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Applying master degree of Naval Architecture. Supporting Statement for Australian Award Scholarship

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Apr 20, 2017   #1
Hi. Can you help me ASAP to finish my supporting statements since the deadline is in 10 days.

a) give up to three practical examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship. Possible tasks can be personal and/or professional;

Applying theory to practice

My Answer:
Firstly, I will be working in a maritime organization focusing on publishing the rules and regulations for classification of ship base on national standards in the future ship building and repairing industry of Myanmar. The Department of Marine Administration currently regulate the safety of vessels but it is still necessary to be published and professional bodies is necessary to set up to fill the gap of requirements

Secondly, new opportunities will come from the many offshore blocks developed in Myanmar. The demand for basic offshore support vessels will logically grow. Hence, I will intend to take challenges in construction, building and maintenance offshore supply base and vessels and also in port and logistics infrastructure for offshore operations of in the near future of Myanmar

Thirdly, the shortage of competent maritime trainers is a challenge for both the college and university. Since the trainer shortage is currently resolved by allowing part-time jobs in both education institutions, I am intending to be working, volunteering or helping as a part-time lecturer at Myanmar Maritime University and other maritime institutions by providing the knowledge I have gained from my scholarship and working experiences in the future. In addition, by working as a part-time lecturer, I can also conduct my research more in my fields in my university to develop and implement my knowledge through researches. By sharing knowledge and cooperating with lecturers and students, I believe it will benefit both my and their growth in technical field and to build a better developing future in Maritime Industry of Myanmar.

P.S please give me further ideas on this one.


b) list any possible constraints you think may prevent you from achieving these tasks.

My answer:

Haven't written yet. but these are the facts that i'm going to use. help me to complete this.

•The unstable government policies of my country due to the efforts and changes of the new government who currently trying hard to
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Apr 21, 2017   #2
My opinion is I think you should straight on what you would do.
Such as, 1. I would develop the regulation of my institution by engage multi stakeholder in order to....
in number 3. it is quite general. you should make it specific, such as "by working as a part-time lecturer, I can also conduct my research about vessel growth data which is would linked with ....... in order help my institution provide strategic plan of.....
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Apr 21, 2017   #3
May. none of your responses are accurate enough to be considered an exemplary response to the prompt. What you are talking about are "references" to what work you plan to do. Not the actual work. The classes you will be taking shall prepare you to respond to actual situations within your line of work. Therefore, you need to focus on 3 problem points in your profession and then develop hypothetical solutions that can emanate from the training you will receive in the course. This is not about intentions, this is all about actually doing the work. So you need to have a more concrete representation of the method by which you will apply what you hope to learn. If I were you, I will not focus on the professional application since you don't seem to have any problems in mind to solve yet. Use your personal life experience instead. The prompt is pretty much free wheeling when it comes to discussing the topic so you should take advantage of that.

As for the next set of questions you have, we can't really help you develop a response because we are not familiar with the basis of your response. However, if you can write a draft of the response, we can help you improve upon the content. Just make sure to post it as a different thread essay. Do not post it in this thread because it will be deleted by the forum moderators.

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