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Appliance in the Scholarship from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK - Reference Letter

sgassani 7 / 22 5  
Oct 21, 2017   #1

Reference Letter for Chevening Scholarship

To The High Commission,

I am pleased to provide a reference for XXX, regarding her appliance in the Chevening Scholarship Program from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK. I was her Academic Advisor during her Undergraduate study majoring in Civil Engineering at XXX back in 2007 to 2011. Due to my specialty field in Airport Pavement, we also occasionally engaged in professional manner in the last two years.

As her Academic Advisor, I was involved in her study development along her 4 years of study. I can proudly say she has made continuous improvement throughout the year. She is a hardworking students that involved intensively in the Civil Engineering Student Association and another extracurricular activities yet in the same time improved her marks in class. She also got an impressive feedback regarding her two months internship in XXX as part of the University program. She was also a student in my classes namely Construction Material Engineering and Intermoda Infrastructure Engineering. She has proved her ability to work well both on individual and teamwork assignment which includes creating a basic design of an airport for its final assignment.

Working for an airport operator company, XXX was participating in 5 days workshop of COMFAA and FAARFFIELD familiarization which invites me as the sole speaker. She has shown her enthusiast and well understanding of the airport problems during the events. She engaged actively and asked discerning questions. By the end of the event, it was not surprising that she was chosen as the best participant.

She also worked in an ongoing project of Runway Overlaying in XXX which involves me as the Analyst Consultant. We met at several meetings regarding the project and she has shown her improvement of understanding in the field as well as her analytical thinking. She has addressed the project's problems clearly and propose the possible solution accordingly.

I have my faith in XXX's career path in the short and long run. With her sincere enthusiast in the field, her abilities, and her attitude, it is expected of her to bring some remarkable change in Indonesia's Air Transport Industry. Therefore I give my full support for her to pursue Master Degree at Air Transport Study in UK with the support of your institution. She will be a great asset to your institution, as well as her country. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Best regards,

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,699 3503  
Oct 21, 2017   #2
@sgassani the work required for the improvement of your letter is not content based but rather, language directed. The grammar needs to be cleaned up by correcting the wrong use of English words and adding connecting words where necessary. This editing job can be easily done in Word 10 or through the use of free online proofreading sites like Grammarly. Your reference letter is really strong and valid since it comes from a person who is a true mentor in your professional career. If I were to make any changes to this essay, it would be the reference the person is making to classes other than the ones that had this person teaching you directly. It is questionable as to how he learned of your status in classes that he had no connection with. The references to classes should be only based on the classes that you had direct contact with this person, in a professor capacity, with. The other classes he simply cannot vouch for because of the lack of actual observation, interaction, and teaching contact between the two of you.
just_writer 24 / 42 5  
Oct 21, 2017   #3
Here are some possible corrections:

Association and another other
activities, yet at
my classes, namely
participating in a 5 day workshop of
OP sgassani 7 / 22 5  
Oct 21, 2017   #4
Another helpful insight. Thanks a lot :)
Will revised this problem accordingly

Thank you for your correction :)

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