be prevented if we change the root in our environment and life style including meatless meals. Research shows that those who ate a vegetarian diet had a 22% lower risk of colorectal cancer than those who weren't vegetarians.

"Eating more plant foods provides extra beneficial nutrients such as folate, calcium, and fiber that may protect against colorectal cancer." (Godman, Heidi).
It is possible that red meat or the way the meat is cooked encourages the growth of colorectal cancer, says Heidi. As we know, doctors and scientist have yet to found a curable cancer cell, so it is up to us to decrease our chances at risk by monitoring what we eat. Consuming a vegetarian diet can also decrease the risk of diseases. As studies show, vegetarians are 25% less likely to die of heart diseases. In order to protect your heart it is suggested to choose high-fiber whole grains and legumes, which digested slowly and have a low glycemic index to help keep the sugar level steady according to Harvard Health Publication. Fiber helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol levels and animal product do not contain fiber, so there for it increases your chance to get heart disease. We've learned that a vegetarian diet can help to decrease your risk of cancer and heart disease, but did you know that it can also slim your chances of getting diabetes? That's right! Studies show that diabetes can sometimes be eliminated through a vegetarian diets and regular exercises. A diet that contains low in fat and high in fiber and complex carbohydrates is suitable for you to eat and will help to decrease your chances of diabetes. For those that currently have diabetes, this diet can help you work more effectively with your insulin. It can help with regulating glucose levels. Decreasing your chances of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes is almost effortless when all you have to do is make the right eating choice for your body.

Vegetarians typically live longer than meat-eaters because of the healthy diet, along with healthy lifestyles and free of tobacco and alcohol. Along with stimulating your mind, body and soul by releasing stress and anxiety, you can also help to expand your life by becoming a vegetarian. Two studies of people who consumed very little meat showed an average life-span increase of 3.6 years. A huge study of Seventh Day Adventists who ate little or no meat showed longevity increases of 7.28 years in men and 4.42 years in women. (Faloon, William). Although it is not guaranteed that you will live longer, the possibility that a vegetarian diet can increase life span is enough to live by. There are numerous of substance that factor into why there is a possible life span difference between meat eaters and vegetarians. One of them being the fact that meat eaters have a higher risk or the life threating issues we identified earlier; cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Another factor could be the fact that people become overweight due to consuming too much animal products. At least 2.6 million people each year die as a result being overweight. The freighting part about this statistics, is that some of the weight issues started as a child and could have been prevented with a proper nutritious meal. Obesity will soon become one of the leading preventable deaths in America and being on a vegetarian diet may be one of the only diets that can benefit your weight loss long term. Exercises isn't a requirement to loose wait while being on this diet because all of the calories you burn after eating a mean is equivalent to the calories you would have lost at a gym. While undergoing a survey consisting of 7 people that have been a vegetarian for over 6 months and questioning why they chose the vegetarian diet, it was found that 4 of those people were too afraid of becoming obese and was ready for a change that would put them on a path to better health. The other three became vegetarian to retaliate against animal cruelty.

Thousands of animals are poisoned, beaten, and killed each year for our designer clothing, entertainment, food products, accessories and souvenir. Out of all of the American population, over 5% of it has switch to the vegetarian diet. Majority of them have done so after watching an education video on the meat industry. Over the past two decades, the rate of vegetarians have increased. Most likely the inflation occurred more as people became more educated on what was going on in the meat industry. Animal treatment in the meat industry, is by far the worse and most abusive system that has been reported. Animals are crammed by the dozen into sheds and wire cages, forced to produce or bread. The animals are not able to live their wild life, instead they are kept in a dark shed in hope of sunlight as they are being transported to other factors for continuous torture. We as humans should be more compassionate and caring for our wild life. Animals have feelings too. Yes, all of the cows, chickens, and pigs experience fear, pain, and loneliness as we humans do. According to Happy Cow website,

"More than 25 billion animals are killed by the meat industry each year. The average American meat-eater is responsible for the abuse and death of about 90 animals per year". (Adam, Sue)

The ironic part of being a meat-eaters is: people kill animals to eat them, only for their meat to kill the people in the long run. Facts show the danger of eating meat can potentially become deadly or harmful.

Making the switch to a vegetarian diet will guarantee to balance out your nutritious. Vegetarians can easily meet their protein, iron, calcium and B12 while maintain their weight. A list of protein vegetarians can consume is: beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, whole grain bread, greens, potatoes, and corn. The source of iron a vegetarian can consume includes: dried beans, tofu, tempeh, spinach, chard, baked potatoes, cashews, dried fruits, bulgur, and iron-fortified foods. A good source of calcium includes: broccoli, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, tofu prepared with calcium, fortified soymilk, and fortified orange juice. Although adults do not have to consume a large amount of B12, it would be a good idea to be aware of good sources. A few good foods include: brands of cereal, nutritional yeast, soymilk, or veggie "meats". More relatable meals for vegetarians include: macaroni, pizza, pancakes, bean tacos, bean burritos, vegetable soups, fruit salads, French fries, and spaghetti. (The Vegetarian Resource Group).

Vegetarianism has been trending on social media causing more people to become interested. Over the last 90 days, vegetarianism was talked about on twitter almost 5 million times! Spreading the benefits of a vegetarian diet has helped the vegetarian community tremendously. Famous celebrities and social media sensation has also played a great part in trending this diet. When a famous person turn to social media to share a picture of them eating a vegan burger or hash tagging #Vegetarian, it draws attention of all of their followers. It influence the community to become more aware of the benefit of making the switch. The awareness of vegetarianism even veganism, will help raise more non meat eaters and will also increase the sale rate in multiple store and manufactures. Years ago it was almost impossible to find a vegan burger or a meat replacement meal. Now, you can simply go to your nearness grocery store or convenient store and purchase a vegetarian meal. Thanks to grocery stores and restaurants like Farmers Market, Whole Food, and Sprouts, finding vegetarian product has never been so easy. It is amazing to see the growth of the vegetarian diet and to study how it's trending success.

It is important that we monitor what we consume in our bodies because it is easy to eat what we prefer now, but regret it later. We don't necessarily think about the consequences of our food habits until it starts to affect our mental and physical health. We all must consider a new diet or healthier habit that leads us on the path to better health and influence our mind, body and soul to live more rich and rejoiced. Vegetarianism awareness alone on avoiding cancer, heart disease, and diabetes by eliminating cholesterol free and eliminating animal products, can help the growth of this healthy diet.

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