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How to Write an Excellent Career Research Paper?

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Nov 17, 2006   #1
Fortunately for the student who is required or requested to write a career research paper, one cardinal rule can guide a writer toward and excellent paper. This rule involves taking the perspective of the reader and asking oneself, have I covered everything that someone in this career would expect?

The methodical writer will first go to the books. Find all the hard data on this career that he or she can find. From average salary to location of positions, companies that hire those who possess the qualifications and what those qualifications may be, the reader will want to know that you have done everything you can to educate yourself on the specifics of this job. Obtain all the hard data that you can get your hands on Most people, considering themselves experts on something, will expect similar expertise from writings on that subject. Whether your target audience is third-grade teacher or a cardiologist, he or she will want to know that you understand what his or her world is like, and that you have no illusions about the job being easier or better-paid than it really is. Be sure that you understand and can effectively communicate the reality of the career on which you are writing.

This point leads us to the next guideline for writing an excellent career research paper. Reality is the key, and a sense of the reality of a career can only be obtained by actual contact with a person who holds a similar position. If you are studying journalism, find a local journalist to interview. If your career of choice is marketing, delve into your local chapter of corporate America and find someone who works in a marketing department. Most students will have little trouble finding a cooperative professional who is willing to dialogue. Email is an excellent way of requesting an interview. Be respectful and express that you know the person is busy, but you hope they will be able to grant you a few moments of their valuable time. Don't lay it on too thick, but don't be too casual, either. If you know someone personally who has the career you desire, all the better for you. If, however, you happen to be considering a career at NASA or as a foreign ambassador to Kathmandu, you may have to confine your interview to the electronic form. Still, whatever you can do for actual contact with a professional in your field will be appreciated.

Combined, factual evidence and real-life contact will lead to a well-received career research paper. But to enhance your work and turn in a truly excellent paper, the word to know is insight. Expand your research. Think about the data you have uncovered and draw some conclusions. Find some trends in salary and hiring rates. Is this career growing, or being replaced by another? And speaking of the future, your reader will be highly impressed if you are able to find, interpret and understand a few articles from trade journals. What is current in your career of choice? What developments are being watched?

These three elements, facts, reality and interpretation, will tell your reader that you are serious about your career of choice and have done all you can to gain a well-rounded sense of it. Remember to structure your paper logically, beginning with an introduction that engages the reader and shows your enthusiasm for your career. Introduce the research you've done, and by the time you reach the conclusion, tie up the paper with a strong conclusion incorporating some of the most important data and what you have learned from it. You are passionate about your career. Now, let that passion shine through your excellent career research paper.


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