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Answers Draft for Scholarship Interview

flykitten 5 / 9 4  
Sep 7, 2017   #1

scholarship interview questions

Hello, I will be having a scholarship interview and right now preparing the draft for it. Please tell me your honest opinion because it will help me in a lot of ways.The goal of the scholarship is to improve human resources that could accelerate the nation development after they finish their studies.

If you were the sponsor, would you give me the scholarship after reading my answers?
(I'm sorry if the answer is too personal or make you uncomfortable) Thank you in advance!

"What makes you special to receive this scholarship? / What differs you from other applicants?"
There are thousands of applicants and I know they are high-qualified and outstanding in their own field. However, I can assure you that I am unique. As a person with a disability, I can overcome obstacles which are a proof that I can change inability into extra ability, creating meaningful achievements until this time.

Secondly, I am persistent for what I am doing and have a detailed plan for it. Therefore, I have a positive mind that after completing higher education, I could work more effectively with everyone in solving the country challenge with more structured and creative solutions.

Finally, because XXX scholarship is a huge investment from the country, it would be a life time reminder for me to fully contribute in improving my environment as long as I live.

"What would be your future innovation as a lecturer? / What would be your way to implement your higher education knowledge?"
My contribution would be focused on two aspects which are education and society.

In education, the first thing is to make the academic recommendation about soft soil reinforcement method for local engineers and contractors including my future students. In addition, as a lecturer, I am planning to actively contribute in improving pedagogy competency for lecturers in the university. Whereas off campus, I am willing to start a platform named "City Creative Forum". This forum will gather local engineers, architects, artist, and local art communities which the goal is to build something creative and sustainable for the city development.

Next, my social initiative is still related to education. My friends and I have already started an NGO called "Untuk Cita-Cita". Through this NGO, we want to give 1 semester until 1-year scholarship for the chosen freshman students that cannot afford the college tuition. In addition, this NGO will be my medium to advocate the right of people with disability to get the equal education. In conclusion, I strongly believe XXX scholarship would bring me closer to realize those contribution plans.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,197 3645  
Sep 7, 2017   #2
Putri, with regards to the first question, it would be nice if you could phrase it in a way that makes it seem like your being disabled is not what makes you unique. Nor are the accomplishments that you have had because of having to overcome it. If you can make this sound something like "That which makes me special actually makes me ordinary", you will have accomplished the task of using your disability to your benefit. You will make it sound like something that is normal to you but, in the eyes of other people, makes you unique. Hence, the disability makes you special and different in the eyes of others while it is simply something that makes you feel normal. It's an approach that often times, attracts the reviewer's attention because of the simplicity of the response and the uniqueness of the person who, disabled and all, still sees herself as "normal" whereas others may not.

Do not be afraid to elaborate in your actual interview. Make sure you discuss the heck out of each question in a manner beneficial to yourself. That means, you should expand upon your short responses to the second question. Specially the part about your "City Creative Forum" and "Untuk Cita-Cita". Those are the most important responses you can deliver and therefore, should be presented in a far more intricate manner than you have done here.

Are you doing the scholarship interview in person? Or are you doing a written interview? I am confused as to why you are preparing your responses to the questions. Whatever the method of the interview, my suggestions should be able to help you further enhance your responses and make it seem a tad more interesting to the reviewer. Good luck with your interview. I hope you get the scholarship.
niputusri 5 / 11 4  
Sep 7, 2017   #3
Hi, Putri...

Regarding to the first question, I would suggest you to look back of the achievements that you got which is in-lined with what you are going to pursue in higher degree. You can mention your academic award, this will be great "weapon" to impress the interviewer that you will be able to overcome different education system in next higher degree compared with previous degree. Or if you have research and leadership experience in the past, you have to mention it too, as you want to be a lecture and started forum in the future. How the research and leadership experience had developed your skills to support your future career.

Your answer for the second question is good and will make interviewer interested in your future plans. Try to elaborate it with unexpected question that may be followed after you answering like that.

Practices make perfect. Good Luck Putri :)

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