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Applying for the Fulbright Scholarship program to obtain Master's Degree in International Relations

Aytaj 1 / -  
Apr 6, 2020   #1

Study objective essay for Fulbright scholarship

I'm applying for the Fulbright Scholarship program to obtain Master's Degree in International Relations field. The subject that i want to specialize in is International Economics and Trade. This subject interests me because i have related educational background and work experience and would like to advance my knowledge in this field.

I studied Accounting and Audit in college and Management in university. In both institutions i studied macro- and microeconomics, statistics and international corporate culture. Also, i have a big experience working in companies that have international partners and branches abroad. I have worked in the automobile industry where had ongoing communication with partners from Uzbekistan and Iran, in education - where i prepared budgeting and annual sales and trends reports to the foreign stakeholders, in manufacturing - where i prepared reports for the local branch. My duties also required making presentations about the companies and representing the companies in local and international exhibitions.

I've been thinking about obtaining Master's Degree for a few years now and have done a big research about local universities. The reason why i'm choosing studying in the USA is that it has more universities and colleges with the highest ratings. Also, the US universities have a broad range of scholarship programs one of which is Fulbright. I also like the fact that they have diverse fields of studies and the highest number of succesfully employed graduates.

After graduation, i'm planning to get a job in Russia in one of the local or international company and contribute to the development of the business in local and international market. I believe that studying in the USA will help me get the necessary knowledge and skills in order to achieve my goals and give benefit to my country's economy.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,933 3567  
Apr 7, 2020   #2
The study objective is weak. There is no real purpose in relation to career advancement, based on academic training that can support your claims of benefiting from your studies in the USA. The Fulbright scholarship is not a simple scholarship application process. The applicants are true influential people in their line of work, within their home countries. Their study goals relate not only to personal and career advancement, but also reflect a contribution they wish to make to their own country, in the field of their expertise, through an exchange of and sharing of current knowledge and trends relating to their chosen profession.

As a reviewer, I do not have the confidence that you have a true study objective in relation to the scholarship program. Your information is too vague. There is no reference to your career considerations for learning within your essay. You have to write a new essay that better considers your academic goals and career aspirations as these apply to your reasons for studying abroad.

Your reference as to why you want to study in the USA is not convincing. Such an explanation can apply to any country in the world offering a scholarship. You need to delve deeper into the objectives and policies of the Fulbright scholarship so that you can develop a more appropriate and informative response to the "Why USA?" question.

Basically, the essay is not competitive enough. There are no direct explanations, no direct objectives, no proper considerations as to your choice of course in relation to your study goals. This is a totally forgettable essay that will not help convince the reviewer that you are worthy of receiving the study sponsorship you are applying for.

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