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AAS - Why MSc degree in Project management at Queensland University of Technology choice?

zozoloi 2 / 5  
Jun 23, 2020   #1

Why did you choose your proposed course and institution

I have chosen MSc degree in Project management at Queensland University of Technology. The main reason I chose to develop my career and pursue post graduate education in project management is that excellent scholars who can practice international standards of project management is essential for development of a country but our country truly lack the human resource in this sector which I believe is hindering the success of key development projects. Mongolian government approves numbers of programs for community and economic well-being. Hundreds of projects are being implemented under the approved program. People hope to believe in the spectacular outcome that is described in unsuccessful written, but all these projects being implemented across the country will be useless and if they are not approached in an internationally accepted way. According to Project Management Institute, population per one professional project manager is 4.5 thousand in China, 3.3 thousand in Japan, 4.5 thousand in South Korea, and 67.8 thousand in Mongolia. You can see from this comparison how far behind we currently are. I believe that training our own human resources in international standards of project management to lead is the most efficient and appropriate solution and it is my ultimate goal to contribute my career for developing project management standards in my home country.

The second reason I chose this course is that in the era of technology, we must master a profession that is irreplaceable by AI to be competitive. Project management is crucial for technological revolution itself and is forecasted to be in demand. In fact, the Project Management Institute (PMI) estimates that by 2027, 88 million people worldwide will have position involved in project management.

I have chosen the institution for its reputation of complex program in industrial and technological project management and its international recognition as program cooperated with Australian Institute of Project Management. This particular course and the university were also recommended by my employer who is my mentor.
IcedMiloCanWrite 3 / 6 1  
Jun 24, 2020   #2

Reading from your essay, I can tell you did your research on the institution and how you see yourself after graduating from the said course.

Personally, for me, I would like to know about you more rather and not just statistics. Like how did your up-bringing shape your plans in seeking this course and of your intended future ?

I hope this helps.
Julia77 1 / 3  
Jun 25, 2020   #3

In my point of view, the essay didn't hit the main points that the question is asking. I see the lack of your strong passion to pursue this course. And, the data from PMI is not necessary to mention in this essay. Instead, it is better to focus on your passion, current skills gap for your career development and your future goals which all are relevant to choose this course and institution.

In the last paragraph, choosing the university due to the recommendation of your employer isn't totally reasonable, I think.

I hope my suggestion would be helpful and best of luck to you.

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