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Zero Carbon Architecture: A unique research topic in this area

Hi guys, as part of a scholarship application, i'm to choose a suitable research topic in the areas of Architecture and Sustainable design. I narrowed down to Zero Carbon Architecture due to the harsh effects of climate change we face nowadays. Please help me suggest research topics for a PhD study in this area. Thanks

Oct 25, 2016   #2
Ofor, I think that one of the fields you can research would be the creation of zero carbon homes. As you know, homes have become more modern and use more electricity in the process. Air conditioning and refrigeration in homes cause a higher carbon footprint these days than the more energy efficient buildings. Maybe you can find an area of this sub - topic that will be of interest to you and can become the focal point of your research? You can consider the effects of carbon emission from homes and its effect on the immediate environment, which is normally overlooked in the architectural design of homes unless pointed out during the home design process. That's just a simple idea that I hope can help point you in the right direction. My best wishes in finding the topic for your paper.

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