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I want to apply KGSP for my master degree and I have to write an essay (Letter of introduction)

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Feb 21, 2016   #1
hai,, i am rika from indonesia. i want to apply kgsp for my master degree and i have to write an essay (Letter of introduction). my english was not good enough but i've tried. please give me suggestion for to correct my essay. it can be about the content of my essay, is it strong enough for them to interested in my essay or not?

thank you...

Your course of life, your view of life, study background, your hopes & wishes, etc
Your education and work experience, etc., in relation to the KGSP program
Your motivations for applying for this program
Reason for study in Korea

I am the only one in my family that had bachelor degree. Both my sister and brother finished their school in junior high school. My parents were in elementary school. I grew up in non educational environment. Not much people from my village that have high education, much of them finished their education in junior high school even many of them did not graduate from elementary school. The reason why they did not keep going their education is the education expense. My family was no exception. But not me, I have a strong desire to keep going to higher education, and I want the peoples from my village can get higher education in the future.

I have a strong personality and desire since I was a little girl. Everything that I want to be I will always find a way how to bring it into reality. I have known my heart what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I was in elementary school, in my third grade, my teacher would ask me what I want to be and I answered to be a teacher. Since then I always has one thing in my mind that I always want to be a teacher. I love study and how my life in school. I love how to solving my homework, learning together and finding the answer for school problems. That's why I chose my job that related with education. I chose to be a teacher.

As I mention before that my family was not rich enough to pay all of my education expense. In my junior high school's graduation I almost give up to continued with my study to senior high school. But my parents knew that I have talent in education because I've become top 5 in my elementary and junior high school graduation. In my way went to home from my sister's house, my father and I drop in a senior high school that is nearest with my home. This school has cheapest education expense, so this was my only way to continued with my study. In this high school I grew up my willing to keep continue with my study until become a teacher. I have to find scholarship if I wanted go to college. I studied hard to have a good school grades to find scholarship for my bachelor degree. My hard work paid off when I graduate from senior high school I get highest grades for national exam in my regency.

The only way for me to continue my study was by getting scholarship. With my desires to continue with studying, I got government scholarship for me to go to university. This scholarship covered all of my education fee and even give me allowance every month. But this scholarship has condition that I have to finish my study in four years. So I have to get my degree in four years or less. With this condition, I finished my bachelor degree in high distinction.

I've been assisting my lector to be practicum assistant for one semester. I often help my college with their study and I've become a private teacher since my third semester in my bachelor. After graduate from my undergraduate program, I've become teacher for junior and senior high school. I have a motto "work until your heroes become your rivals". My next target after I finished my study in Korea, I want to become one of lectors in my university. Work with my lectors it will be a honor for me.

I've known Korea since three years ago. I learned how Korean people's culture and education's system through many Korean books, news, dramas and reality programs. Korea as the top nation in East Asian that have a great education's system, I want to learn from Korean teacher how they teach their students in their school. Compare it with the way I used to in my class in Indonesia, I want to adapt the models and their way to teach. Because I've know that many Korean students get great achievement in education world. If I get this program, I want to learn from the master of education, Korean education. South Korea's education systems prize effort above inherited 'smartness', have clear learning outcomes and goalposts. For me to lifting up the education standard in my village, I have to be the guide by getting higher education. If I get this scholarship, I can say to my people and students that there is nothing impossible. You just have to hard work and find a way to actualize you dreams.
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Feb 21, 2016   #2
hello Rika, from what I read in Your self introduction for the Korean Government scholarship, I can see that you need to elaborate more about yourself and your life in the recent years. You talked to much about your high and senior school. Instead, I suggest you to describe your life in the most recent years, to be exact during your college years. what is more, your inspirations and motivations to study in Korean seems not reasonable enough, so try to find more academic and cultural attractions in Korea. For example, you can describe the living experience you would have by moving to Korea and how living their will help in your personal development.

Best of luck,

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