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Applying the time with industry experts in Sweden to the Ghanaian construction industry

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Jan 25, 2021   #1

Applying the knowledge and experience gained from my time in Sweden in organizations/ home country

My time with industry experts in Sweden will help me gain insight into how Sweden had succeeded in implementing a change initiative in the 1990s, which will later drive Sweden to the pinnacle of sustainability in the world. This is crucial to my country because although sustainability in the built environment is not new to the Ghanaian construction industry, it has stagnated in its embryonic stage of implementation, mainly due to cultural change resistance.

Within 4 months of my return to Ghana, I plan to leverage my networks as a member of the Ghana Institute of Construction to draw in the Ministry of Works and Housing in preparing our industry for change and engaging the Environmental Protection Agency to support the change before, during and after its implementation. At a current deficit of 2 million housing units in Ghana, the next challenge for our newly-established construction firm of 6 people is will be championing government's effort to bridge the gap in the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient way in the next 10 years.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Jan 26, 2021   #2
The second paragraph is more direct to the point and should open the statement response. However, only the first sentence should be used as the topic sentence. The next sentences should explain how this course of action shall relate to your studies in Sweden. What do you hope to learn in Sweden that you can apply upon your return? What is the plan of action? How will the studies support your plan to leverage your networks? How will the two work hand in hand? Consider these questions for your revised response. These questions should be helpful in developing a more relevant response that connects the knowledge with the future career plan.

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