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Applying EuroPubHealth+ Erasmus Mundus - Master in public health field

pipitgo 2 / 3  
Dec 27, 2018   #1

Europubhealth+ EMJMD 2019-2021

Hi all,

Kindly need your correction and input for my motivation letter in applying EuroPubHealth+ Erasmus Mundus, your suggestions is highly appreciate
Thank you.

I graduated from University XXX and accomplished my bachelor degree in public health majoring health education and behavioral science in 2009. My passion in the field of public health allowed me to obtain a very good academic mark XX GPA. My undergraduate thesis "Study flipchart of umbilical cord care for specific target" has helped uneducated and illiterate mother and women to understand how to do umbilical cord care to avoid infection, which give contribution to perinatal mortality in XXX.

By studying Europubhealth+ programme, I would like to learn about public health policy, health economic and management, evaluate the existing health system, and improvement in health status of the population. I also keen to learn about identifying and assessing good practices in health, public health leadership, and how leadership skill can impact public health status.

My solid foundation I gained during study in nursing school then continued in public health enrich me in good combination of health knowledge, not only individual but also implication of public health.

My experiences I gained for more than 10 years has prepared me with knowledge and practice in the field of public health in different circumstances and programme, from emergency to development programme, from remote to urban area, from public health for local people to migration health. I have developed myself with networking and negotiation skill in dealing with implementing partner, government, health provider including hospital and clinic in handling public health concern. These experiences have led me to desire a good public health result and made me suitably qualified to apply this master programme.

The issue I would like to address is about maternal and perinatal mortality. I have been involving in mother and child health programme for more than 7 years and follow the cases continuously. In XXX 2009; high perinatal mortality caused by unsterile practices to cut belly of new born babies by using the sharpen bamboos, and using traditional birth attendant services for giving birth. In XXX 2011; having difficult access to arrive in health facilities as well as lack of medical equipment, medical supplies, gave contribution on number maternal and perinatal dead. In XXX 2012; high number maternal and perinatal mortality was caused by pre and eclampsia during pregnancy. Since mostly people determined eclampsia as trance, family member took wrong action, not to bring the mother to health facilities but to Shaman. In XXX from 2017 to present, 3 babies immigrants dead were caused by lack of health facilities, unskilled health workers. I try to conclude that maternal and perinatal mortality associated with; knowledge, access, health facilities, and skilled health workers.

By studying Master in public health field with emphasis on Governance of Health system in transition will equip me with the skills to empower public health system in my country in order to address public health challenges in the future related with maternal and perinatal mortality issues, and It also will benefit my country to achieve SDGs goals to reduce number maternal and perinatal mortality.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,343 2878  
Dec 28, 2018   #2
NInin, your motivational letter is strong and truly represents your strengths as a candidate in relation to your motivations for studying this course. However, there is a lack of chronological order in the presentation. You only need to better format this letter to make it easier to read and allow the reviewer to get to the important information without having to sort through secondary information. In this current form, your secondary information is front and center, with your motivation coming in towards the end. That is not the ideal presentation for this essay. You could rearrange the paragraphs in the following form to help the motivational letter flow better (in this specific order) : 1,5,3,4,6,2. All you will have to do at this point is create a better closing paragraph that reiterates your desire to complete this course by making a reference to a specific plan of action that you hope to implement as a part of the SDG goal. Something that sums up your motivating factors in relation to a specific career plan.

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