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Academic/Career goals influenced by hispanic heritage

Tell us about your academic/career short-term and long-term goals.
How has your Hispanic heritage influenced these goals? *(600 words or less)

As a Hispanic woman, my Mexican-American culture has influenced me greatly. Being first born and being female has brought me great constraint, but it has also pushed me to become more independent. My Hispanic heritage has given me the drive to pursue a higher education. I hope to be a good role model for my siblings and inspire them to do their best in school and pursue their dreams. Impacting my culture, especially young Hispanic girls, is a challenge that I plan to accomplish through film. By pursuing my bachelor's degree, I will be living proof that we can do it. Being bilingual will help my career as a filmmaker because I can reach out to young Hispanic girls and hopefully influence them to pursue their education and make their dreams happen.

During my high school years I have tackled several topics such as the topic of teen pregnancy as well as the topic of acceptance and diversity. As I continue to grow as a filmmaker, there are various topics I am looking forward to engage in, such as the topic of Innocence of a child. I believe that being a child at heart is significant to growing as an adult. My theory is that often as people grow into adulthood, some loose the child within them and therefore overlook those dreams that never seemed impossible as a child. I propose an experimental documentary where I can show the world through the eyes of children. I want to remind people of what it's like to be a child, to dream, run and play, to live in the present, & appreciate the smallest wonders of the world with few or no worries. There is a simple message: "nothing is ever impossible when you set your mind to it." Through vivid shots and well rounded interviews I plan to accomplish my goal and make a difference by entertaining and inspiring others.

As a Hispanic woman, my Mexican-American culture has influenced me greatly.

Waste of words. You don't need to restate your prompt.

Being first born and being female

Awkward, try "being the first-born female in my family..."

That as far as i got. From what i can tell, you need to work on your sentence mechanics. Try to use sentences that doesn't sound awkward.
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