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Applying for scholarship given by Pusan National University as a credit transferred student

yaminn 1 / 1  
Apr 23, 2022   #1

Self-Introduction Essay

Having stopped schooling for three consecutive years because of the COVID-19 and the terrible political situations happening right now is what most Myanmar students, including lower education to university students, undergo. I am a university student named Shwe Yaminn, who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), to protest against the military haunter. Thus, I do not graduate until now although I am a Third Year (Hons.) student. I could get the entrance to attend English Major at Mandalay University, with a total score of 487 matriculation exam marks. I also enrolled in my university years with an average GPA of 4.4.

When I was young, my dream was so simple that I just wanted to work in a company but I had no idea which field I desired to work in. So I chose English Major for my career since it can give me a high tendency to get a job. But when I saw a non-poetic poem book in the book store in the Second Year of my university life, I wanted to work in the publishing field for the first time. The poems they called were not poems at all; they were one-sentence lines and seemed more pick-up lines to flirt with the ones we like. Firstly, I could not understand why this kind of book was published to the public under the category of the poem. The next event that made me more interested in this field was publishing a rated erotic book and seeing many teenagers including minors queuing to get this book. This event made my decision about my career stronger that I would be the one who participated in publishing qualitative, educated, and entertaining books to the public and took responsibility for the books that we published.

For my career, I have a realistic and productive goal. When I get a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature, I will be enrolled in the publishing field to get work experience and learn everything that I should know about publishing. I will exactly devote myself and invest my time, youth, and soul in this field, and when I have more than enough qualities, experiences, and knowledge I will be the founder of my publishing company. My company must carry the burden of educating and entertaining the society and people of my country. Above all of them, I want to be a publisher who can bravely take accountabilities and consequences concerning my published books and I will not be the one who follows trends just to get money.

When I hear the scholarship information given by Pusan National University, I feel that I must grab this golden opportunity for my dream. I want to learn the different approaches by PNU to English Literature as I believe as a publisher I have to analyze the literature pretty well. Moreover, from further research about the school, I get attracted by the notable alumni, Miss. Aram Hur, the founder of the Indigo Book Company. If I get the scholarship as a credit transferred student, I can learn one of the best analyzing methods of literature and I can also get some experience or knowledge about publishing from Indigo Book Company. It is more than important to get the scholarship from PNU for me since this will be the very first step toward my dream.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,686 4117  
Apr 24, 2022   #2
Okay. The main question your self introduction should answer is why you would be interested to study English in a non-English speaking country. South Korea, where this university is located, teaches their classes mostly in Hangul, making one wonder how an English major would benefit from studies in a non-English speaking country. The explain the reasoning behind this question as a part of your self introduction.

Since you are a transfer credit applicant, it would be necessary for you to explain why you would want to transfer to a Korean university beyond the current war in your country. In all honesty, all of the Burmese applicants for foreign scholarships sound more like asylum and refugee applicants more than students. You fall under this category at the start of the essay. Do not think that the reviewers have not noticed this trend from the Burmese applicants because they have. South Korea and the university are not offering the scholarship to house escapees from war torn countries.

They are not in the business of housing refugees. They are in the business of education and educating foreign students interested in learning from the Korean educators. They are not looking for people to save from war. Korea is not running a refugee camp nor asylum accepting country so do not apply or introduce your motivation as having been influenced by the war in Mynmar.
OP yaminn 1 / 1  
Apr 25, 2022   #3
Dear Holt,
Thank you for your kindness and time to give feedback of my essay to me. I started my introduction describing my country situation is this scholarship by PNU is aimed only for Myanmar students. But I forgot that my attention grabbing sentence is too general and known. But I am sure that I apply for this scholarship not because of wanting to live Korean as a refugee. Since this university accepts the credit transferred students that many universities deny to offer. I cannot reattend the university from the beginning since my age is nearly over the limit of undergraduate. My essay seems more like a refugee applicant is pretty sad for me. I will fix it and rewrite my essay to get a better one.

Yours sincerely.

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