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Scholarship application essay for Laws school - postgraduate law degree in Liverpool

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Jun 27, 2016   #1
Applicants should give careful consideration to the preparation of an essay - not to exceed 2,000 words - in which they will set out in their own words detailed reasons for wishing to study for a taught postgraduate law degree in Liverpool and their aspirations for their careers for the future including their:

interest in law and the legal community;
previous work experience;
interest in making connections with the legal community in Liverpool and its region whilst pursuing their studies in Liverpool;
interest in public service;
potential for leadership;
potential continuing relationship with the Liverpool City Region after completion of their studies.


Haunting me throughout my childhood was injustice, an obsession, but now motivating me to pursue a better equality in society in the future.
The tragedy of my grandfather came through my life as the first sentience of injustice. Being accused of treason for leaking national secrets regarding a period of time in the war kept in enemy's prison, neither he nor my family had the chance to defense. I watched him working so hard, bearing the heavy responsibility of an arbitrator to retain the fairness in Vietnam's economy in jumble early days of peace. His life raised in me a beautiful dream of justice. However, the day he passed away, the days my family suffered from the suspicious eyes of others, that dream collapsed inside me, nothing remained except disqualification. The apologies and corrections coming late just again engraved that pain in my soul.

I never forgot the day when I saw my classmate being beaten by his pals and drown in waves of harsh jokes over his in-jail mother. A like a small wild animal, doomed, lonely and painful, his in-tear eyes were seeking for helps. The second that he looked at me, my body was completely numb, the feeling of worthlessness, of incapability raised again, invading me. He was begging me, however, in my brain was just full of scary and hesitation. I turned my back at him, running away from that unfairness, letting it occur. A week later, he subsequently moved out of my elementary school, but that was embarrassing memory the obsession of surrendering before inequity has haunted me.

Recusing myself from the darkness of injustice, I have participated in hundreds of voluntary activities to bring books, food and money to the children in the distant areas of Vietnam, calling up people to donate hundreds of clothes for the poor in my hometown. In the substandard shelters, I saw how hard indigent children study to fight against the fate of poverty. Their happy smiles while receiving the used books, old pencils drew a light color on the gray picture of my soul. They reminded me no matter how spread the injustice is, with wise and wit, I could win, but the justice's winner had to fight for.

This time, I did fight.
That was after my graduation and being recruited as a banking accountant for Vietnam Multimedia Corporation. At first, I was whirled with a cycle full of pressure consisting of numbers, working responsibilities and, especially discrimination from the former employees to newbies like me. Rolling in my mind every night were the belief of my grandfather in me, the conjuring eyes of my classmate toward me and the smile of the poor children, their determination andtheir hope. I chose to fight, fight for what I believed, what I had lost, and fight for Justice. I changed positively: endeavoring to be extremely careful with numbers, gaining negotiation skills through meetings with partners, eager to participate in team-building activities for removing any barriers with colleagues. On the day that I was nominated as one of the three most outstanding new-faces of the company, I touched it: the justice.

A year exposing to financial environment, I deal with international trade disputes of related domestic companies, since disclosing my hidden potentials in this field. It comes clear to me that my real dream is neither in the suffocating office nor in the soulless numbers, but the militancy for a better society, bringing fortunes and more fair for people. The efforts of an individual may not be enough to entirely put an end of the refractory issues in the world, but it may bring up its mission to send a message, calling up perceives and conscience of others to fight against it.

Moving an adventurous step toward dream of justice, for thousand times I asked myself what I need to be a successful solicitor. Out of a hundred ways to go, where is the right? Although the future is still a question mark, I now do draw a plan.

Because human connection is the key to personal success and communication is my strength and comfortable advantage, building up a network with people in a legal society becomes the priority. Many students with excellent academic records have been fallen when facing the harsh reality of life due to deficiency of skills in the art of communication. Without the effort of communicating with colleagues to gain their trust and support, I could not have gained all required skills of an accountant just within three months. By conversation, seniors delivered to me their working experiences without hesitation, through the talk, the distance of ages and perceptions amongst us became closer and closer till it disappeared. There is an estimation that approximately 80% of our knowledge is obtained from conversation, not textbook, hence, through building the relationship with solicitors in fields, I could learn from them, turning them into my partners and the excellent guiders. In a long-term, engagement in the legal society creates for me a great opportunity to find a job. There is a contradiction that in the age of Internet, less recruitments are public but through the personal relationship. Deriving from the ambition of working as a solicitor in such dynamic and challenging environment as in the United Kingdom, the stronger relationships with seniors will not only open a wider chance for an international student like me but also be fundamental for the development of my career.

The other value that participation in legal community offers is working experiences. In my case, the three-month internship in no.3 Thang-long bridge joint-stock company gave me a clearer understanding of cash flow management than any lectures at university. The fact that theoretical world in the books and the reality are far distinguish is the most valuable lesson I learned after graduation. Meanwhile, recruiting chances for new graduated students by law firms are getting contracted, especially in the UK, I must secure this opportunity with my intellectual ability, highlighting my resume by legally practical experiences through the voluntary works in Legal Centre Advice and connections with the Liverpool legal Society. Legal headaches never stops attaching the small business bottom line, especially in dealing with giant cooperation, making the most sustain injustice in the economy. With the great effort of Legal Centre Advice and Liverpool legal Society in abolishing this situation, I desire to be a member of a solid legal team, giving them a hand to overcome legal disputes with competitors and contractors, opening my further contribution in community service.

Beyond mortal lectures, public service with its natural values taught me the meaning of giving away, changing my visualization of personal responsibilities in the progression to a better society.

Participation in many voluntary works in Vietnam totally altered my perception of life. Taking care of others, particularly adolescences increased my social responsibility, knowledge of the unfairness surrounding me which I had never paid attention before. Seven days living with the children in Lung Cu, a remote village in the north of Vietnam for Tet holiday them, walking with them to school under the cold of mountain winter, I realized that the privilege of living in the love of parents pushed me away from the attention to the surrounding community, drowning me in my selfish and self-centered universe.

Moreover, neither trivial nor spontaneous as many people assume, public service tasks acquired complex skills as interacting, problem solving, questioning and strengthening student's thinking cognitively and ethically. Along with the period of going to distance areas, many unexpected issues occurred, which require volunteers a lot of adaptations and creativity to overcome. Through extracurricular activities, I had chances meeting lots of interesting people and learning simple but valuable lessons of manners to enrich my living experiences.

A year exploding potential capabilities, pursuing above interests and ambitions may not be sufficient, I will make these experiences deeper and more practical by prolonging my contribution to the university, Liverpool and the UK.

An alumni is a potential bridge connecting universities and universities, educational system of a country with others. Despite the fact that the UK the top favorite destinations of Vietnamese students with over 8000 young residents studying here and contributing approximately one billion pounds to the GDP of this country, Liverpool is unlikely an abundant choice. The situation requires a boost in promotion from the universities in Liverpool toward Vietnam's education market as what universities in London or Manchester did. Used to spending a year searching for universities in the UK, fighting for scholarships and making connection with the largest forums of Vietnamese students who desire to study abroad, I am potentially a delegate advertising the advantages of studying in Liverpool, bringing Liverpool universities closer and approachable to Vietnamese students. A year with full of both academic and social activities in LJMU will be my apparent evidences utilized through meetings, summits inspiring parents and students in Vietnam choosing Liverpool as a promising destination with a high quality education, low living expenses and colorful culture.

Graduating as an International business laws student, my straightforward ambition is supporting the trade between Vietnam and the UK through the promotion of collaborations of companies. With a young population of 90 million, Vietnam is one of the most vibrant and fastest growing economies in Asia, owing a large market for imported goods. However, the gray areas of Vietnam domestic legislation as well as the inconsistencies resulting from the participation into international free trade agreements have for a long time been the concern, slowing down the trade between two countries. Utilizing the knowledge of international business laws as well as experiences and connections built up in the period working inside Liverpool legal society, I potentially advise the UK's companies in investigating and adapting to Vietnam domestic market, erasing the boundary of language, costumes and legislation.

Looking back upon experiences with obsessions in the past, interests and ambitions in present for inspirations, I have made my life-defining decision pursuing to be a lawyer. It is probable that there is no absolute justice in the world, however, going through life challenging and being challenged, willing to help others, inspiring students and fighting for the truths is my perspective of life, justice and redemption. I am now perhaps not strong enough, but a year, living, studying, working in Liverpool will be the valuable period of time that my academic knowledge, leadership, creativity and interpersonal abilities come to perfect.
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Jul 1, 2016   #2
Hi Bui, first of all, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Team, we hope you find this website to be helpful and useful to your writing projects. Furthermore, may we able to provide you with the most credible and accurate insights to better your essay and be ready for submission.

Now, as I was reading your essay, I must say that speaks of you, your will to be a law abiding citizen and the person to create and strengthen the law of the country is very evident if your writing. Even more so, is the fact that you cited very realistic insights and current situations that definitely helped in making your essay more credible than any other writing.

However, words that you used are somehow overwhelming to a normal reader, I do understand that this is needed in order to create that level of formality but the phrase, "Beyond mortal lectures" as well as using 'because" to begin a sentence can be substituted with a simple, " Beyond the lectures of the four corners of the classroom", then the "because" can be substituted with " Due to", this is more appropriate and necessary to the idea you are trying to impart to your readers.

I hope this insights helped!

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