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Applied of GIS in land Management system for urban sustainable development

Xanara 1 / -  
Mar 6, 2020   #1

Geographic information Science application

I chose Geographic information Science at University of Western Australia as my first choice and Geospatial Science at RMIT University as my second choice. I found that those universities have an outstanding reputation and listed courses can really suit me to achieve my goals. I definitely believe these universities will provide the best qualitative education. The choices were based on the real experiences which I found as I have been working at National Directorate of land property and cadastral services for two and a half years. There are two things that I consider important in solving the land issues which is land management system and land-use Dynamic.

An important of Geographic information Science is how to building and maintaining a land management system with the primary objectives to suport the goverment in efficient and effective urban sustainable development planning. In my experiences, I am working with many skillful technique professionals but we are not confident to build the land management system to solving the land issues.The fact is the lack of human resources in Geographic information science. The University of Western Australia provides the core courses which I believe will help me gain my skill of fundamental spatial information technologies in both the use of GIS technology and the analysis of spatial data which can help me to establish the land management system in my home country as I finished my study.

Land-use dynamic is also one of the big issues which can affect to urban sustainable development planning.Urban development basically depends on land availability pressure.This is why the Geospatial science is very important in solving Land-use dynamic issues.I found that the RMIT University will enhance my skill in geospatial programming, remote sensing and spatial analisys which can overcome the challenges in the future. Based on that reason, I decided to choose Master of Geospatial Science at The RMIT University as my second choice.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,001 4238  
Mar 6, 2020   #2
I am not sure as to what kind of essay you are writing here. You forgot to indicate if this is a personal statement, statement of purpose, motivation essay, or what other type of essay the university might require. As such, I will be unable to review your essay for content. I can only review it for grammar appropriateness. Sorry, that's how it goes. In fact, I am sad that I can only give you a basic review.

You have spelling and grammar errors:
suport = support
goverment = government
skillful = skilful
analisys = analysis

Use a comma after a conjunction as in "professionals , but we are not..."

You tend to use more words than necessary to explain yourself in this essay. Focus on making the essay shorter and more informative. Make sure you work on presenting your information immediately. You don't need to beat around the bush in an application essay. The reviewer will accept straightforward statements instead.

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