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Application to study at a Korean university. Personal statement- Arts management. GKS-KGSP 2020

cellofreak 1 / -  
Jan 24, 2020   #1

GKS-Graduate personal statement

Good day. I've been working on my personal statement for the 2020 GKS-Graduate. This is my first draft and I hope someone could give me some advice.

The experiences we live and what we do with them are the nourishment we need to grow and become the people we dream of being. The opportunity to learn and perform a musical instrument since very young has shaped my personality, my dreams and my life plans. My parents enrolled me at the XXXX when I was 8 years old, where I have been studying with an academic scholarship all these years. Since then, I have had the opportunity to represent my country in festivals and tours around my country and through Latin America. Most of these festivals and tours led me to work with young musicians and learn from top artists in the world. Form these experiences I have had the chance to interact with different cultures and ways of thinking, from whom my view of music has broadened and enriched my experience in music.

Although I have been immersed in the music world from a very young age, I had my first experience teaching when, four years ago, my professor let me give extra lessons to one of her young students. Since then, I have given XXX classes in different music schools. My work teaching children in marginal urban areas was an experience that fulfilled me as a teacher and taught me about the impact that culture and arts have on the most underprivileged. The connection among the children, their families and the school, and their commitment towards the music showed me the impact that a good approach of culture and the arts has on the life of an individual for their improvement and that of the society. Nevertheless, taking part in the recording of a compilation of unedited music of my country and its promotion has led me to focus on the way arts and culture are promoted and how important it is for the country, not only for its inhabitants but also for its visitors. The promotion itself was a new experience that showed me a new way to work in the culture industry and made me realize that I am very enthusiastic about the way arts and culture are stimulated, planned, managed and advertised. Because of this experience, I had the opportunity to see and take part in a project that let me use and improve my music skills and learn how to create a good cultural product for the industry and the art scene of the country.

That is why I am interested in a master's in arts management. It not only contains my experience in the music scene, but also the management, technology, and communication involved in the stimulation and support of the arts and culture of a country. This is also why I chose Korea and the GKS program. As I am immersed in the world of arts and culture in my country, I have noticed how Korea has worked in the coexistence of its traditional and modern culture and the importance it has on its society. Because of this, it became clear to me why Korea must become my choice for taking a master's degree in arts management. The richness of Korea's music, dance, literature and architecture, as well as the visual arts, cuisine and clothing, show how the Korean people have nurtured their identity through generations, and the way it has merged within the modern culture of Korea. This is important for me and my wish to study in Korea, as coming from a country that benefits a lot of tourism, it is of the utmost importance to learn from the countries that have managed to balance modern culture and tradition, as well as making culture and the arts an attractive asset for tourists, just like the way Korea has done so.

Studying at a Korean university will allow me to learn from a country that has been successful in the conservation and diffusion of their culture and has even made it appreciated worldwide. Studying at a Korean university through the GKS program will be a big step towards achieving my career goals. Also, I will be able to connect with culture-passionate students and professionals who will broaden my learning experience and will give me new tools to widen my knowledge and to stretch my career and hopefully, the arts and culture of my country.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,164 2308  
Jan 24, 2020   #2
There is an overall weakness in the essay because of your lack of true interest in Korea and the GKS program. There is no connecting factor that could indicate to the reviewer that you have a true familiarity with Korea in terms of its culture, specifically in relation to the development of its musical field. You have to prove that you have a true affinity for all things Korean in this essay. That includes any activities that relate to your learning about Korean heritage and its relevance in today's world. Your story must speak of the development of that interest, not merely on a researched basis or a recent revelation that you have come to understand. The motivation by which you apply to the program is also problematic because you spent all your time speaking of the development of your love for music from childhood instead of explaining how your love for music has given you a specific motivation that somehow relates to anything Korean. There is also no evidence of your ability to create some sort of relevant research in the field or an interest in researching a specific topic in relation to your interest in music or Korean music.
Ulaai 3 / 41 25  
Jan 25, 2020   #3
I think you take too long to state your intention of pursuing master's degree in arts management. Until half way in, I thought you wanted to enroll in Music Performance or Music Production. You should state your intended major in short much earlier in the essay, then use your experience as a way to show the motivation behind it. Seeing you have many experiences, you can mention your accomplishments related to your major. That undoubtedly will be your strengths. Also you can specify what kind of arts in arts management field you want to specialize in, and what is your career plan in the future.

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